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N. Phillip Cole (NPC)
Gamer. Biker. Recovering Fanboy.
Gamer. Biker. Recovering Fanboy.

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About me (updated Oct 2018 for the big closure): I write and run tabletop games. I write my games in a way that I hope You (yes, YOU) find welcoming. I run my games with the same commitment to shared enjoyment and mutually-welcoming awesomeness. I hope You (yes, YOU) all enjoy these offerings of mine, and can let me know when You (see above) don't, and why.

I also run a a number of nerdy podcasts!

How to get in touch with me outside of this place:

Discord (personal): nonplayer#0435
Discord Server for Podcasts:
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Honest unpopular opinion: wikipedia makes everyone idiot armchair experts on things they know nothing about. Fight me.
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People keep complaining that there are Nazis on Mewe, but guess what: they're already on G+ too, in case you hadn't noticed...
So I found a lone Rahowa group in MeWe and reported it just to see what happens.

But I want to contrast that to G+, just so there's a benchmark of sorts. I totally understand the want to move to a safer platform than the one that is shutting down. I totally get anybody's reservations about MeWe, and I agree. Marginalized gamers should be able to feel safe, and I'm 100% behind not tolerating hate, regardless of stance on free speech, especially in society at large in particular and our online spaces.
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Recommend me some modern-day "story of the week" style sci fi and fantasy TV shows that do not get consumed by metaplots. Best example I can think of is Star Trek TNG - they went off on short deep dives into extended storylines here and there, but it always came back to the general flow of the weekly story capsules.

Bad example: Killjoys. What starts off as an interesting bounty hunter style show quickly becomes the epic ongoing saga of the magical space battle person and her mostly-unnecessary sidekicks. Same with Supernatural, oh god, the layers of metaplot are just insane.

I want monster of the week, story of the week, adventure of the week kind of stuff that can be picked up mostly anywhere
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One common bog-standard trope of future-era science fiction is the universal shittiness of vat-grown and "artificial" food and drinks. In almost every story ever, the artificial food is gross and cheap while the "real" food is delicious, scarce, and only ever eaten by rich people.

I'd love to see some fiction flip this upside down. Why does artificial food have to be gross? Where is the fiction where the vat-grown food is actually more nutritious and more delicious than the "real" stuff? When can our fiction get over this obsession with "murdered food" being somehow objectively better?
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And I updated my pinned post with Facebook link too, as sadly I still use it and it might end up being the biggest fallback for most of you
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So I created this, just in case others of you head there as well.
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Everyone else is doing it, here we go
discord: nonplayer#0435

HEY PLUS! I need your input. I'm looking to build a solid four-movie voting bracket, based off the following two movies:

Snakes on a Plane
Hard Ticket to Hawaii

What else needs to be on this bracket?
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Hey more podcasts from me and my crew!
Time for more #BikersDiceAndBars #podcast excitement! This time we drink a massive buttload of various Oktoberfest beers, while talking about Rain Riding, RPG Virtual Tabletops, and the history behind Oktoberfest itself!

#BDaB #Podcasting #PDX #Portland #divebars #BreakfastPuppies #NPC #NathanaelCole #JustJacob #DrXanderGerrymander #PoppyBeaujolais #Oktoberfest #Ninkasi #Occidental #Alesmith #Stormtoberfest
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