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Nathan Wood
A student of Medical Laboratory Technology who also likes odd (but interesting!) facts, Dungeons & Dragons, and the Russian language.
A student of Medical Laboratory Technology who also likes odd (but interesting!) facts, Dungeons & Dragons, and the Russian language.

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An interesting book for anyone interested in fantasy creatures.
New Kickstarter from the Baby Bestiary Team,
Presenting Atlas Animalia!
A systemless art/lore book that examines the ecology, biology and myth that can surround beasts and their diverse variants. Just think of it; the rust mantis, the tabby phastecat, and the sun owlbear just to start!! Live until July 8th!
Like, love, share, and support!

For those who want stats (those GMs, druids and rangers) we also have PDF statbooks avaliable for Pathfinder and D&D 5e!!

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This is a charming little D&D-themed webcomic.

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I bought this pen a while ago, because I wanted to try out a hooded nib but didn't want to spend a lot. This Lanbitou 010 fit the bill, at less than $10 from an online store. Despite being a cheap Chinese pen, it's actually really good. I found it to be pleasingly reliable, and it it's a quite fine nib. It occasionally felt a bit scratchy, but I don't know how much of that was the cheap paper I was using. It fit well in my hands, but is definitely a small pen, so those with big hands may not like this pen. Also, the body does feel a bit cheap.

It turns out, I'm not a fan of the aesthetics of hooded nibs, so I'm glad I got to try this pen. It's a good pen, but I learned that I prefer an ostentatious nib. So if you prefer hooded nibs, this may be the budget pen for you.

I offer my humble apologies for the amateur photographs.
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I have another question for the community. Recently, a friend gave me a sampler vial of Noodler's Navy ink, and I love the color. I want to use a beautiful blue like this at work and for checks, etc, but unfortunately the Navy is only water resistant, and pretty weakly if you ask me.

Does anyone know of a similar blue that's as rugged as bulletproof black? I could go a bit lighter, but it really needs to be waterproof. Thanks in advance!

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It's not exactly a fountain pen, but it was made by Esterbrook, a company known for their quality pens, and is vintage, so what the hey. A few days ago a co-worker let me snap a quick photo before he put it up for auction. I never knew early felt-tips were so modular. 

I have a question for the community regarding Pilot Metropolitan pens. Can one rinse out and re-use the Pilot ink cartridges? I ask because other ink cartridges have a narrow opening that keeps the ink in. But once pierced, the Pilot cartridges seem to have such a wide mouth that I'm worried I'd be in for a world of spilled ink and stain removal if I tried it.

Anyone tried it? Thanks in advance.

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On Saturday, I visited Washington D.C. with a good friend of mine, and of course stopped by Fahrney's Pens. It was smaller than I expected, but what a lovely place! I managed to stay under budget, walking out with only a single new pen, but it's a beauty. A Waterman Perspective, my first really expensive fountain pen. The friendly lady behind the counter gave me a free converter, and threw in an ink cartridge too. I'm floored by the size of the Waterman ink cartridge. That's brilliant! So far, the pen writes just as well as I expected it to, but I don't like the faint blue color of the cartridge ink. It'll be a while, but I'm looking forward to charging up the converter with some good old Noodler's Bulletproof Black or perhaps a dark green.

As for Fahrney's Pens - I'll definitely be back once I've restocked my coffers! 
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If you know too many friends whose birthdays are between March 20th and April 19th, don't worry, you can open up a fashion shop.

You clearly have excess Ares!

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Sunday: Went for a bike ride. Less than 15 minutes in, found these. Nine tacks in total. I stupidly pulled them out immediately, and both tires flattened within seconds. Monday: Bought new inner tubes - self-sealing ones, this time. Today: It was surprisingly easy and fast to change the inner tubes. Bike is ready for action again!

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