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Nathan Weaver
Storyteller across many mediums.
Storyteller across many mediums.

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About Onyx Dragon
Several years ago, a little over ten to be precise, four brave souls in Missouri (myself included) set out to create an independent production company for producing movies, shows, etc. That company is called Onyx Dragon Productions. We've produced a lot of content over the years, and hopefully we will continue to produce content in the years to come.

About this collection
In this collection, I'll share our original works and the Public Noir project. The Public Noir project is something I've been passionate about for years, and it involves sharing and preserving old film noir movies that have fallen into public domain and may be disregarded by Hollywood but are great movies nonetheless. It's an exciting project, and I'm working with Opera TV to potentially develop an app for their service. More on that, as it comes. If anyone out there would like to collaborate on the development of apps for Public Noir, I would be interested in that.

Any rate, I hope you enjoy this collection and the works we bring to you, both original and classic.๏ปฟ

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Walking blind in The Division
I turned off all the overlay stuff, like compass that tells you which direction enemies are shooting from and so on. It really amps up the tension even more. Check it out...

Highly recommend giving it a try. Wanna go through all the missions this way sometime.๏ปฟ

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Jason, is that you?๏ปฟ

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Open Sesame | Kool & the Gang
Here's an excellent piece of kit (as they're saying these days). Hard to beat this disco tune, which was also featured on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. This is the long, album version, which several disco songs have.




Girls, you know you better watch out. Some guys are only about that thang, that thang, that thaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaannnnnng.๏ปฟ

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Watched Payback again after many years. It's still so, so good. Hilarious stuff, violent stuff, clever stuff. And a ridiculously good cast.

As someone who grew up on a lot of Mel Gibson performances, this one might be my favorite. Such a good film.๏ปฟ

One of the worst feelings in the world | Having water run over the edge of kitchen sink and down cabinet doors.๏ปฟ

THE FUTURE | The Next Big Thing
I predict that The Next Big Thing will actually be small.๏ปฟ

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Me = 1
Aliens = 0๏ปฟ

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Is it the apocalypse?๏ปฟ
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You missed it, bro
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