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Sortd for Gmail, turning email messages into To Do lists
To those who live and die by Gmail. Would this be cool, useful or just plain wrong?

#gmail #sortd   #todolist   #email  
Transform your email interface into organized lists and discover a whole new way of working with email.
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In case you missed it...

#googleplus   #googlestreams  
Just wanted to confirm that the rumors are true -- I’m excited to be running Google’s Photos and Streams products!  It’s important to me that these changes are properly understood to be positive improvements to both our products and how they reach users.
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+Damien Boath's Festival of Horrors
My fifth victim in a chain of fictional killings is Damien of the Newbie Writers podcast. And when he was answering my short list of questions, he gave me four awesome items that I just had to turn into a bizarre story.

Those were:
1. Damien is tall (6’4″)
2. Medieval fantasy
3. B-grade horror film
4. Damien will be the antagonist

If that all sounds like the recipe for a masterpiece to you, than go check out the story and enjoy. 

Interested in dying in a short story or flash fiction? Go here to learn more and order your death on a platter for $5:
Damien Boath signed up to be laid out. He is victim #5. You can review the previous entries here. The body count is rising and there doesn't appear to be an end in sight. Which is OK with me, I'm f...
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.... i write stories SO WHAT! lol
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Nathan Weaver

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I finally started doing standup comedy
I don't think I've posted here, but I know in the past I've talked about wanting to take up standup comedy. And well, I've finally taken it up. Over the past month, I've been attending an open mic and sharpening my teeth on it. Like all who try, I've bombed some jokes and landed some good ones. But my last session was definitely the best and it felt like the whole month of working at it sort of came to that moment. I even had an older gentleman come to me and say that very thing, because he had been there since the first time I tried. 

So what's it like?
Unnerving. Anxiety inducing. But totally worth it when you hit your groove. And that's the thing for me, I've done a lot of comedy through the years in plays, short films and improvisation. But I had never done standup comedy, though had it on my list of things to do. It was one of those things that I knew I would be really good at and would really love doing. It was just a matter of time, I hoped. And now that I'm exposing myself, because that's what it's like, and making people laugh... it's worth it. You wanna keep pushing, you wanna keep trying. You wanna fine tune and find the perfect mixture for each joke and recipe for each story. 
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Connecticut School Restraining and Seclusion Practices on Children, Especially those with Autism, Mental Illness, and Developmental Delays

Here are the first two paragraphs of this story, click the link to continue reading:


Connecticut public schools are far too quick to restrain or isolate unruly children against their will, leaving hundreds with injuries and many others with unmet educational needs, a state report released last week found.

The report cited "significant concern" that schools are overusing restraints and so-called seclusion, particularly on kids with emotional or intellectual disabilities. Over the past three years, Connecticut has recorded more than 90,000 instances of restraint and seclusion in public schools and more than 1,300 injuries—at least two dozen of them serious.


My wife (+Crystal Weaver) and I have a six year old son, Aidyn. He has developmental delays. I'm not sure if I've ever talked about this on my Google+ profile before or not, but there it is. He is amazing child. Despite his hangups (delays, sensitivity issues, and so on), he is an extremely intelligent and smart. As a matter of fact, this year he started Kindergarten, and it scared the living daylights out of me. But he has been strong, super positive and has learned by leaps in bounds. Just last week we received an email from one of his therapists who wants to put him back in his classroom for reading time, because he has on par with his peers. Reading has been very natural for him, and he has latched onto it so fast this year unlike many things in his short life. This week, we received an email informing us that he would be awarded in an assembly in a few weeks, because he's an amazingly positive person.

All that being said, he does have his moments, at home at least, where he can get upset and have behavior issues. Often times, I can tell it's because he doesn't understand something, other times I can tell it might be something we don't understand yet. We always try to be very patient with him, and work with him. One thing I talk to him about a lot is how anger makes us feel bad and it makes others feel bad when we're angry at them. He's grasping it, and it helps him not want to be angry, or feel remorseful when he has been angry. And that's good.

But reading this story this morning, I was engulfed with rage and tears streamed down my face. The idea that a school would restrain or put my son in solitary confinement made me realize just how lucky we have it where we are at. His school is new (the building is only about 10 years old), progressive thinking when it comes to education, and his teacher and therapists have been a real force in keeping Aidyn going at it. Over the summer, he and I visited the school to get a tour. I wanted him to get familiar with it, and have a chance to see it before it was filled with unfamiliar faces and screaming children. When we got there, an impromptu visit, we asked to get a tour and the principal walked out as we were asking. He dropped everything and took us around the whole school.

I could never imagine anyone at this school thinking it would be worthwhile to toss him in a room by himself and lock him up, restrain him to a chair while he hurts himself trying to get free. But then again, I thought our school system was over this sort of behavior anyway. Guess not.

#education #mentalhealth  
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Nathan Weaver

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+Shawna Bergen's Withdrawal at Free Citizens United
Another victim for my crazy project that involves me taking your money to kill you in short stories or flash fiction.

Shawna was my third victim. And, strangely enough, my third science fiction piece thus far. Guess I'm in a science fiction mood. Though, my science fiction isn't very heavy, as I would consider the great heavy weights of science fiction to be (no offense to them, just not really my territory). 

I really enjoyed writing this piece, Shawna seemed to give me a lot of attitude to work with (I stalked her public posts on G+ and her About tab). In this lovely little short, she's a hacker looking to escape city life and find a place of her own.

Consider being my next victim, won't you?

Dropbox link with digital files (epub, mobi, PDF and DRM free)

Another one bites the dust in my morbid scheme to kill people for money. Fictionally speaking, of course. I wouldn't actually kill these people in real life for $5, that's ridiculous. Maybe for $1,...
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YAY! +Bootsy Hambone, I'd gladly kill you. Boy, a lot of people have death wishes. Makes me wanna have a Death Wish marathon with Charles Bronson doing his thing.
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+kat Folland has graciously become subject #1 in my little experiment of killing real people in short stories or flash fiction. You can read it on my blog, or use the download link in blog post to choose your digital weapon of choice (epub, mobi, PDF).

Thanks so much to Kat for taking a chance on a really weird idea I had.

If you like what you read, and want to sign-up as well, go here:


#amwriting   #sciencefiction   #shortstory   #ebook  
@KatFolland was my 1st subject in an experiment of killing real people in #shortstories. Completed today, will publish on my blog & eBook. — Nathan Weaver (@babylontales) February 2, 2015 This ...
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Nathan Weaver

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In my opinion, +MJ Bush won the Internet today. Just read this post, +1, comment and log off for the day. Game over.

Follow through to her post to comment.

#writing   #jerks  
I can't quite believe this needs to be said. Again.
I have SIMPLE GUIDELINES if you want to comment on my posts. (And most of you totally get it.)

No bashing how others are learning to write.

No saying "You're missing the point" ...unless you try to explain it.

ABSOLUTELY no ad hominem attacks.

The basic point is to respect and support others. Most of you are wonderful, and I know you support me when I defend writers of all stripes. It doesn't matter how we learn or how we write.

We are creative creatures, bending the human experience to our will for the sake of imagination and story.

We are able to learn and grow in perpetuity.

We are unique, and no amount of teaching can make us fit into boxes.

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Nathan Weaver

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Sometimes I be like, "It ain't no thang."
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Nathan Weaver

Blogger News  - 
+Blogger cutting back on adult content (explicitly sexual content and nudity), aligning its policies with Google+ and YouTube standards

Blogger is in the news today. Google is trying to make Blogger more aligned with their other products, such as Google+ and YouTube, when it comes to adult content. Click through on the article for further details.

Points of note
> Blogger blogs with adult content will be made private after March 23, 2015. No public blogs can have adult content.
> Google says, "We’ll still allow nudity presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts, or where there are other substantial benefits to the public. However, we will ask that these types of blogs show an interstitial warning to remain public."

What do you think? Good news, bad news for Blogger? Do you think it's a sign of a potential new direction or vision for Blogger moving forward? What say you? Sound off in the comments. And as always, keep it respectful.
For reasons as yet unknown, Google is cracking down on sexually explicit content on its blogging platform. Starting March 23, users will no longer be allowed to share adult images and ...
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I've been wishing for a long time they would take the best of both Blogger and Sites and merge. Imagine the amazing things that could happen if the cool Google Apps widgets of Sites were in Blogger?
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Nathan Weaver

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Bootsy Hambone's Grease Monkey and Encore
Well, another person has bitten the dust. My next victim is +Bootsy Hambone, a great gal who I know in real life. She is Number Four--like the movie. Wait, but really nothing like the movie.

She has been sent to the slaughter in grand fashion.

She's a musician and has a great love of music. I was able to work a lot of that into the story, which felt good, because I also have a great love of music. There's a few old school rock 'n' roll references in the story.

But any rate, head on over to the link to a) read the story in a blog post and more about Bootsy, and b) download the eBook or PDF version if you'd like.
People just can't wait to be killed, I guess. My next contestant is someone I actually know in real life. In REAL life, people! If you're seeing this post, and aren't sure what in the world I'm tal...
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Yeah, +Jyoti Q Dahiya, the whole project concept is a little macabre, really. ;)
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Nathan Weaver

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+Julia Robertson's Last Call
My second victim in the give me $5 to kill you in a short story or flash fiction project is Julia Robertson.

You can read the story at the linked blog post, and download the eBook (epub, mobi) and PDF there as well.

In a strange turn of events, my first contestant was +kat Folland who is a cancer survivor and Julia Robertson is a Brain Tumor survivor. Feels like my morbid project is strangely shedding light on survivors.

I hope you enjoy this story, as much as I did writing it. When I saw the picture Julia sent me, I had to tell her how intense it was. It gave me a lot to work with.
In case you missed the memo, I started something new last week. That something new is taking $5 from folks to write a short story or flash fiction piece in which they get killed. Some people may ca...
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I also co-own an independent production company, Onyx Dragon Productions.  We've done sketch TV stuff, short films, event videos, wedding videos, commercials, online videos, and we're in post-production on our first full-length movie, The Chalice.  Come Circle us here.

And I write lyrics, and occasionally use my pipes, for Blue Solace.  We make primarily bluesy, folksy music. 

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Have been here a couple of times now with a local writers group, and have enjoyed the visits. The food is great, the atmosphere is great and the service is great. Not much to add other than that. I highly recommend you give it a try.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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reviewed a year ago
Agree with the other user that this is the largest used book store in Rolla. It has a large collection of books, and you could spend hours walking in and out of rooms and shelves. And the prices are very cheap, which is nice as well. As far as service, I marked it as 'very good', but usually I'm just there to browse. They usually stay out of your way, but can be easily found at the front desk when you need them. I like taking my 4 year old here and looking for books together. They have a decent collection of children's books, plus just about every genre you can think of... from fiction/mystery/horror/sci-fi/fantasy/manga all the way to self-help and non-fiction. Highly recommend it.
• • •
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: Very GoodService: Very Good
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Common Grounds has a great menu, decent prices, and a great atmosphere to boot. I don't live in Salem, I'm in Rolla, and don't mind heading over to Salem occasionally to enjoy this lovely place. It is a little difficult to find, at least when I went to it, Google Maps was a little confusing. If you look for the sign, and know that it's around the backside of the building it is in, that helps. One unique element about this place is that they do not fry anything. So when you get fries with a burger, it's baked waffle fries. Which are good. Any rate... go check it out, it's lovely.
• • •
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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4 reviews
Huddle House is certainly not much to brag about. But it is one of the few options in Rolla open all night. I really only recommend their breakfast menu, their lunch menu is pretty poor. The service from the wait staff is always good though, so I have to say that. But then again, I'm usually only ever there in the middle of the night. Best time to be there, really. I recommend this over Waffle House, which may be the only other all-nighter option in Rolla.
Food: Poor - FairDecor: GoodService: Very Good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago