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The first two Joe Portugal books were published by Dell. The next two came from Los Angeles small press UglyTown. Then Joe took a hiatus.
I went off to do other stuff … editing, mostly, with the occasional short story at first; then urban vigilante Logan started bringing evildoers to justice. I started a new Joe P. as a serial on FourStory, the social justice site I edited, around 2010. Then I got Bell’s Palsy and couldn’t use the computer for a couple of weeks; I inflicted it on Joe too and his hiatus resumed.
I’m now happy to announce that the long-awaited fifth Joe Portugal book, Bad Developments, will appear in October 2018, published by Down & Out Books, who also put out The Logan Triad, my collection of three Logan novellas, in March of this year.
In Bad Developments, Joe has been working for semi-shady Los Angeles mover and shaker John Santini for a decade or so, tracking down people and things, solving mysteries large and small, keeping the city running in ways legal and illicit. When Santini gets involved in a scheme to house L.A.’s tens of thousands of homeless people, and someone doesn’t want that to happen, Joe gets dragged into a web of competing objectives involving a missing informant, a bunch of porn stars, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development … and a dead guy. Because there has to be a dead guy.
But there’s more …
Down & Out is also reissuing Joe Portugals numbers three and four:
One Last Hit, appearing in January 2018, is my rock and roll midlife crisis novel. Joe’s trying to get his sixties band back together, and someone who doesn’t want that to happen starts taking potshots at the members.
The Manipulated
recounts how Joe got involved with John Santini, in a tale about a Hollywood producer’s murder, a missing tea buyer, and Joe waking up naked in bed with his twenty-something protégé. The new edition comes out in April 2018.

Both releases will feature their original covers by Jim Pascoe, co-founder of original publisher UglyTown.

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Want to win 40 mysteries and thrillers? Then check out this giveaway. Two winners will get the books; one also gets a Kindle Fire
You can win my novella trilogy The Logan Triad, as well as books from authors like Linda Fairstein and Sara Paretsky.
Enter by clicking here.

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Les livres, ils sont arrivés !

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A couple of ways to save money on Walpow’s Works:First, the e-book version of The Logan Triad, normally priced at $8.99, is available for pre-order at a mere $2.99 through the publication date of March 13. You can order at the Logan Triad page, or use the links in the right column of all but the home page of this site.Second, e-book versions of the collection Push Comes to Shove and the Joe Portugal novels One Last Hit and The Manipulated are free at Smashwords through Saturday, March 11. They’ll show up at $2.99 each, but if you use the code RAE75 at checkout you’ll pay nothing.

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A couple of new pieces on the Interwebs today. First, an interview in The Big Thrill, magazine of International Thriller Writers.
Also, a guest post at Down & Out Books, where they're publishing The Logan Triad on the 13th.

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The Logan Triad, a collection of three Logan novellas from Down & Out Books, will be out on March 13. From the back cover:In “Logan’s Young Guns,” a young woman shows up in the emergency room, and Logan sets out to find the man responsible and make sure he doesn’t do it again.In “Logan Shoots First,” the team must balance a forced-prostitution ring with a lead on the case that’s haunted Logan for seven years.In “Logan Gets Caught,” a young woman from Logan’s past reappears, insisting he investigate the murder of her mother.Plus the bonus stories “Daughters” and “Johnny and the Warehouse Women.”The Logan Triad will be available in trade paperback and e-book formats.March of 2018 will see the publication of the long-delayed fifth Joe Portugal novel, working title Bad Developments. It’ll be my second book and first novel with Down & Out Books.Then, in March of 2019, Down & Out will publish my first Logan novel.

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Today only (i.e. June 6), the electronic version of Occupied Earth is a Kindle Daily Deal. Get this shared-world life-under-alien-occupation anthology (featuring my story “Johnny and the Warehouse Women”) for a mere $1.99.Do it now, because tomorrow the deal’s gone.Buy it!

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Yesterday I posted about The Cactus Club Killings being on sale at Amazon for 99 cents. Turns out this was only the tip of the iceberg.What I didn’t know when I posted was that it’s not just at Amazon. It’s at Barnes & Noble, Apple/iTunes, Google, and Kobo too. What I also didn’t know is that my long-ago publisher Dell/Delta/Random House/Bertelsmann sprung for an ad on BookBubs, the biggest cheap-book-recommendation site, and that it was included in yesterday’s email for mystery fans.The result: As of this morning, CCK was number 98 out of over four million e-books in the entire freakin’ Kindle store. (And number 19 in mystery.) Holy Maloney!Buy it at:
Amazon •
B & N •
Apple •
Google •

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They’ve done it again, and since I was so eloquent last time I’m copy-and-pasting:So I visited Facebook this morning to see how many people liked my photos of dogs, mushrooms, and weird botanical growths, and I discovered that The Cactus Club Killings, the first Joe Portugal book (and my first published novel) is on sale at the Kindle Store for 99 cents. (It’s usually $11.99, a silly price I have no control over because the international behemoth corporation that includes Dell among its subsidiaries still controls the rights for the first two Joe Ps.)Those of you who’ve started reading me through the Logan series can discover a kindler, gentler Nathan. I have no idea how long CCK will be at this price, so get it while the getting’s good. 

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Planning on visiting the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this weekend? I’ll be signing at:Mysterious Galaxy – Booth 368 – Saturday, April 9 – 1:00 to 2:00 pmMystery Writers of America – Booth 377 – Saturday, April 9 – 3:00 to 4:00 pmCome by and say hello, and check out my latest, Push Comes to Shove.
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