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♥ My Precious Love ¸.•*`❤ Please leave a comment, like, share and subscribe on YouTube ¸.•`*❤ ¸.•`❤ Much Love ♥❤♥ Ivana
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"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." – Mark Twain

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How Did Cats Come To Live Among Us?

June 28, 2007 (HealthDay News) — Painstaking genetic research shows that the cat first became domesticated soon after humans began farming and building the first civilizations, somewhere in the ancient Near East.
And, in typical feline fashion, the decision to take up residence was theirs.
“Cats weren’t domesticated on purpose, they just kind of invited themselves in,” said study lead author Carlos Driscoll, a doctoral fellow at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. He conducted the research while at the U.S. National Cancer Institute’s Laboratory of Genomic Diversity, in Frederick, Md.
By now, the world’s Fluffys and Sylvesters have planted their paws firmly across the globe. But these millions of cats appear to share a common ancestor, according to researchers reporting in the June 29, 2007 issue of Science.
Driscoll’s team used genetic material gathered from cats worldwide to distinguish wild breeds from domesticated cats and hybrids, and to help determine when and where domestication first occurred.
“Cat domestication became complete by about 3,600 years ago, although the process probably began much earlier,” Driscoll said. “It probably began with the origins of agriculture, which was about 12,000 years ago.”
As farmland in the Fertile Crescent (modern-day Iraq) kept humans rooted in one locale, the first cities grew.
“Cats are very adaptable, and they adapted themselves to this new environment,” Driscoll said.
Still, outside of their talent for eating mice and rats, felines weren’t of any obvious value to humankind — not like pigs, goats and cattle, which people worked hard to domesticate.
Instead, cats likely won humans over with a charm offensive, Driscoll said.
“Cats are nice. They tame down well, and there was just no reason for people not to like them,” he said. As cats started to hang around cities and homes, “they were tolerated and encouraged,” he added. It appears to have been the perfect plan, since the house cat now outranks the dog as the world’s most populous pet.
The NCI study drew on genetic material from 979 domestic cats found “in Scotland, down though Cape Town, and all the way to Mongolia and lots of places in between,” Driscoll said. The researchers also sampled the DNA of the world’s remaining pockets of truly wild cats: Felis silvestris silvestris in Europe; Felis s. lybica in Africa and the Near East; Felis s. ornata in Central Asia; Felis s. cafra from the Sahara desert, and Felis s. bieti from the Chinese desert.
Prior to this work, specialists in feline evolution had based much of their theories on the archaeological and paleontological record. But, Driscoll said, cats’ bones and other remains can only tell scientists so much. “There’s actually very little physiological difference between wild cats and domestic cats,” he said. “It’s very difficult to tell them apart from their bones.”
The common house cat also varies little in behavioral terms from its wilder cousins, he said. “Just by knowing how [house] cats can survive in the wild, you can tell they’re not very much changed from their wild ancestors,” Driscoll said. “They hunt just as well as a wild cat, and they breed even more prolifically.”
Based largely on the archaeological record, some experts had speculated that the domestication of the cat occurred in separate places at separate times, giving rise to distinct lineages around the world.
But the new gene study tells a different tale.
“All [domestic] cats are related to one another, and they all come from the same place, and that’s the Near East” Driscoll said. Today’s domestic cats probably all descend from the wild cat native to the area, Felis s. lybica.
Looking much farther back into the record, Driscoll and his colleagues also discovered that the various lineages of wild cat began branching off from a common ancestor, Felis silvestris, more than 100,000 years ago — much earlier than was originally assumed.
The findings are more than an historical curiosity. “Of the 36 or 37 species of cat, all of them are threatened or endangered except for the domestic cat. There’s a real conservation aspect of this work,” Driscoll pointed out. That’s because one big problem facing the world’s wild cats is their tendency to breed with feral relatives of nearby domestic cats.
The new findings “give us more evidence for a genetic basis to differentiate wild cats from domestic cats and the hybrids of the two,” explained Bill Swanson, director of animal research at the Cincinnati Zoo. “So, if you are working to conserve wild cats, it gives you a way to determine if that population is genetically pure or if there have been domestic cat genes incorporated into that population,” he said.
Interbreeding is a particular problem for European varieties, such as the Scottish wildcat, a focus of Driscoll’s work in the field.
That the gene work was carried out at the National Cancer Institute points to its importance for human health, as well.
“Cats are great models for human genetic disease,” Driscoll explained. “Things like retinal atrophy, for example. The Laboratory of Genomic Diversity is interested in that. They’re interested in making the cat a better ‘model.’ This is a kind of genetic background check on the cat.”

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THOR Team Elite Engager Circle 

My #teamelite circles have a The Avengers theme this time, so they are named Hulk, Thor and Iron man and of course my Elite Inner Circle.

You may not have been included in my #teamelite circles this week. This is because I start compiling the next circles 5 days after publishing. I send a circle notification, a picture notification, and I plus mention everyone in the circle, which gives everyone three chances to know they are included. If you want to make sure you don't miss my circle posts, you should create a circle called "Notify Me", add me to it, and set notifications to "On". In any case, don't worry - you can get into next week's circles by sharing this one

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What is aural microsuction?

Aural microsuction is a method of safely and painlessly removing wax from the ear.
In contrast, oto-irrigation (what used to be known as ear syringing) has been unavailable for a long time through district nurses, as the traditional ear syringe is no longer considered best practice, and the oto-irrigation equipment is quite cumbersome. Also, there is a chance that a preexisting perforated eardrum could be undiagnosed and the irrigation process may push wax, dead skin and bacteria through the eardrum into the middle ear, with the resultant potential for infection. This is why many GP surgeries have stopped ear syringing and oto-irrigation and now refer all patients to their local ENT department for aural microsuction.
This service is free under the NHS, but the usual two week wait for syringing by the GP Practice Nurse has now extended to up to six weeks or more, as ENT clinics struggle to cope with the demand. At London Hearing Aids, we can offer aural microsuction wax removal in London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire. For more information head over to
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Time to Live

Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?
-Bob Marley

What are you doing to live a more fulfilling life?

#Friday   #PlacesToSee   #TopQuote   #WebDesign   #Nature  

Need help with your website, contact me here:

Photo: "The living moment is everything." by Aristocrats-hat
Licensed Under (CC BY-NC 2.0)
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Size Does Matter

Cats and Summer Time

We all know how much cats love to sunbathe and chase flying insects around the garden, so here are a few tips to help keep your cat safe.
Cats get sunburn too!

I know all of our cats love to lie in the garden all day if it's sunny and who can blame them?

Cats who have pale ears and noses are at risk from getting sunburn just as we are; they can even get skin cancer.

To help prevent this try and keep your cats in during the hottest hours of the day (11am – 2pm), if this is not possible you can put sunscreen on their ears and noses.

Ask your vet which type of sunscreen is safe to put on your cat. You need to obtain a non-toxic brand or buy a specialist brand just for pets, since your cat is likely to lick some of it off. Using it is very straightforward, just apply to the ears and nose a few times a day.
Bee & Wasp stings

They fly, so as far as your cat is concerned, it's potential prey, but if your cat is stung in the mouth or throat it could cause swelling and block the airway.

If your cat is stung in the mouth/throat take it to the vets straight away.

Cats are often stung on the paws, which can be treated at home:
Bee stings are acidic so carefully remove the sting and bathe in Bicarbonate of soda and water.
Wasp stings are alkaline so bathe the area in vinegar or lemon juice.

If you suspect your cat has heatstroke you must act quickly, symptoms of heatstroke include:
Dark red tongue and gums

If your cat displays these symptoms get it into a cool area, and wrap it up in a cold wet towel and phone your vet as soon as possible.
Follow these tips and your cat should be able to play happily out in the sunshine for the rest of the summer.

#gif #caturday #catoftheday    #catlovers    #animallovers    #funnygifs    #caturdayeveryday   #Adorable  #Amazing  #Animals  #Awesome  #Awww  #CatLovers  #Cats  #Cute  #Funny  #Gifs  #Hilarious  #Humor  #Kitten  #Kitty  #LOL #kitty  #animals  #funny  #cat  #animals  #funny . #cat #kitty #kitten #awesome #cute #lol #funny 
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