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Well, I may say that by own inside natur, since I have reson of thinking I have always belived in a God that has creted All, universe either, then, as some people shown me thru Bible there many Spiritual basis to have faith to build a beeter life yet, well for these reason I will say that I match with people tah like and enyoy doing the best, if I belive in God is only my reson, then if othert didn´t belive in God it dooesn´t matter enough becouse I consider that evey individual person in this life is having his own spiritual learning path, at the time we try to de the best things we cna to build up a better life,
with love and stil with hope in Lord Jah too
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Oh my god. This is how every game night and lan party should go down!! 
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American Atheists announced that it has set Tuesday, July 29, 2014, as the official date for the launch of Atheist TV, the world’s first television channel dedicated to atheist content, on Roku.

Read more:

Image credit: AtheistTV
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The more you know
What is a ferrofluid? : We have been seeing these gifs for some time now... often called 'science gifs' and 'amazing.' But what is the science behind ferrofluids? Ferrofluids are actually ferromagnetic particles (particles which can be magnetized) by means of an external field - often forming permanent magnets. At slightly larger than 15 nanometers, these particles act as domains and individual atoms clump together to display magnetism.

But smaller than 15 nm, the particles do not retain any alignment to an externally applied field. They 'flip' once the external magnetic field is removed. A ferrofluid uses this effect of superparamagnetism and once nano-sized particles of a ferromagnetic material are suspended in a surfactant, you have a fluid which can be easily magnetized and demagnetized.

Superparamagnets: Superparamagnets have fluctuating magnetic moments with no applied field, but with an applied external magnetic field they become magnetized easily. This effect is size dependent. What are magnetic moments? These are nothing but the spin of the electrons in a material.
Uses: Ferrofluids are made up of tiny magnetic fragments of iron suspended in oil (often kerosene) with a surfactant to prevent clumping (usually oleic acid). There are many commercial applications for ferrofluids--speakers and hard drives being the most common. The oily fluid prevents debris from entering hard drives when a small amount is placed between the magnets and shaft. In the case of speakers ferrofluids remove heat from the voice coils and help dampen the cone movement. They are also being studied as a contrast agent in MRI scans.

Source Popsci:

Wikipedia link:
University of Wisconsin-Madison link:

Research paper:

How to make your own Ferrofluid:

Wired link and videos:

Pic link: and

#ferrofluid #science  
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Scientists discover tiny solar panels that create themselves

File this one under "holy crap," but scientists at MIT have discovered molecules that spontaneously assemble themselves into a pattern that can turn light into electricity — essentially a self-creating solar panel. In a petri dish.

The researchers set out to create a synthetic process that imitates photosynthesis. Certain molecules respond to light by releasing electrons; the trick was discovering a substance that sticks them together in a consistent structure. Phospholipids do just that, and they also attach themselves to carbon nanotubes, which conduct electricity. With the nanotubes holding the phospholipids in a uniform alignment, the photoreactive molecules are all exposed to light at once, and the tube acts as a wire that then collects the resulting electrical current.
The most interesting part is that the tiny solar array can be disassembled and reassembled just by adding chemicals. Spray on an additive and the molecular components break apart into a soup; remove it with a membrane, and the system spontaneously puts itself together.
After repeatedly having the system go through disassembly and reassembly, the scientists found the system had no loss in efficiency. That could prove to be the best development of all, since losing efficiency over time can be a big problem with some solar systems. It all makes sense: if you want to build better solar panels, why not look for inspiration from the most successful solar-energy generators of all: plants.
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Scientists have looked at nature for a very long time: biomimetics? Besides, if you just consider the conversion of light to energy alone, photosynthesis is horrendously inefficient.
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So Cool
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Je vais tres bien MERCI 😃 beaucoup a Toi Nathan 
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We would need to answer this question first: What is religion?
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Lol I have no more fears towards zombies now XD 
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what +Davy Chaleun? I didn't delete anything 
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Have a great Saturday!

Just have time for a simple Yo-yo trick ☺
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uhhhh lol lol
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Don't you fucking dare overlook this post because it's not a pretty picture of food and instead includes a boring looking link.

The FCC will close official public comments tonight at midnight on its (highly misleadingly named) 'Protecting and Preserving the Open Internet' initiative. More commonly, this is referred to as 'The Awful Thing that Destroys #NetNeutrality  and Creates Internet Fast Lanes'. This nearly unanimously hated proposal threatens to forever misrepresent the founding principles of the internet.  I IMPLORE you to take this time to leave your comment at the link below.

My comment is as follows:


I'm truly troubled by your persistence to end Net Neutrality, and instead create a system where the bidder with the most resources receives preferential treatment from internet service providers. Should the proposal 'Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet' be implemented, I foresee a future where smaller brands are unfairly damaged simply because they didn't have the cash to pay their ISP for ideal speeds. The average consumer won't understand why some sites are faster than others and will, instead, prefer certain sources over others not because of their content, but because of their willingness to dish out to Comcast. It's a situation that's bad for the consumer, bad for internet service providers, and bad for brands. 

The internet was founded on the principle of free and open information for everyone. It gave everyone a voice, and every voice should reach me the same way. The FCC continues to plead with us saying that it is not creating a 'Fast Lane' and that every site will reach me at my promised speeds from my ISP, but faster is faster. The tubes that bring me the internet are no different than the power lines that provide power to my house or the water pipes underneath my feet. The internet has become a requirement for modern living and the FCC should make every effort possible to preserve and improve its ease of access. Your proposal does the exact opposite and, despite some creative language that may make 14-28 look appealing, the FCC has received more comments on this than anything else in its history. Everyone's caught on. 

I implore you to seriously consider every comment you've received on your initiative and find a different solution. Should the FCC continue moving forward on 14-28, it will only hurt its perception as a woefully out of touch government agency that is not acting in the best interest of the American people. Please. Don't make me completely lose faith in the FCC's ability to protect my right to access information, promote forward-thinking innovations, and be a world leader in technology. There's still time to make this right by doing the most American thing possible - listening to the people you serve.

Carter Gibson"

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you need to have an idea and so does everyone else. Share this post or make your own. 

For more information about the FCC's proposal -
First, check this out:
Then this:
And then you can watch this: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutrality (HBO)
Federal Communications Commission
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+Jack Huesman - what about the ACA is not "the least restrictive means of furthering that compelling governmental interest"? what would be constitute less means of further this interest?

doesn't matter, let's just assume that i'm an idiot, as is every other non-conservative SCOTUS judge, and every person that ever disagreed with you in any way. good luck.
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