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Clouds over house with editing #rain #clouds #okwx
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Nathan Urbina

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Alright! My XD missed out by 5 months, but the 1 should be getting it now. YouTube now available to all current gen Rokus.

#Roku #YouTube #apps  
YouTube was previously limited to the Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick but is now available on any Roku device released after mid-2011.
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Celebrate Shakespeare's 450th Birthday by bringing out your inner poet. On April 23rd the Bard turns a spirited 450 years old and his words and stories live with us still. People all over the world have celebrated his birthday in creative ways but if you want to surely impress your friends, family, and colleagues, Talk Like Shakespeare! Need to brush up on how to sound like the man himself? Check out the site.

Jam out to the Hip-Hop Birthday Anthem by The Q Brothers for Talk Like Shakespeare Day

#Shakespeare #fun  
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Nathan Urbina

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Deep ad linking brings app install ads to Google Search and YouTube.

#Google #YouTube #ads  
Today Google announced plans to bring app install ads to Google Search and Youtube, as well as ads that connect directly to already installed Android apps.
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Nathan Urbina

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I love this song and always crank it up. Happy Easter!

#Easter #Newsong

Arise My Love- NewSong (with lyrics):
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AHA OKC 2014 Heart Walk

#heart #okcheartwalk
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A unique look through Mom Goggles.

#mom #MothersDay #funny  
Grab your Mom Goggles and watch our NEW video!
Watch Mom Goggles. Sometimes we wonder how moms do it. From dirty diapers, to cheering on the next Rembrandt…they seem to just see things differently. Our moms see us differently. Watch as two dads get a glimpse at the way moms view the world…and then realize that it goes way beyond what they see.
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Hip-Hop Birthday Anthem by The Q Brothers for Talk Like #Shakespeare Day

Hip-Hop Birthday Anthem by The Q Brothers for Talk Like Shakespeare Day
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Nathan Urbina

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I heart earth.

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Friday Jams #16 
Hawk Nelson - Friend Like That 
tobyMac - Boomin' 
Marie Miller - You're Not Alone 
Sanctus Real - Promises 
Jesus Culture - Rooftops 
Watch it on Youtube now: 
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Oops! A little late with this one. Here's this weeks latest jams. This weekend was Easter. Jesus has risen! What did you do this Easter weekend? 
#FridayJams #Music #Christian #HawkNelson #tobyMac #MarieMiller #SanctusReal #JesusCulture
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