Another Robo-Ninja question. I'm debating adding Google Play Game Services integration into the thing. Primarily for an online leaderboard (who beat the game with the fewest deaths), but it optionally adds achievements (I'd limit these to mostly how well you did when beating the game, ie "beat the game with < 500 deaths") and online saves via google drive.

So, opinions: how do you feel about games that connect to google's game api? Annoying? Cool? 

I'm also considering, when I finally get around to releasing the game, releasing it for free, but having a "donate" version for $1 that adds a couple minor things (like a slightly harder difficultly option with 1.2x the speed, etc). I could put the play services integration only in that version, so a leaderboard would be a special feature for that.

Curious what people think?
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No integration with Games API
Use all Games API features
Use some subset (comment below)
Save it for the Donate version
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