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Nathan Stehle
BJJ, Work, Gym, Media Sponging. 👈 My life on a given day.
BJJ, Work, Gym, Media Sponging. 👈 My life on a given day.

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I've heard the ROI is crappy.

Politics aside, my sympathies go out to locked out government employees.

No one deserves to have their livelihood ripped out from under them.

Whatever your perspective on government spending is moving forward, we would all do well to remember that real people are now going to struggle to meet their financial obligations and keep roofs over their families' heads.

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This is money specifically limited to food purchases with some rare, though highly publicized exceptions. This is as close as we can get to feeding fellow citizens who are poor, hungry and struggling. We don't have an alternative short of forcing these folks to show up at a warehouse for handouts... or just choosing not to feed them.

I do not intend to suggest that our elected representatives are without blame here. However, the callous lack of empathy that many Americans display in discussing these issues as well as their voting patterns is equal parts frightening and soul crushing. As a country we seem to suffer from a dearth of perspective on suffering itself.

As we continue to dig our own grave I can at least take solace in knowing that soon enough we might find ourselves perfectly situated to regain the insight we seem to have lost. 

"It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation."

- Vladimir V. Putin

His recent Op-Ed in the New York Times is well worth a read. This is a refreshing perspective on international diplomacy regardless of what you think about his motivations or even his commitment to the ideals he is promoting.

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My dad linked me to this guy's Aikido video but his BJJ one was also eerily accurate.
"Jiu jitsu is about tricking your opponent into strangely intimate positions so you can kill them."
.... Sounds about right.


DC tourists. Genetically altered and selectively bred for the express purpose of wandering haphazardly through some of the busiest metro station in the country. 

Please stop killing Sean Bean. I'm starting to feel bad for him as an actor rather than grieving for his various deceased on-screen personae. 
Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia

Just realized that Dove™ sells chocolate but at the same time they sell hygiene products/lotion under the "Love the skin you're in" marketing campaign.

So Dove's chocolate makes people fat. Then their marketing team sells skin care products to fat people reassuring them that "curves" are a good thing which allows fat people to go out and buy more Dove™ chocolate.

Advertising geniuses. 
Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia

Android's homepage G+ widget should help make it easier to use the service a bit more often.

Now if only some of my friends other than Katherine Tracy would fucking use it. 
Arlington, Virginia
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