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An End to PTSD?

Those of you as my readers might know I come from a background of severe bullying and harassment that created much pain throughout my life. The result was decades of counseling.

This all changed when I met my coach, Hamish Bayston, and through a few focused sessions, he eliminated my PTSD. The result is no more nightmares, no flashbacks, the inner war stopped, much of my anger vanished and my overall health improved. Similar results are being achieved with other clients.

I never thought I would be free of this pain and yet, I am. I’ve become inspired to help Hamish bring these techniques to the world, techniques I am now learning myself.

In the short time we have been working together, we have become exposed to, and astounded by, the severity of the PTSD problem. There is awareness of its grasp on our veterans, but the problem reaches far deeper into society and what is worse, much of it is being ignored or medicated away.

Our goal is to make a big difference.

While our work is nothing new, it is largely unrecognized as a treatment, most certainly in ‘mainstream’ health care.

Why am I reaching out? Because we need help to put this treatment ‘on the map,’ and to make it accessible to anyone who needs it, regardless of income.

To do this, we are looking for a person of influence, possibly a celebrity, who suffers from PTSD. We want to show them the possibility of resolving their PTSD. From a successful outcome, we are looking for some testimonials and support.

If you know of someone who could benefit by what we do, we would be extremely grateful for any introduction.

In the meantime, I formed a group on Facebook, which you can find here: I welcome you to join, interact with the members and read the testimonials of those who we have helped.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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How to Create Line Art from Photographs Using Photoshop

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It truly astonishes me as to how many groups there are on Facebook which say they help people with PTSD when they do not and dissuade people like me and those I work with from truly making a difference. Not only that, it is clear from what I have been seeing that the medical community doesn't have a clue what to do.

PTSD is a huge problem, much worse than I had ever imagined and it's clear we need help to make a difference. The number of people suffering is staggering. If you read this post and it moves you, please share it with people who can help us.

Many people are in pain, not just our veterans. It is equally sickening to find out how many people are on medication. In my opinion, it is a huge tragedy and one that we as a society need to change. Too much is being swept under the rug or ignored.

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A Major Cause of Your Anxiety and Depression

A major reason why so many of you suffer so much is because the thinking process has gone wild and has taken over your mind. As simplistic as it may seem, your problems are caused by thinking and if your thinking were to stop, even for brief periods, you would experience stillness and peace.

So how can I have that, you ask?

There are many ways, and I will explain one here.

This is where you make the decision to let of your suffering, or you are forced to let go because you cannot stand the pain anymore.

Immediately, many of you will say, "let go? I don't know how to let go." Imagine someone tosses you a hot potato. The moment you grab it, you feel it burning your hand. Do you think about what to do next? No. You drop it, immediately. It is the same with your anxiety or depression.

Here's an example from my own life. Some years ago, I made a series of financial mistakes and, after several failures to find a place to live, I knew I was going to be homeless the next day.

I sat in my chair and thought, over and over, "I can't do this, I can't make my life work." My anxiety mounted with each minute. Suddenly, I felt a snap, a brief sense of falling and when it stopped, I found myself where I had always been.
My anxiety vanished and was replaced with a deep sense of peace. I was astonished and I instantly recognized this as "the peace that passes all understanding," as Eckhart Tolle wrote about, in "The Power of Now."

That peace stayed with me for nearly two days before it faded. Later, I learned how to bring it back.

You can do it, too. The key is to decide here and now that you've had enough suffering, and to let go.

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Recovery from PTSD, Bullying, and Harassment

Like many people, I've experienced severe trauma as a result of family bullying and the results of that, including anxiety, depression, etc. I want to make an offer, which is a copy of my book, "Life After Bullying."

In it, you will learn about the bully mindset, how to deal with bullies, family or otherwise, learn how to set boundaries, get bullies out of your life, how to work with anxiety and depression, amnesia, and more.

Here is the link to the book:

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