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OK, so the camera is DEFINITELY quicker to action and takes pretty damn good pictures. Burst mode via long-press is SLICK. Very easy to use for toddlers and other quickly moving objects. +Motorola Mobility+Moto X 2014+Cyanogen Inc.​ is trying to move in this direction, generally speaking. With their implementation of user-centered features. If they can get "touchless voice actions" working it would give Moto a run for their money. I'm pretty sure the voice actions haven't been improved since they were originally implemented on the 2013 Moto X. +Google Now​ has better features and voice recognition than Moto, IMO. I'm not impressed. Also, the phone feels subjectively slower than the +OnePlus​ One. It's my understanding that they have roughly similar hardware, with the exception of RAM. Which might explain the issues I'm noticing with apps closing in the background WHEN THEY ARE STILL RUNNING. (+Pandora​) This hasn't happened since my Motorola Droid with eclair (Android 2.x). I guess a point I'd have to make is that although Cyanogenmod may not have QUITE the camera experience the overall quickness of the system relative to the Motorola experience more than makes up for this small oversight.

Just some thoughts about my experiences while stranded.
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Nathan Olsen

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Leaving work and the sun's still up! Woot!
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Nathan Olsen

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I'm not sure what +Android Police​ is talking about... I have "sticky controls" in my +Pandora​.
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Nathan Olsen

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Just wanted you to know how much I love your themes, they're so elegant and consistent! My only qualm is with the lack of icons, but this is easily covered with icon packs.

If you do the same high-quantity work for the theme engine in CM12, I would HAPPILY pay for Atomic Blue [edit: and Atomic Green] all over again!

What about everyone else? I know getting free upgrades is nice, hell I'm still using the original upgrade to Titanium Backup Pro from my G1! ROM Manager, too, as well as Super SU Pro and a few other oldies. Keeping your purchases through your entire Android experience is one of the HUGE benefits to being an Android Fanatic, but would you pay for an elegant, consistent & updated theme from +SteelDesigns [Android]​​ for CM12/Lollipop?
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Probably, if it was good enough.
Probably not. I shouldn't have to pay.
No. Hell, no! I'm going to boycott!
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Thanks for the update! I just wanted you to know that I respect the amount of work that you put into this theme and that I'd happily pay again.

I eagerly await your work on cm12.
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Nathan Olsen

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@SwiftOnSecurity: People lie to the government, their employers, their lovers, and even their gods.

People don't lie to their phones.
“People lie to the government, their employers, their lovers, and even their gods. People don't lie to their phones.”
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1. You said it wrong.
2. Translates as QED.
3. Spoken out loud.

Living in the future is AWESOME.
#OkGoogle #GoogleVoiceSearch #GoogleNow
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Nathan Olsen

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Happy Year of the Goatse!
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Nathan Olsen

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"I believe in trusting doctors, not know-it-alls."
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Nathan Olsen

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Nathan Olsen

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Don't worry about passwords ever again, sign up for LastPass now!
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Nathan Olsen

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This is some exciting news for +Seattle Sounders FC​! Can't wait to see what comes out of the US college players...

Forty-two players were off the board following the first and second rounds of the 2015 MLS SuperDraft. However, in the final two rounds that took place on Tuesday, Sounders FC managed to land three of the top seniors in collegiate soccer. Seattle drafted a pair of forwards – North Carolina’s
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We did pretty damn well in this years draft over all.
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Great food and delivery too
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First retail marijuana in the area! Classy, clean, friendly employees who will help you pick out just the right product for your needs! It's about time!
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31 reviews
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Great sushi; sometimes slow service. This is a great place to eat and socialize, not so great for a quick bite.
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago