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Knowledge is a weapon, wield it like a warrior
Knowledge is a weapon, wield it like a warrior

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Starting in on Drunk Raid Night with a Manhatten :D

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Ready check for Raid Night :D

A Reading List Update
Well keeping a quarterly update proved a tough goal, as it's now more than a year since my last reading update. Recently my selections have bent more Sci-Fi, though that's a byproduct of fewer titles catching my attention from other genres than any inherent boost in Sci-Fi quality itself. So, here we go:

+ Fire Sermon - Francesca Haig
+ Home - Tony Abrahams
+ The City of Mirrors (PT3) - Justin Cronin
+ The Fireman - Joe Hill
+ Hell Divers - Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Sci-Fi/Space Opera:
+ Fear the Survivors (FS2) - Stephen Moss
+ Fear the Future (FS3) - Stephen Moss
+ Leviathan Wakes - James Corey
+ Warship - Joshua Dalzelle
+ Call To Arms - Joshua Dalzelle
+ Counterstrike - Joshua Dalzelle
+ Chains of Command - Marko Kloos
+ The Warrior King - Evan Currie
+ We Are Legion (We Are Bob) - Dennis Taylor
+ Red Rising (RRT1) - Pierce Brown
+ Golden Son (RRT2) - Pierce Brown
+ MorningStar (RRT3) - Pierce Brown
+ The Ember War (EWS1) - Richard Fox
+ The Ruins of Anthalas (EWS2) - Richard Fox
+ Blood of Heroes (EWS3) - Richard Fox
+ Earth Defiant (EWS4) - Richard Fox
+ Gardens of Nabiru (EWS5) - Richard Fox
+ The Battle of the Void (EWS6) - RIchard Fox
+ The Siege of Earth (EWS7) - Richard Fox

Superhero Fantasy:
+ Calamity: Recokoners #3 - Brandon Sanderson
+ Ex-Isle: Ex-Heroes #5 - Peter Clines

+ MapleCroft (LBD1) - Cherie Priest
+ Chapelwood (LBD2) - Cherie Priest
+ London Falling (SP1) - Paul Cornell
+ Severed Streets (SP2) - Paul Cornell
+ Heart-shaped Box - Joe Hill
+ Horns - Joe Hill
+ NOS4A2 - Joe Hill
+ Lock & Key - Joe Hill

High Fantasy:
+ Stardust - Neil Gaiman
+ Dawn of Wonder (TW1) - Joathan Renshaw
+ The Waking Fire (TDM1) - Anthony Ryan
+ A Blade of Black Steel (CE2) - Alex Marshall
+ A Knight of the 7 Kingdoms - George RR Martin
+ The Aeronaut's Windlass (CS1) - Jim Butcher

Modern Fantasy:
+ Wisp of a Thing (TN2) - Alex Bledsoe
+ Staked - Kevin Hearn
+ Fellside - M.R. Carey
+ Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs
+ Stiletto - Daniel O'Malley
+ Futuristic Violence & Fancy Suits - David Wong
+ Awaken Online: Catharsis - Travis Bagwell

The Good
This time around I was thrilled with City of Mirrors, as Justin Cronin is easily one of my top 5 favorite authors and his powerhouse of a series concludes with a story beyond my expectations. I was also very keen on Stiletto, which was almost a year over-due from the publisher, but nonetheless was worth the wait.
I would also recommend Paul Cornell's Shadow Police series, as it's a cross between the BBC's Wire in the Blood and a heavy dose of the Dresden Files.

The Bad
Just wow, Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children was garbage. Poorly defined characters, terrible plot, generally just bad writing, and a failure to tell even a story in a loose sense makes this one of the worst books I've read in a long time. This one book is worse than the next 3 I would put here so we'll let it own this category. Books like this are why people dislike PA as a genre.

Looking Forward
I was underwhelmed by the recent offerings from Clines and Butcher, but those were books for series that I think are more "side projects" than primary efforts. I will say that I am stoked for the next Dresden Files book, and I have hopes that the next Clines novel for his "14" world setting will be great. I also wait with an eager tension for the last of the King Killer Chroncile from Patrick Rothfuss. I've also taken a fondness to Joe Hill, who does great suspense/horror and I've been missing some solid Cuthulu Mythos in my life of late.

So what are you reading?

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A little something for +James Treu, the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand: an RPG.

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Christmas is near...

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Grabbing lunch at Jimmys in Gavelston. :)

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On tonights episode of "Game of Drones"... A Show of Frauds & Liars

#election2016 #giantmeteor2016

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Hanging out at #LSA tonight with the #WhiskyProphets

Good burgers, great music!

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Just a small compilation of vacation photos thus far, will add more as we go. Can say this is the best beach i've ever been to!
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