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I probably don't care
I probably don't care
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Finally the new camos come to PC!
115 is so sexy.
BTW, anyone who wants to hate on bo2 in the comments, will get deleted.

anyone else excited for when the new camos come out on other platforms?

seriously people, put your post in the right catergory. in the 8 newest black ops 2 catergory posts, 4 are ghosts.
it's not even disputable that it's bo2, it's ghosts.

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for thomas wood (other people can check it out if they like) showing diff between fire aspect & flame, & showing lighting of TNT w/ bow
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just wondering, how many people here are actually legally allowed on g+? and tf2 for that matter

back up to 1k

looking to sell my f. huntsman for a key, and my f. ubersaw for 2 ref.

charlie, you probably should have just made 1 post with all 6 of your huntsman "skill" shots
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