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A test version of a Touch Enabled ClockworkMod Recovery for the Galaxy Nexus is now available. Please note this is considered an alpha build, so be kind. You can use both the touch panel and the hardware keys in this release.

CWMR Touch Installer on the Android Market:

For CDMA/LTE Galaxy Nexus:

MD5 (cwmr_touch_beta5_toro.img) = 0778c849efe435084a42d68535ebeeb8

For GSM Galaxy Nexus:

MD5 (cwmr_touch_beta5_maguro.img) = b234b68d915fe35c8d82ffe3537ed702

For View Sonic GTab users (requires 1.2 bootloader!):

MD5 (cwmr_touch_beta5_smba1002_bigfont.img) = a50de57b77a70210fd724a1f2ed781c0

MD5 (cwmr_touch_beta5_smba1002.img) = e3e6f23b39767d5c149b6779958c3b12

Updated 1/26 - GTab support! Thanks +Zak Peirce
Updated 1/5 - Fixed the assert issues! Also has the sexy new font by +Chris Ennis
Updated 9:42PM Central - Fixed flashing screen! Alpha 2 is up for both platforms.
Updated 4:00PM Central - Beta 3! With gestures for scrolling and forward and back.
Updated 1/10/2012 - Beta 4! A few tweaks to get ready for porting to other devices. Haptic is a bit weaker now. New Visual feedback on the virtual keys by +Chris Ennis
Updated 1/11/2012 - Beta 5. More behinds the scenes getting ready for multi device release. Add +Chris Ennis battery level mod.

People involved in this little project:
Me - I made the magical codes
+Chris Ennis - Original concept and graphics as well as a few code tweaks
+Koushik Dutta - Well, CWM is kinda his baby. (This isn't his fault...don't bug him if something in it doesn't work right)
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I need to clean some things up and turn some checking back on that I removed to get the touch panel stuff working. I will then of course push it to my github.
You will need fastboot to flash this. You have two options:
fastboot flash recovery whateverimageyoudownloaded.img
fastboot boot whateverimageyoudownloaded.img

The second option will just boot into it, but not over write your current recovery. The first will of course write this as your current recovery partition.
Working nice, no bugs so far, seems the same speed as regular recovery.
Will current clockwork nandroids be compatible?
Yes, this is based off It doesn't touch the code for nandroid or installing zips.
Thanks for the fast response. Will be testing on vzw gnex. I'll report any bugs if I find any not known our posted already. Good work +Nathan Grebowiec
Flashed. Great so far, couple bugs: Scroll quickly using the buttons causes the menu to flash at random points. Also getting random "back button enabled/disabled" messages. Haptic feedback on the touches would also be nice.
So awesome.. cant wait for touch based recoveries to become the "standard". Great preview..
Works great so far. The font needs a little work (Make sure you get one that isn't hinted, or make bitmaps, as that will affect font quality)

EDIT: Is it also possible to change the bitmaps for the buttons? I would make the Up and Down buttons plain arrows, if you can. As it stands, the Up button looks identical to the Home button, which is a bit confusing. Simple Up/Down pointing triangles would work great.
Awesome!! Great work, I am trying it now. This community never ceases to amaze me.
my old eyeballs thank you and my hands that don't work that well Thank You!
this is like bacon, covered in more bacon. it's that good.
Very nice work man! Just checked it out and all seems well besides the flash back to top bug you mentioned. Should be worked out in due time!
Works great here now! Perfect job! Thanks for the work.
+Nathan Grebowiec are you able to ddms a screenshot? (in general) I can't do it on the gnex...any insight? nice work btw
Rob B
This has to be thee best mod for the GNex!!
Thank You Nathan! Plus I was getting really tired of those damn tiny fonts,,lol
Trying it and doing a review in italian ;)
yo guys im new to this all, i have ARHD installed and running perfect on my nexus prime but how do i update to this touch CWM? Sorry i have searched google and xda intensively i must be missing something.

Will this whipe anything on my device now or just flash the new CWM?
+Joseph Kearns
Boot into recovery "adb reboot recovery" (volume +/- and power)
fastboot flash recovery <imagenamehere>

It will just flash the recovery nothing else will be changed.

*Damn you guys are fast ;-)
Once in fastboot on my phone, where do i go to get to "fastboot flash recovery <imagenamehere>"
When i enter recovery mode i cant find anything to do with flash recovery..

Feel like a masssive idiot right now sorry.
hrm this is what i was dreading, its connecting fine and in device manager there its showing its connected fine. But when i open that command window it doesnt seem to show the serial number at all..
Drop down, click on usb change from media mode to camera mode(MTP to PTP). That should fix it. It did for me.
drop down? where do i change this exactly sorry?
Follow each step in the link I gave above. Make sure developer mode is on. When you connect your phone to the PC it will have an option to change the USB connection type in the drop down(notification bar) on the phone.
I dunno man. Have you tried the alternate usb drivers? Insure that Android 1.0 in device manager has the appropriate drivers etc etc?
Restarted PC reinstalled everything and im in with the serial number showing. Where do i place the .img file i downloaded for GSM above? and when i try to "Flash CWM Recovery" it only gives me the option to flash the same recovery that is currently installed?
Awesome! Reboot your phone into the fastboot menu. (volume +/- w/ Power). Once there open a command prompt on your machine. (You did add the android platform tools folder to your path right?)

type in "fastboot flash recovery <path to recovery +name>.img"

Press enter. Once it complete, shouldn't take but just a second or so, type in:

"fastboot reboot recovery" and make sure it's flashed. If it is you're ready to go.

As a note, mine was in my downloads folder on Windows 7. So my command was:

fastboot flash recovery c:\users\luke\downloads\cwm_touch_alpha2.img
ok sorry elaborate on this "(You did add the android platform tools folder to your path right?)"
i have placed the img file on my c:\ when i open up cmd and type
"fastboot flash recovery c:\cwm_touch_alpha2_maguro.img"
i get the response,

'fastboot' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
This is pretty sweet and when the version with the smaller font comes out I will be using it. As it is now with the big font, it fails on the install of GummyNex and I just can't live without my Gummy.
Your ROM doesn't effect the recovery.
The ROM doesn't affect the recovery, but the size of the font on the recovery spills the banner over and it aborts. Just flashed the ROM in the touch recovery and it fails, flashed the exact same zip in regular and it passes. There is a thread with the issue on xda and it is known that the large font recovery causes a failure in the ROM installation of this particular ROM.
Success. That was an experience.
Thankyou so much to everyone for the support - Luke thanks again.
+Chris Overton ah I see what your saying, never would have thought of that. Does anyone know why it effects some ROMs and not others?

+Joseph Kearns you're welcome. That's what makes the Android community for the most part awesome! The devs put out great work and the others help you get it working. ;-)
Original post updated with links to beta1! Should fix the assert issues. Let me know. It also has the new font.
+Luke Lewis This is just an assumption on my part so take it as you will, but I assume that when the font is so large that it spills the banner of the ROM over, in this case it is a ascii art gummy banner, it introduces erroneous carriage returns into the update process messing up the update lines. Again, this is purely assumption as I don't know if lines of code are carried out as the screen is scrolling or if that would have an effect.

+Nathan Grebowiec Just booted into the recovery via fastboot and it seems like the reduced size in font will be better but at this time I can't test flash the GummyNex ROM to verify one way or the other. Never had assert issues so I can't speak to that.
+Andrew Akker i get those messages even in standard CWM Recovery. I was having issues last night when trying to flash a different kernel.
For those who tried the alphas, you will notice that the font is a little smaller then before (15x24 vs 19x31); I did it this way because 15x24 is scaled to work on XDPI devices better than the original 19x31.
+Chris Overton yeah that makes sense I suppose. Seems like to me (I've never programmed for Android) that where 1 character is 8bits it wouldn't matter the viewed size as it still takes up the same room. Also it seems that the recover / bootloader would not occupy the same space as the actual ROM. Of course this is purely assumption as they all go to the same physical space.

With code work sometimes things just don't make sense, it just happens the way it happens until somebody finally realizes what's going on by investigating with a trained eye.
+Chris Overton nope, that has nothing to do with it :) This was purely due to the build date being set in the recovery.
Thanks a lot! Haptic on keypress would be cream topped on cake, just mentioning =)
+Nathan Grebowiec I just flashed the toro version of the vibrate test and I LOVE it!! I love the large font and the icons are perfect -- really easy to figure out. I installed a zip from SD card and that worked flawlessly as well. I like it MUCH better with haptic feedback too. This is awesome!!

UPDATE: I just discovered that the hard keys work like they always have, so we now have a choice -- and the too-rapid movement of the cursor on a key press is gone now, as well. Well done!
I'll skip the haptic feedback. I just want the basic's in a recovery....well touch...but still.
+Nathan Grebowiec Thanks a lot. Played around in menus without finding any issues. I much prefer the key press vibration, but I always use that in Android as well so it's a matter of preference.
I must this is awesome but I don't like the massive font. Great work otherwise :D
Fantastic job. I was having so much trouble with the volume buttons (sensitive GNex I suppose) and this works perfectly. I hope Koush will consider implementing this in his official clockwork.
The new font allows for Gummy to be installed correctly. Flashed and using this now, much thanks for it.
The font had nothing to do with it. It was the build date of the recovery being newer than the rom.
Ah, all right then. It's working now so it's being put to use
niiiiice! i love this mod! thanks! :)
I'm going to agree with Sam on this one, it would be nice to have an option to have force feedback or not. I know some love it, but I really dislike it. Maybe the source so we can remove it ourselves if nothing else.
Source is already up. Just comment out the calls to vibrate()
This is awesome. I was never a fan of using the volume keys in recovery. Flashing this now!
+Nathan Grebowiec You should just create two different downloads: one with haptic, one without haptic. Not saying it isn't easy to edit the source, but I'm sure a lot of people don't know how.
Works perfectly. I am not regretting at all at getting a Nexus. Thanks.
+Drew Suarez did a build on rootzwiki with no haptic feedback of beta 3. I am lowering the power of it for the next release though.
Not Shy
Just downloading now - any chance of checksum's for the downloads so that I can check before flashing?
Beta 4 is nice. Glad that the vibration is a lot weaker :P +1 to all those involved
Beta 4 love it! Nice work still, thanks!
Not Shy
Thanks for adding the MD5's! Loving your work! The MD5s are for Beta 5 though not Beta 4 as listed. Cheers
Ben Liu
Hope a mirror download link. Dropbox download link was blocked in China. Thanks!
Thanks for the great recovery builds, sure beats the volume rocker for navigating
Just purchased from Android Market. Thank you.
Dude, you are a God.

Enhancement request: Add a 'tap' gesture for selection in addition to the 'swipe right'. I'd argue it's more intuitive, and consistent with the touchscreen interface paradigm.

EDIT: That is, tap anywhere on the screen to select, not necessarily on the tiny little line where the item is you want to select :-)
this is a new standard!!!!!! no one needed it more than us GN owners. how many disabled that damn back button a million and a half times.I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH NATE! well done and so far beta 5 works well,time to move out of beta and bump the price up on that app.People should be willing to pay it to give back in the only way some (like me) can.your another code monster and 1 more reason while getting a Google phone makes sense because it attracts top notch developers like you
Purchased your app and love the ease of installing recovery now! Nice Job
After using the official CWM Touch Recovery for some weeks, I finally went back to this version. It's simply more easy to use. Got to love the back button! :)
Love it ! soft buttons are great!!!!
Thank you !
Wow oh what it frrickin feels like to try lmfao
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