A test version of a Touch Enabled ClockworkMod Recovery for the Galaxy Nexus is now available. Please note this is considered an alpha build, so be kind. You can use both the touch panel and the hardware keys in this release.

CWMR Touch Installer on the Android Market:

For CDMA/LTE Galaxy Nexus:

MD5 (cwmr_touch_beta5_toro.img) = 0778c849efe435084a42d68535ebeeb8

For GSM Galaxy Nexus:

MD5 (cwmr_touch_beta5_maguro.img) = b234b68d915fe35c8d82ffe3537ed702

For View Sonic GTab users (requires 1.2 bootloader!):

MD5 (cwmr_touch_beta5_smba1002_bigfont.img) = a50de57b77a70210fd724a1f2ed781c0


MD5 (cwmr_touch_beta5_smba1002.img) = e3e6f23b39767d5c149b6779958c3b12

Updated 1/26 - GTab support! Thanks +Zak Peirce
Updated 1/5 - Fixed the assert issues! Also has the sexy new font by +Chris Ennis
Updated 9:42PM Central - Fixed flashing screen! Alpha 2 is up for both platforms.
Updated 4:00PM Central - Beta 3! With gestures for scrolling and forward and back.
Updated 1/10/2012 - Beta 4! A few tweaks to get ready for porting to other devices. Haptic is a bit weaker now. New Visual feedback on the virtual keys by +Chris Ennis
Updated 1/11/2012 - Beta 5. More behinds the scenes getting ready for multi device release. Add +Chris Ennis battery level mod.

People involved in this little project:
Me - I made the magical codes
+Chris Ennis - Original concept and graphics as well as a few code tweaks
+Koushik Dutta - Well, CWM is kinda his baby. (This isn't his fault...don't bug him if something in it doesn't work right)
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