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My good friend +Tendor Dorjee wants to teach you something important about political change: "How does political change take place? Why does negotiation work in some circumstances and not others? How can change happen when deep, fundamental conflicts exist? Tendor explains and illustrates the four main ways that change occurs when using nonviolent action: Conversion, Accommodation, Coercion, and Disintegration. Knowing what the mechanisms of change are and choosing them strategically will help any nonviolent movement win."
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This origami pinwheel can hold about 8 tweets worth of data thanks to the NFC NTAG216 sticker... Anyone can read and write to it, as a public message board physically posted somewhere or maybe a new way for kids to pass notes.
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... and of course, when you have an Android, you should always expect origami:
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Orbot v15 beta 1 is out, and it's more powerful and purple than ever...
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Hey, +Nathan Freitas​, could you maybe explain briefly how you were able to achieve transproxy sans root? What security trade-offs does this mode have? 
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Descending into snowy Boston
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Its so crazy when the change is so massive.
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This is pretty awesome.  
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Not on Google Play yet, but you can test the latest ChatSecure beta via direct APK:

Hash: SHA256

14.0.6 BETA 1 / 2014-11-03 / 5bfaa908b00607dab02f5516b104863413e824c4


* Message sending and OTR init reliability
5bfaa90 set a date to the internal Message instance
3912b95 setFrom() to full JID to address bug #3948
f604949 guarantee a unique XMPP Resource
89f0661 some optimizations for sha1 hashing on OTRData
cb30014 getAddress() should return the base address with resource The Presence is updated with the latest resource value, but the addr
80dfb94 remove SessionID.getSessionID(), it duplicates toString() and is misnamed
0a5b47d make sure a SessionID is created, even if LocalUser is null or empty
ef718b6 When SessionID object is used as key, make sure to be specific toString() doesn't always seem to produce the same results this
e8dd2ff set unique resource before initConnection()
02f71aa add a random tag to our default XMPP resource value if the user is still using our default "ChatSecure" resource, then we shou
2ac3187 fix for #3879 NPE in some otr init cases
e7854c7 SessionID instances must NOT be held anywhere, as they change a new SessionID can be created if the remote user /resource chan
45e1180 don't update remote sessions; if jabberid changes, create new session

* OTR keystore management
7c3897d make the save/persist code a bit more reliable

* Presence updating
944a47a make sure roster is not null when you tried to load presence
ce89fd2 load latest presence for all that request
18b2278 improve logic for presence handling and parsing
bd25922 fixes contact loading by using proper cursormanager/loadermanager fixes #3909
79b56b0 when new roster entries are added, make sure they are on the local list

* User interface
0220d72 ensures chat title is reset on end chat. fixes #555 on github.
1620509 add new alpha+mode sort as default for contact picking
0a31a5f on Sign In, put indeterminite, spinning progress meter in ActionBar
57a7f4f fixes #3909 by using proper CursorLoader/LoaderManager for contact list
17de5a6 update to support Tibetan font if Tibetan Keyboard is installed
a7c1b13 update to latest tibetantextlibrary
03852ec had two tap twice to open chat the first time (fixed!)
a5abb79 throttle and batch contact presence updates
7fbff76 improve groupchat user interface/setup

* Network management and security
7247581 include pins for self-signed/ for people who install those certs
0b6ce0a update pins to use the CA's certificates
0ccdbf2 fix reconnect try from heartbeat and tune retry/relogin code
a8cf348 slight fix for ciphers and method for setting ssl context
d7ad0d6 Merge branch 'crypto3' of into knoy-crypto3
b9ec7e3 Add TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 support
01d6fb6 New TLS ciphersuites

Version: OpenPGP.js v0.7.2

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It seems that in the latest beta version of ChatSecure, SSL handshake is still failing when available protocols for the XMPP service are TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 only.
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5 years ago today @ioerror and I (with some help from @agl__) first ported Tor to Android: #OrbotIsFive
I'd like to make this post without much fanfare. Just looking to share information on the work I've been doing with the fantastically radical team over at the Tor Project, as part of my work on the Guardian Project. We have successfully ported the native C Tor app to Android and built an Android ...
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More & more ISP monitoring & censoring (Europe) will there be any Dev on obfs 4 - scramble - meek?
Orfox crashing on one of my devices so I copied the orfox "about:config" change log settings to ff.
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Have them in circles
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The Atlantic: Creating California's New Bohemia—in an Unexpected Locale.
"It's a great time to be an artist in Fresno." This is a possibility I had never considered before visiting. And now ...
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Live streaming now talking about Orbot v15 is a global live-streaming network, that seeks to connect millions of people to be the eyes and witness of a global-scale live tv experience.
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Recreating the great battle of Hoth!
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True, that was unfortunate planning on the Empire's side... The rebels did discover however that the Ewoks wookie-like fur helped them easily adapt to the arctic conditions!
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"Thus, no matter how powerful a state of government appears, its power is dependent on institutions that are run by people"
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Have them in circles
781 people
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