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Having fun with my new phone's camera

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No words for how wonderful this is

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News on Orbot, Facebook over Tor and the Reality of Going Dark... this is the first of many new videos, podcasts and updates coming in 2016, so stay tuned for more!

Orbot info here or Google Play:

Facebook and Orbot:

MIT Tech Review:

Marvin Minsky:

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News on Orbot, Facebook over Tor and the Reality of Going Dark

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Facebook <3's Orbot.

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Orbot v15.1 is out as a release candidate. It includes Tor, a
very reliable VPN mode (full device or app-specific), a major update to
Orbot icon, and many more important improvements.

You can find it on Play, or via direct download below:


/** 15.1.0-RC-1 / 15-January-2016 /
f541e9ffe14a2719863327bf262b48de135ee0fd **/

We updated the essentials
* 317405d update external versions of Tor and OpenSSL 1.0.1q

We made the ability scan QR codes from work
* 8f7165c fixes for settings processing and QRCode scanning of bridges -
support new JSON array form - only en

We fixed the DNS leak bug in the VPN feature and improved the usability
overall (no Orbot restart required)
* 76b2171 update pdnsd and tun2socks to Android-16 add stpcpy function
not present before Android-21
* 39244a6 fix the ability to select per app VPN routing
* d839b15 fixes for VPN service UI to work on Android6
* 3691cca native binary asset building fixes move pdnsd exec to assets
* f369652 add code to kill pdnsd daemon when VPN is stopped
* f1fcec3 add support for PDNSD DNS Daemon for VPN DNS resolution Tor's
DNS port doesn't work well with the VPN mode, so we will use
* 8d8fe0c updates to improve VPN support
* 699b60d add linancillary for badvpn tun2socks update for DNS

We added the controversial ability for the user to easily set their exit
country, with the default to the whole world
* 52acf68 move "World" string to resource
* 3b41365 allow country exit node select to persist
* b208178 add initial support for easy exit country selection

We now recommend Orfox over Orweb
* 51205b8 update for Orfox
* 0a5dd08 use a browser constant here, with the new constant being Orfox

We made some new graphics
* c54ab18 deleted these graphics
* 534c2fb update style, icons and graphics

We improve the build process, updated localizations and links to other
* 3240367 clean shouldn't clean assets, so we can easily builds for
multiple platforms
* 0081d00 remove Pluto Go building form this Makefile for now
* 2288210 update to OpenSSL's github mirror
* dfc5101 update tfx config
* eaf49da update store and app translations
* fe9119d update jenkins-build script
* 6dc8cf6 update makefile for new pluto builds
* 0261236 change this to "browser button"
* 3462cbd small updates to icon and strings
* bb55557 update installer to get PLUTO binaries from assets
* 7d213e2 delete pluggable transport binaries here; build with Makefile
use the external/pluto project
* 6cf1201 update makefile to support PLUTO builds
* 871701e add link for new icon
* 6fb4f0c update binaries
* cd0bfd3 [Trivial] Fixed broken reference to Main Activity in
* 0cde639 fix translations for common issues
* 2acdd29 update localizations for strings and app description

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Got my $9 CHIP computer today! Merry Christmas for me and #bestkickstarterevah
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This episode of Al Jazeera's Rebel Geeks show covers our work on the CameraV app and InformaCam project. More at
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