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Nathan Duffy
Master of all Trades; Jack of None
Master of all Trades; Jack of None

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The Heresy of Solutionism
Vanity of vanities; all is vanity.  Of the many currents seething beneath the surface of our social reality, one that is not often reflected on is our deep-seated commitment to solutionism. What I'm calling solutionism has significant overlap with pragmatis...

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Disney at Peak Propaganda
generally taken for granted by most Christians and social conservatives that, when it
comes to culture, Hollywood is a cesspool of liberalism and degeneracy
which functions as the de facto propaganda wing of the secular state. Much of its messag...

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I wrote something non-school related for the first time in the long time because LAURUS was so epic, I was inspired to write about it, specifically about the novel's pristine Orthodoxy. Chiggity check it. #laurus   #orthodoxy   #orthodox   #christ   #christian  

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Awesome weekend in San Fran with my parish. Mostly for the West Coast Walk for Life, but also got to venerate St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco. And other assorted activities. Check it, if you're inclined. 

#walkforlife  #orthodox 

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My trip to Portland this weekend.

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What does it mean that Christ is crucified and risen "according to the Scriptures"? Probably not what you think. 

#orthodox  #bible #scripture

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The street preacher may just have you pegged (even if he doesn't know himself at all.)

#orthodox #christian #repentance #humility
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