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Nathan Dowdell
Professional geek - writer and RPG game developer
Professional geek - writer and RPG game developer

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The dice I use for Star Trek Adventures playtesting. Department coloured d20s, and custom Challenge Dice (blank d6s with •, ••, and ! sides, with the ! signifying an Effect).
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Custom generic CDs for demoing Conan and Star Trek Adventures. White blank d6s with permanent marker. 1s and 2s, plus Effects denoted with !.

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The playtest survey is now available. Please fill it in by 2359 hours (GMT) on 31st of December. Only those who complete the survey will receive the next playtest pack.

You have your orders. Starfleet Command out.

Please note that I personally can't respond as easily to rules queries here as I have done previously, due to needing to focus my attentions towards Star Trek at this point in its development. I'll look in if I get time or I get something that absolutely needs my attention, but I have to prioritise at the moment, and Conan is close enough to done that I can step away and deal with newer projects.

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Currently at a bit of an impasse, thought I'd look for some quick feedback.

Extended Tasks or Obstacles? Which is the better term for this mechanic?
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Extended Task

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A resource that prospective Star Trek GMs may find useful: this website contains a whole load of Star Trek's iconic and recognisable sound effects to spice up a session.

Hailing frequencies open!

I'm Nathan, the lead system designer for the 2d20 System. I'm leading rules design for Star Trek Adventures. While you've not got the rules yet (soon, CBS approvals permitting), once you do, feel free to tag me here with questions about how things work - if you tag me, I'll be notified and can respond quickly.

A quick note; It's my birthday today, so I'm not at home for much of the day. This means that, contrary to the usual service I provide here, I won't be able to answer rules questions as promptly as I usually do.

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My interview about the 2D20 system.
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