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Announcing: Easier face tagging in albums!

Hi, I’m +Nathan Davis, an engineer on the Google+ Photos team.

Today we’re excited to announce a fun new feature that will make tagging the people in your photo albums quicker and easier. Whenever you create an album we now show you all the faces found in that album in one place. All you have to do is group the photos of each person’s face together and tag them with their name or email address. When you’re done, a notification is sent to each person you tagged. They can decide whether to approve the tags.

You can access the new tagging feature from three different places:

* Create an album: Create an album from the sharebox. Once the upload is complete, click “Create album” button. If your photos include people’s faces, you will see the new tagging feature. Adding photos with faces to an existing album will also bring up the new tagging feature.

* Add photos from the sharebox: Once your photos appear in the sharebox, you can click the “Tag People” link.

* Tag an existing album: Open an existing album and click the “Tag People” button just above the photo previews.

Thanks for your feedback, keep it coming!
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I'm also curious if the face tagging that I've done in Picasa will show up in the pics when viewed on G+
Thank-you, +Nathan Davis, This is a really useful application of one of my favorite functions from Picasa 3.

That said, the synchronization of tags made using Picasa 3 with albums in Google Plus is still more than a little haphazard, to the extent that I have stopped using Picasa to tag photo's. Are there any improvements underway in this area?

It seems to me that one of the strongest holds Facebook has on its users, apart from their friendship network, is through their photographs. One of the most common reasons people give me for not moving to Google Plus is that transferring all their albums would be too much work. Assuming that my friends still keep their albums on their hard-drives, and most of them do, I think the simple synchronization features of Picasa 3 could solve that problem; but tagging has to sync 'as well.

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Not seeing the feature yet. I select Tag People on a picture and the usual text field appear to type the name. If I am looking at the whole album, I don't see the Tag People option. Is there a screenshot of where exactly this option is for an existing album?

Thanks in advanced.
Nick S
Top panel is deleted?? when I see it?
Thank you +Sherilynn Macale, I kind of imagined that but just wanted to be sure. Google+ is getting better and I don't wanna miss anything. Nice pictures btw =)
+Nathan Davis After tagging your friends once, will Google+ be able to recognize and automatically tag them in future photo uploads?
Great news!!
Suggest feature: Save an album and tag people while they are uploading their images
Fantastic! And unlike Facebook when you tag someone in a photo it doesn't necessarily mean it appears to all their friends!
Nice feature so far but please stay away from suggesting names (thus automatically identifying) for the tags. You'd scare a whole bunch of people and the privacy flame wars would start over once again.
cool. really glad that google keeps coming up with useful stuff like this. ;)
Amazing feature!
If I tag person A then person B then person A, don't make an extra line on the right for person A twice.

Don't display an empty box when a person has been selected, just dynamically adjust the photos so that the next photo appears in the same spot. (this would cut down tagging time significantly because you wouldn't have to move you mouse as often.)

create a 'Tag People' button from the top level 'your albums' section and go through ALL untagged faces in all albums. good way to see if you have missed faces.
Great new feature (though as of yet useless to me). While you are working on tagging aspects of the album can you get it to stop notifying everyone in an album when someone comments on a picture they aren't in?
Love this new feature! just tagged about 2k pictures in less than an hour!
Love it! and you know what else I would love? If G+ found all my Facebook photos (just like it found my blog photos) and put those in albums too! Because, let's be honest, I'll never do that manually... :)
the tags will automatically share a private album to those being tagged. And the effect of access control has huge delay. One has to re-sign-in to see the effect take place
How does one tag a photo of someone NOT on G+ (like my 8 year old nephew and niece?)
+Bryan Spellman what I've done is to create a circle called "Just for Photos". Then add in new people by email address. If the person in question does not have an email address as I assume your neice and nephew don't, then I add a fake email address in the form Works for me!
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