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I'm feeling pretty excited about my new Recognized Developer title so figured I would post about some of the work I have done lately.

First off, all of my projects are public on Github, I will never ever close source anything: Second, while I am always willing to assist with questions and issues, I expect you to put effort into learning how to use and do certain things.

Here's a brief rundown of some of my active projects: Flash Kernel for the Nexus 6P
XDA thread: My personal build scripts. While they are tailored specifically for my laptop and server, there are bits that can be taken and used elsewhere. My personal bash and vim files. Again, tailored for me but certain functions are useful for other applications. Some public documentation about compilation ROMs and my kernel. A build script for making simple arm and arm64 toolchains, in plain GNU or Linaro variants. The byproducts of this script can be found here:
XDA support thread: My local manifests, primarily used for compiling LineageOMS and F2FS compatible TWRP for both the Nexus 6P and Nexus 6. Lineage with full Substratum support. I merge Lineage updates whenever they are available so the patches are always fresh.
XDA support thread:

Additionally, I have been contributing to the documentation and upkeep of Substratum and pushing small patches and features to Dirty Unicorns, give them a glance!

Lastly, I am always happy to assist with questions or issues, provided you have taken proper measures to try and fix them yourself. Feel free to reach out to me on XDA (The Flash) or Telegram (@nathanchance) if you want to chat!

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Well it was an eventful first day with the device (given I broke sound, the microphone, video, and Wi-Fi) but it's been great getting everything set up! Half way done with the upstream grind, will hopefully be done tonight.
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Bleeding edge Substratum testing

For those of you who want to participate in Substratum development but aren't coders, we are always looking for good testers! We have set up a feedback chat along with a continuous integration channel that will build APKs anytime we push commits. This chat will be heavily moderated so don't come in to socialize. You will also need to know how to gather logs and clearly communicate in order to reproduce.

Stuff may also be broken; we try not to push broken stuff but this is the development branch so it may take a few times to get things right.

Discussion group:
APK group:

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// projekt // development Slack

As Android O approaches, we are making a few changes to the way we do development. The first thing we are announcing is the formation of a Slack chat, that will allow contributors, ROM developers, and themers to easily interface with us and be on topic/organized. We have been on Telegram for a while and while it is great for chatting, it's rather hard to keep track of everything/everyone.

We are extending the invitation to consistent contributors, ROM developers, and themers. You will see several channels, join the ones relevant to you. If you want to stay in the loop easily, we really recommend joining.

To gain access, please message either myself or +Nicholas Chum on either Telegram or XDA, specifying why you should be allowed to join.

Me: @nathanchance on Telegram, @The Flash on XDA
Nick: @nicholaschum on Telegram and XDA

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CAF 3.18 branch has been updated

I apologize that it took so long for me to get to this, I just started a new job. I noticed that some commits were missing/mismerged on our CAF 3.18 branch so I went ahead and redid it and merged a commit with the diff.

Here is my branch:

Here is the commit:

You can reset to my branch if you want or you can just pick the commit and fix the conflicts (if you have any). Please let me know if there are any issues.

Linux kernel versions 3.18.62 and 4.4.78 have been released!

4.4.78 is available at the upstream CAF org here:

3.18.62 will be pushed later tonight.

GCC 7.x toolchains have been updated!

Get them from my prebuilts repo. Read the README and checkout the latest XDA thread for updating instructions.
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