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Hi Craig.

I realise that this isn't the intention of Ghostracer, but I was wondering if you'd given any more thought to recording just HR without GPS?

This would be extremely useful in the gym on treadmill or rowing machine.

Possibly with the option to edit and add distance/time before uploading?

Indoor workouts is something that the Strava app itself is missing.

On my last indoor trainer cycling session, I recorded my HR with the GPS turned off, then uploaded to strava, which shows HR, but no distance.

To correct this, I downloaded the tcx file, and edited it so that the distance matched the distance I'd ridden, then re-uploaded.

If you considered something like this, then it'd make your app stand out.

Obviously if it's not much use to you, then it wont take priority, but just a thought.


NOTE: Link to mentioned indoor bike session -

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I've had enough of this watch now! Went for another run this morning, and it cut out 2.5 miles in. No music this time, just HR.
It's going on eBay and I'm buying a Forerunner 25.
Shame I can't return it to Amazon as it's not fit for purpose.
Thanks for the app +Craig Jarratt I may use it again with a next gen Android Wear watch.

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My watch decided to crap out part of the way into my run last night. Music stopped, watch froze and I had to press and hold the power button to restart.

The run started again, and when I got home I was having real issues getting the app to pull the activity from the phone.

I was getting 'no activities' and tried stopping and starting a new run on the watch, to get it to pull through. Went for a shower, and when I came back they had pulled through!

I had to piece together the two files, but other than that, all was fine!

Thanks +Craig Jarratt​!

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I went for a short run with the wife yesterday evening, and the GPS really didn't want to get a full GPS lock. I had it searching for about 10 minutes, but it would only flick between 2-3 bars.

My run vs the wife's:
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Finally got round to running again, which is what I bought the watch for in the first place! I wrapped a tissue round my wrist then put the watch on, and it seemed to work pretty well!
I used just the watch, along with my Bluetooth headphones and Bluetooth HR strap, and the run tracked pretty well. It was a bit sketchy for the first 100m or so, but fine after that!
Great work +Craig Jarratt 

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