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Ran across this a while back and could only think of +John Robbins  while watching it. 

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I hope that this latches on.  Not only will this drive down some costs, but, more importantly, it opens up textbooks for a broader range of peer review.  If they set it up correctly, it will be much more resistant to being out-of-date.,0,6567208.story

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Going to give try to see how it works out.  I think it will be much more efficient on my desktop, though I wonder how it will work from the mobile side of things...

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Our house was robbed today - no one was hurt!

For those who live in the Knoxville / Loudon, TN area:  Today @ 11:30AM, the guy pictured below broke into our home, tossed the place around, & robbed us.  This is actually the 2nd time our home has been robbed.  The good news is that, this time, we had added security cameras.  :)

The police have been super helpful in working with us and making sure that we are secure.  However, I would like to help them find out who broke into the house.  Have you seen this guy before?  Do you know his name?  If so, send me an email at 

If you live in the area, please help me spread the word & share this post!  I want to have my peace of mind back (in some portion, at least).    Thanks! #Knoxville   #LenoirCity   #Tennessee  

UPDATE:  WATE shared the story tonight on the news!  Our investigating detective asks for anyone w/ information to please call him at:  865-988-2347 .
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Putting my daughter to bed, we had this conversation about sharks:

Kitara:  Daddy, I fed sharks one time.
Me:  Did you feed it fish?
Kitara:  No, sharks don't eat fish.  (obviously)
Me:  Really?  What do they eat?
Kitara:  Hmm...  they eat people, daddy!  I fed a shark once.
Me:  You fed one once and they eat people.  What did you feed the shark?  (I am expecting the worst here...)
Kitara:  (puts her fingers to her lips and thinks) A hard boiled egg!

So, there you have it.  By that logic, hard boiled eggs are people!  :)   #Kids  

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Crystal shared this on Facebook, but I had to post it here.  Love my kiddos.  Sometimes they actually even get along....

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Yesterday, Kitara and I were drawing on the driveway w/ chalk.  I drew her this masterful caterpillar (I know, I am printing tshirts of it later).  She then proceeded to draw something to the left.  When she was done, she asked my wife and I if we knew what she drew.  We guessed:  dolphin? leaves? space ship? one hand clapping? etc.

In her most insultingly patient voice, she replied:  "No Daddy, its caterpillar poop!"  She's right.  I can see it now.  #Kids

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Just reorganized the game shelf.  Can't wait to play some more of them!

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Regardless of your political slant, this video is more than hilarious.  I just about died when it gets to "this area is still recovering from a loss of a Civil War..."
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