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It's complicated.
It's complicated.

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James and Bobby went from Twin Peaks teens to Buffy vampires.
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As I fall asleep it occurs to me, a thought I've probably had many times before: I won't remember this. 

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Also I want to add, those that have already contacted the CODEX@BURNINGWHEEL.COM address, thank you for sending in the reports, we will be contacting you soon about resolving the issue.

It has been a trying time for us here, the keepers of the flame.
Until September, the Burning Wheel had been in print continuously since 2005. It's our goal to make our books available to as many people as possible.

In September, we discovered flaws in the print run of Burning Wheel Gold 5th printing and Burning Wheel Codex 1st printing. To stem the spread of any further damage, we stopped selling BWG and the Codex. This was an incredibly painful decision for us. September held our best monthly sales ever. To go from that bright height to unavailable and silent, left a bitter taste. And while we attempted to resolve the matter amicably, in the end we found ourselves mired in a lawsuit that we certainly didn't want, but were forced to undertake for the survival of Burning Wheel.

All of that is behind us now. We have, at last, new printings of the books in our warehouse. They appear to be even more brilliant than the first attempt. And we've tested them; they appear to be without any obvious flaws. Which is a massive relief for us.

Thus, finally, we offer them to you.

You can order the books directly from our store. If you would like to buy from your local game store, it will take some months for these new books to filter out into the distribution channels. So please be patient while we get our blood flowing again.

If you bought one of our books and believe it's flawed, please contact CODEX@BURNINGWHEEL.COM. We'll arrange to replace it.

Thank you for your patience and support through these dimly lit days.
Burning Wheel Headquarters

Day two of SxSW.

It's rainy and quiet so far. The bar is about the normal level of busy. Our darts players have their usual run of the boards.

We are a sad songs on the jukebox, rainy day bar so this will probably be a pretty typical night for us. 

The sun sinks below the horizon without fanfare. The streets are already picking up more people. A group of three drinks from an awkward bottle of tequila on the sidewalk. A pastel shirt with coveralls cut into sorts.

SxSW has begun. Ten days of out of towners here to drink and show off their tech or movie or music in the hopes of being noticed in a sea of hopefuls.

I walk into work for fear of having to park in this mess. Twenty minutes at dusk and again at 3:30am.

Wish me an uneventful year. 

Just asked a lady to leave because she was aggressively freestyle rapping at people.

She was really good, but it was super annoying.

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Rando: how's life going?

Me: Eh

R: I mean the greater whole, the grander LIFE

Me: it seems to be leading to its natural conclusion

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I've got a stunt role coming up where I'm an alien of some sort. They got me in for a fitting and did a body cast, which consisted of a dressing me in a leotard, wrapping me in cling wrap then masking tape and then cutting it all off. That then gets stuffed with news paper and used as a dressing dummy.

Then they did the life cast of my head which consisted of a bald cap and then covering my whole head in a silicone concoction and then a plaster cast on top of that. It took about 20 or 30 minutes. I couldn't really tell how long it actually took. I do not recommend that process of you are at all claustrophobic. I'm not and it started to get to me. 
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I love Monsterhearts so much. It is great to see it depicted so thoughtfully in the Guardian. 

It’s much easier to argue that Robocop captured the zeitgeist of its decade than Kindergarten Cop.
- Bobby

(As we watch Kindergarten Cop 2)
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