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He looks very healthy. Nice red color.
beautiful image collection bring to you a beautiful day ; ^_^ have a nice day , all ;
Nice collection of photos...
Nate thanks for sharing! I kept coming across an image I thought was my favorite...until I clicked on the NEXT image. Truely incredible work!
aww! i love animals i want to be a zoologist
Love your photos all image of nature. Wish you could photograph about butterflies..thanks!
you my good sir,have quite a talent, awesome pics!
amazing. seriously breath taking! thank you
It gives me an ounce of hope knowing that there are still creatures in the wild.
reall these photos are awesome great good job
Awesome..both the subject and shot...
you have gorgeous photos :)
When someone care something that smaller's life than him, i know that man's very great cause he can see how hard of life in a day. Your work is beautiful and very very great. Thank you for shared. Sorry for my weak English.
I have seen so many beautiful pictures today, Nate, you are gifted.....
All of them are so beautiful.
It's wonderful to know that someone can capture animals and nature that hasn't been disturbed like this.
Absolutely beautiful.
These photos made my day.
what a amazing collection! never seen before...thank u very much for wishes to u!!
WOW !!! this pictures really great... good job ... GOD BLESS US ALL ... HE BLESS US WITH BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS AND NATURES VIEW...
Call me shakalieka, I just can't get the art of taking pictures.
I think it is the beauty of the things in the picture that amaze ppl; I never seen a picture of a hyena or a fat person with ppl amazed at it.
very nice pics man! love all your work!
your pic is very graet.
very very grat and beautiful seens
mate, u have some great collection... its just brilliant...
How are you? I am Aung Pyae Kyaw. I live in Pakokku, Myanmar. I want to know you name and address.
I am sunday ayorinde i am a nigerian . I live in nigeria.
I'm just amazed at you
r beautiful photography!!!
These are beyond amazing... they make me want to see the world even more! Plus I love all the foxes. <3
this are fox & can found in remote hills, can I find it in Australia
This is one of the reasons why i hate fox mink coats.
woooow these are awesome. I have to go buy me a fox now lol
All the pics are more than amazing. I fell in love with nature again.
wow wallpaper is very nice, i like this
Your photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.
Nice pics they are so cute but I just dont like the crab although its a nice pic! :0)
A wonderful collection! I really like your style - very true to reality and lots of beautiful and unique moments captured!
real great ihave puzzle something like it. alice heiss
wow!! i really wish i could paint almost all of your landscapes ... they are as beautiful as paintings ..
these r seriously real animals in real life?!? their too cute to b true!
Buz Waz
Incrediable! Love your work

Yo Nate! right place, at the right time.... Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!
Nate your body of work is truly photographic art. I always enjoy viewing your pictures.
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