Why Your Blog Doesn't Matter

It's funny - now that I work as a consultant to help people grow their blogs and make more money, I went back to look at an article I wrote last year - one that would seem to contradict everything I say . . . but it doesn't. :)

"It amazes me how much time bloggers waste online engaging in all the “social media drama” that flutters about. I don’t think most people realize how incredibly tiny this entire space is, and how silly it is to bicker over things that don’t really matter. This post is going to put it all into perspective.

To give you a visual illustration of how small our blog world is, we’ll turn to Randall Munroe, the writer of xkcd, a fantastic web comic. He’s created a geographical map to represent our online communities, with the relative sizes of each community proportionate to the amount of sharing, interacting, etc that is going on. In short, the bigger something is on the map, the more communication happens in and around it."

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