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Granite Sectional and Sunken Living Room

January thaw in Maine, thick blowing fog, impossible to keep glass dry for longer than 30 seconds, constantly wiping lens with microfibre and cold numb fingers, I'll take this anyday!
Finally got a proper website up and running, just a Zenfolio plug and play but at least it's somewhere to put prices, bought, still keywording and figuring it out, so if anyone has any suggestions I'd be glad to hear them. Right then. Thanks for looking and have a nice day- Nate.

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Like a natural theatre... just a wee bit wet for a Broadway show.
I guess that's why Mother Nature's doing her show, right here for us. :o)
Excellent results
I didn't know what to look at first, the site, or this image. Here in this one I really like the misty look, and the little piece of land in the distance. Great to see the site up, and that you figured out a good URL.
Beautiful photo +Nate Parker!
I made a visit to your new website, and I like the way it works. It's clean, organized and informative, and I found it easy to learn how to navigate. One thing came to my mind as I left the site: I love the display of your work and thoughts on G+ :)
Looks great +Nate Parker Photography with a lot of inspiring work. The image above looks a little chilly, in contrast we've been high 30's o Celcius but so windy. I've been trying to shoot some seascapes and after every image you have to clean the filter, so frustrating and can empathise with you but at least it's warm.
Very mysterious indeed Nate, I have a somewhat simialr location i need to revisit, twice now it hasnt worked for me. This definitely works for me
Ed King
Awesome Nate ! I'm a big fan of your work and the site really makes the images pop more so than I see here on G+ and I think they are sweet looking captures here. Good luck with the site and networking among the masses who enjoy
Ha, ha - sounds like my kind of day. this photograph communicates the sense of that day.
Oh - and heh - the site looks good. Always nice to see someones photograph collected together in one place.
stunning one Nate, excellent composition with this arc, love how you push the high tones at the centre, a powerful and mesmerizing picture!
Superb photograph, Nate. Really like the atmosphere !
I'm impressed Nate! I love the fine range of tones and details in the rocks. Going to take a look at your new website. Now!
I've liked your FB page and left a message in your guestbook as well:) Your website is looking good!
Hey thanks a bunch man, still figuring it all out. Really needed something to out on a business card. A friend of mine is working out a logo for me- lots of important considerations to take it seriously. 
Precious! I would like to have this on my wall :)
Congrats on the site! Looks good!
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