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Lupine Cottage

Made this yesterday afternoon in a thick cloud of mosquitos, ack! A hooded sweatshirt once again proves its worth to landscaping. Wrote up my inspiration list of my bloggy: of photographers who inspire me- sorry if I forgot anybody obvious, I intend to update it when I remember more. Have a good one fellas! -Nate.

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Great capture! Wonderful colors and tone. The perspective is very cool. Well done.
what wonderful light! this is beautiful!
Terrific image Nate ! Terrific Blog post, all I can say is PBR ??
Wow +Nate Parker I am so glad I clicked over to see this large and on white.  What a gorgeous pink dream!  And thank you ever so much for mentioning me in your post - I am HUGELY honored.  <3
Wicked nice composition and pink tones in this one Nate. I'll check out the bloggy later tonight when I get settled. Luckily, I've been able to avoid the mosquitos (so far). There's been no shortage of rain though. Oh well, keeps things interesting I suppose ;)
brings back good memories of time spend in Gasse
Mosquitoes=little tiny blood sucking assholes. Love me some lupine shots! Awesome take here man and thanks for the inclusion in the bloggy! I am seriously thinking about going to walmart and getting a mosquito net for my head
Nice colors +Nate Parker. I think I've said it before but I love your color work (the B&W work too, but everyone else is already doing that :-)
You can't get anything done in Florida without Off w/ DEET, but a hoodie is a great idea too! Beautiful image and so nice to see some color from you. What an incredible inspiration list. I bookmarked to study later. Thanks for sharing +Nate Parker !!! Have a blessed & beautiful day!!!
+Nate Parker this is going to make my down-under friend +Todd Sisson very envious as you know he has a soft spot for lupins.  Did you know that they were banned here as a noxious weed but think some of the genetically modified varieties are available again. Anyway thanks for the call out in your blog and also as a great little resource. A great collection and many of the same folk I enjoy but some others I didn't know about. Thanks and take care Mr Parker.
This one caught my eye right away... even the thumbnail is beautiful!
Great shot, Nate, and thanks also the mention for my blog!
look at the color combination! and a nice angle to plant the lenses! beautiful
Nate, you're never boring! I think you saved up all the color from your b&w's for this image. Stunning!
impactful shot.  not sure yet whether I love those colours or not, but definitely high impact.
The color is superb, Nate!  Enjoyed your list (thanks for including my humble little squares of silence).  I also love that shot of Dexter Gordon (in fact, I love all the old Blue Note Records photos).  

I'm a big fan of Weston too ... and I love the work of his son Brett as well.  
You continually blow my mind with your work! 
Stunning picture Nate! Almost Willy Wonkaesque in it's vibrancy! 
Great read on your blog mate! Genuinely honored for the mention my friend!
Nice one Nate - I am feeling aroused by that - thanks +Andrew Sanigorski

My lupines shots never get this much luvin' - I blame it on anti-kiwi racism :-(
Wow +Nate Parker! I've seen this earlier, but I had no time to stop and write then. What a gorgeous world of colors!!!! And I love  the composition. 
..and I also love Dorothea Lange
...and Mr HB-C
...and quite a few other names on those lists
...and my eyes went so big when I saw my name there too, that was the sweetest thing I saw today <3
...and I'd so like a Starbucks right now (always makes me think of holidays)
...and your doggies and the nosy cat are total cuties :)
....and boy, you must have spent some time to put this post  together, so big congrats!!!

...and again, I love your color world :)
Thanks everybody for the positive affirmations- +John Dusseault, +Kim Cockrill, +Naghmeh Khadembashi, +Brian Spencer, +Leyla A. Roberson, +Avis Rawlinson, +Molly Brown, +Steve Skinner, +Richard Hawkins, +Eemad Omar, +Javier Esvall, +Axel Brunst, +Carrie Weekley, +Nancy Battis Vita, +Holger Gräbner, +Jason Hermann, +Iain Gilmour, +Paul Wright, +Josep-Maria Robert, +Amar Dev Singh, +David Orr What?! What's wrong with PBR!! Best beer in the World! ("Blue Velvet"), +Peter Manship, +Ginnie Lerch, +Chaz Wright, +Bill Allen, +Julia Anna Gospodarou so glad I could thrill you so! Your recent architecturals have been killin it! +Todd Sisson I know it's a crime, really. +Andy Lee Ha! excellent description! +Glenda Pace I blush!,  +Nathan Wirth I love that you're my jazz brother from another mother, awesome! +Peter de Rooij I know I felt the same way, but the romance is in the magentas here I think. +Susan Cole Kelly I let it go all at once, now what? +Jim Nickelson hey now! +Richard Hawkins awesome! +Andrew Sanigorski they are alien here as well, but they sure do love the place and I could think of other worse banes then they, yup. +Sandra Canning and you too dear- +Armand Dijcks I sure do appreciate that Armand, and don't think I didn't do a conversion on this one- I just knew originally that the strength was in the color and this is one instance where the b/w is more flat than the color. Well said +Moe Chen. +Kenny Rodgers I gotta try that someday. +Athena Carey thank you and but of course. Later on my friends- N8
I think we're on the same page, Nate. The critic in me is on the fence, but meanwhile I keep looking and enjoying. Thanks for sharing!
This one causes an artist to want to paint. Very inspiring!
wow, well worth enduring the mosquitos for this shot. Great to see the colours of the flowers mirrored in the sky :)
Absolutely beautiful colors and interesting perspective! How big are these flowers in real??
+holger feroudj thanks man- lupines are about 36 American inches tall on average, and the Mosquitos are about 1/2 inch and hungry!
+Nate Parker I see! Looks taller than it is then! And half inch mosquitos are kinda big at least compared to Japanese mosquitos ;)
Oy- thank you Denis, and have a fine day sir!
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