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Somes Pond Twilight and Reeds

This is not a breakthrough image for me, just trying to keep my place in the interweb before some young kid snags it from me while I'm distracted being all busy with the summer and all. Hope you're all well and have a wicked good one- Nate.

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Nice! Love you photos from my home state! Miss it sooo much!
It is a beauty +Nate Parker. I feel like I am slipping away, so I'll have to share something soon! Great image mate!
Perhaps not a breakthrough for you +Nate Parker but for me it is a reminder of the serenity that can be found through photography.  I'm quite far from my normal life at the moment too, but this makes me long to return to it. ;)  Happy Summer my friend! :D
Nice and serene Nate!! This is truly inspiring stuff to me as I never know what to do with the opposite bank!
I think it's absolutely a relaxing image mate! Have a nice summer :D
Totally agree with Peter, very mesmerizing.
wonderful shot Nate - love the foreground
+Nate Parker I/you you know what I mean when I say I'm a big fan of your work and I wouldn't praise it for just the sake of it but this is really gorgeous. It is serenly quiet, an image to contemplate and enjoy. I love the layers and it's like each is an image in itself. Maybe subconciously it is a breakthrough but what do I know. BTW time wise I'm struggling too.
Love the effect of the LE on the foreground. It's another stunner from you Nate (breakthrough or not). Have a good one.
Why're you so busy +Andrew Sanigorski? It's your winter so doesn't that include something of a less busy schedule?
+Nate Parker  our winters are mild (12-15oC) compared to yours so there's always little jobs happenening. Even though the wedding session is over I'm still working on albums, prints, etc. Plus three little tackers on school holidays that demand attention including my 2.5 days working as an academic. Lot's of excuses but not much time for processing - need to make some tough personal directional changes.
Ah- I see. Wedding eh? Did you put it on your website? I'd be interested to see what you did-
Nice work here, Nate. I'll have some monochrome pond pics of my own just as soon as I get these uploaded from my trip to Canadia. 
+Nate Parker my website caters predominantly to the wedding/portrait market. While this market is great especially in the early days to keep money flowing it's a tough market as you're always feeding a price-shopper market that is quite tough. Obvioiusly my marketing does not provide that "Boutique" feel experience to command the really high pricing. I've priced myself on the value I think I provide which means I miss a lot of cheaper weddings but think it's better. I really need to get into that even lower income market "Fine Art Photography" that earns even less yet one where my soul would be much happier. Plus I also enjoy commercial work so will try and redirect my energies into those areas. A divorce is coming!!
Funny description about the FA market. And I'm sure you mean a divorce from weddings. And regarding photographic income: I'm keeping my dayjob. Hey man, maybe if the time is right we can do a hangout sometime this weekend? I gotta question-
Should be fine +Nate Parker. I'm pretty much out for our Sat (your Fri) though. Pop me through a limited message when you're ready and we'll go from there. And yes a divorce from weddings and an engagement for FA!! That's why I still work as an academic for the sort of gaurenteed income while I work out this FA market. BTW it's 11:40am Fri here now, do you guys have day light savings?
love them tones ... love them ... yup 
Yeah we do that DLSavings. Currently it's 6:20 am here. :)
Good day Andrew.
Thanks +Nate Parker you're quite an early bird and I have a feeling this is late for you! OK I must remember you guys are 3hrs ahead of the west coast which I have as one of my clocks on the computer.
I function from about 05:00 to 22:00 hrs, morning is my favorite time of day.
This is so wonderful +Nate Parker! The grass coming out of the water is just superb!!! I'm glad that  being so busy doesn't keep you from posting, Love to see your images!  :)
Thank you Joel! Now get back to that image you're working on!
Awesome work +Nate Parker. The reflections amongst the reeds work really well. 
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