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Holy Cow: check this out!: So like my biggest supporter, a real Patron of the Arts who helped me get my printer last year, sent me a message yesterday saying that she had recently donated this particular image that I made last summer as a 16x24" print to an auction in Chicago- they put a 60 dollar black frame on it and auctioned it off for $1700$ freekin Bucks! WTH! Huzzah!! Hello!

#plusphotoextract +Jarek Klimek #maine #acadianationalpark #thebubbles #jordanpond #landscapephotography
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Not surprising, that's an awesome image!
Nice! So, we're all asking, how can you directly tap into sales of that magnitude? Only guessing that the answer is not: make more images of The Bubbles and take them to Chicago.
Wow! Congratulations, Nate. It IS beautiful and it's great to see its value in gold!!
That is so awesome! Congratulations!!!! It is a very beautiful image:)
congrats Nate! it is a spectacular photograph
Well, she's a beauty (not surprising someone would pay that much for it). Stunning colour work there btw.
Great image! Congrats.
I don't know whether to congratulate or commiserate with you. Wouldn't it be nice if you could donate a few prints to charity and use that as a launchpad to fame and fortune?

The Bubbles! Nice how you balanced them with the big mountain.
Gotta find me a Patron as I am presently Patronless. Great stuff +Nate Parker Love the criss-crossed reeds.
Congratulations. Great shot of The Bubbles.
angie p
Whoa! How cool is that?! It's a gorgeous image... killer reflection!
Hey +Nate Parker that is awesome mate, congrats and shows their are opportunities out there. Wishing you many more.
Woah, congrats Nate ! This image is stunning too !
That's a $1,700 write off. She saved $1,700, the auction house got $1,700, what was your cut?
+DontCloudMe Please Oh yeah! Forgot about that! My cut? My cut was nothing- although a write off might be something I could use.
Well +Nate Parker I have two things to say to you about this.
1) This is a beautiful photo!
2) Maybe this is some direction in your pricing scheme. ;)
Stunning image! I love the wonderful color and lines!
That's very cool Nate. The image and the story.
Beautiful color. Nice picture.
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