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Hancock 2

Another angle on the Hancock building in Boston in a wind storm.
Have a good one fellas!

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Oh the wonders of a wind storm. ~sigh~ We never seem to get any cloud wind around here. Lovely work +Nate Parker :)
impressive work! +Nate Parker (btw. is this a long time exposure?)
Wow Nate. That first one was interesting and cool but this one is awesome. The clouds make it look like the building is on fire. Plus I always liked the Hancock a bit more...
wow +Nate Parker thanks for your informations! usually i do not practise a lot of l.t.exp., but if i see your work i'm getting 'hungry' to try :) – great!
Pure geometry... hated it in school, LOVE IT now!
Thats a great angle Nate, lovely tones too
Hey Mr Architecture very spiffy indeed. Really impressed with your skill set here +Nate Parker and the touch of God is brilliant.
The angle here is perfect for the lines through the building. Excellent contrasts that really add to the tallll tower.
hey thanks +Steve-Maxx landeros really had a lot of fun developing these, now back home in the woods and I'm itching for more urban opportunity- the whole "what you don't have you want" kind of thing. Back to the drawing board, have a good one my friend.
Glad to be of assistance my friend, so does that mean I can take some credit, maybe the 10th co-author +Nate Parker.
As are you Sir with your wit and charm along with the odd good photo, just kidding +Nate Parker.I'm really liking where your heading with these image although I do enjoy the Maine scapes too.
+Nate Parker : I like this one more than the previous one.. no particular reason, just something I felt :) .. amazing work!
what a shame for me to have missed this +Nate Parker! Such a beautiful piece of Architecture and lovely image. I love the highlights, make it so un/surreal. And the angles pointing at the sky add so much drama to it!!!
Right on +Julia Anna Gospodarou thanks for noticing. I like this one a lot mostly because it's the first one of these kind of images that I've made that I feel proud of, I have to travel quite a ways to get to architecture so I never do it but I want to try some more. And the Ps techniques that I used I am still very new to. By the way I just had a great idea! B+w abstracts on the way of hot glass! Yeah!
+Nate Parker I love a lot of things about your image, but what I love the most is its originality. I'm so happy when see something different that I almost jump with joy. And I almost jumped when I saw this!! :) (if you want to know why I didn't actually jump, well... it's because I have my laptop on my knees editing a photo and I pity the poor things - laptop & photo - if they were to hit the floor in tandem as I would make a sudden bounce ... oh well, I'm talking too much ...and too silly :)) Bottom line, YES, you should try that on glass. I'm sure something cool will come out of it. Then post a picture of it!
~end of speech~
How cool is that Nate. You made the extract with this most awesome photo :)
The lines on this are just superb.
Love the light tones here - and the contrail is just perfectly positioned
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