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Nate Otto
loves open education, free culture, gardening and freedom.
loves open education, free culture, gardening and freedom.


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"As discussed earlier, game design is not an exact science. It is full of mysteries and contradictions. Our set of lenses will be incomplete and imperfect. To become a great game designer, it is not enough to be familiar with the set of principles this book has to offer. You must be ready to think for yourself, to figure out why certain principles don't work in certain cases, and to invent new principles of your own." 
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Google Views is great, especially for good nature scenes. Look around the map on your favorite mountain range.
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How to dance to "Get Lucky" +50%.
Do the 'Get Lucky' dance
This is the proper way to dance when you listen "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk :-D

#GetLucky   #DaftPunk   #70s  
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Thanks, Frank Zamboni! Hehh
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Now I know why we have these nightmares! (Though, this morning I dreamed I got my jeans dirty and got Steve Miller's "Abracadabra" stuck in my head, so how does that fit in?)
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My favorite #Android apps of the moment:
ACV - comics reader
Google Chrome
Google Currents (Like Flipboard kinda: magazine-like blog reader)
Draw Something
FBReader (ereader of choice: quite simple, reads many formats)
Google Docs (the recent new version makes it quite usable!)
Google Sky Map (though it's not working very well with my accelerometer etc. right now)
Instagram (the hot new freshness?)
Google Listen (podcasts... interface kinda sucks, but haven't found a better podcatcher yet)
Marvel Comics (though it is so expensive for each comic, usually! sometimes they have sales.)
mNote (syncs notes to )
MX Player (video player)
Poweramp (music player)
ReadItLater (sync a reading list)
Rings Extended
Seafood Watch
SwiftKey X (keyboard replacement)
Google Voice

Favorite Games:
Abduction 2
Cribbage Pro
Curvy (casual puzzle game -- made by a friend!)
Flick Golf
Flight Director
GLWG (Great Little War Game)
Little Stars for Little Wars
MX Mayhem
Osmos HD
Robo Defense (only tower defense game I have patience for on Android)
Sea Empire
They Need To Be Fed (platformer)
X Construct (bridge builder, but pretty hard!)
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Panoramas of Spillman Farms
View album
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The first ingredient in that 7-layer salad you were going to make, right?
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