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Nate Finch
coder, woodworker, photographer, gamer
coder, woodworker, photographer, gamer


I built a package that helps you build easy-to-use plugins in Go:  ... and I blogged about it here:

Basic idea is just RPC over stdin/stdout of subprocesses.

+Tom Karlo​ - have you used EyeFi style SD card? If so, do you like it? I'm tired of crappy smartphone pictures, but don't like the requirement of hooking up to a laptop to get my pictures off the camera.

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Utopic Unicorn released!
Animated Photo

What the heck is TOML?
Awesome, that's what.

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I just deployed +OpenStack  #IceHouse .  On 10 physical systems, located in Japan.  From the lobby of my local Harley-Davidson shop.  In Texas.  While my VROD got an oil change.  Thank you #MAAS , thank you #Juju .

I have not one, but two new posts on my new blog at npf.io  and

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I have a new site!
I have a new blog for my code & programming posts, as well as links to projects I'm working on.  It's at .  This will remain my blog for personal posts, but all further coding related posts will be to . See you there!

A new post on my new blog about the awesome Go-powered Hugo static site generator:


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CI for Windows Go Packages with AppVeyor
I recently needed to update my npipe package, and since I want it to be production quality, that means setting up CI, so that people using my package can know it's passing tests.  Normally I'd use Travis CI or for that, but npipe is a Windows-only ...
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