Build My Rank is at it again. Will they try to help folks do link building the "right way" this time around? Doubtful...
About a month ago everyone was buzzing about Build My Rank (BMR). Their post about shutting down was the official announcement that private blog networks were in fact taking a major hit.

They haven't been quiet for long.Today I got an email from them about a new upcoming service that they're creating. Although I strongly caution you to stay away from whatever they might be up to, at the very least you should know about their current situation - I don't have to tell you how important awareness can be in this industry, as new things constantly pop up.

Here's a quote from their newsletter:

"As always, our goal is to help you achieve the highest rankings possible and increase your traffic and revenue. This is why we are preparing a new suite of services that focus on quality over quantity. It's a new era in Internet Marketing and BuildMyRank is at the forefront."

(I did added the bolded emphasis.)

What do you guys think? Do you have any ideas as to what they might be pushing soon? And do you think this could be a new form of automated links that we'll once again have to fight & put up with?
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