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the dev edition s4 now comes with a OYUEMJ7 Build on it But all the original dev edition owners who bought it months ago are stuck with a OYUAMDK Build with no way to update.. not to mention no official stock recovery .tar since we have no way to use kies. I have a Dev Edition Note3 as well and not having an official recovery tar is A HUGE PITA.. you honestly give the WORST support to the developer community.. you are getting laughed at by +Punit Soni and the rest of +Motorola Mobility look at what they have done for the developer community! http://motorola-blog.blogspot.com/2013/11/you-asked-we-listened-announcing.html Restore images and no longer voiding warrantys for unlocking.. Samsung u really need to step ur game up or you will be the laughing stock of android within the next year!
At Motorola, we’re focused on delivering the best Android experiences and the best of Google services. Over this past year, we’ve worked very hard to create ways for users to express themselves using their mobile devices. Cus...
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100% agreed. Samsung how do you go from Apple Contendor to Verizon's personal butt bender. I've never seen such a respected company just bend over and take it, especially from the annoited Development offender, Verizon
Agreed nate. Such a shame we can't use our developer devices to the fullest
I left Verizon a week ago after being with them for 15 years. I have never been happier and more relieved! Over my dead body will l ever go back to them. 
Perhaps the impetus for Samsung to push and migrate to Tizen...
Agreed I bought the note 3 d don't know if I will ever purchase samsung again. .I own a nexus 10. 2 gnex and a slew of other samsung products.. never again if they don't get their shit together
To have two different builds on the dev edition s4 is ridiculous! To not share the stock recovery tar files is just unfair! Why sell the developer edition devices if we can't totally utilize them. $750 a pop and no way to get yourself out of a jam?!?!? I like my dev edition note 3 don't get me wrong but why can't Sammy support the phone? I have spent good money on Samsung devices and have changed family and friends to Samsung. That'll all about to change if Sammy doesn't start giving support asap!
Nate do you have a dev s4 with MJ7?  If so it would be nice to put together a firmware tar to flash MDK dev phones up to the newer firmware if we choose to.  I've heard of at least one dev phone coming through with MI1 on it, so there's multiple versions on the dev phones out there.
I hate my locked down Verizon S4, next phone will not be Samsung w/o un unlocked bootloader.
I have to agree, my contract is up in January and I'm throwing this Samsung pos in the fire and never looking back. You sold out, someday you'll pay. You might get the federal contract your after but just look at Motorola, we made them great again, your success will be short lived and you'll be on the same level as kyocera. Enjoy it sell outs. 
Oh +Nate Benis if it wasn't for your awesome roms I may have taken a header off a large bridge by now. :O
Money talks. Bullshit (like being unlocked) walks. They don't care. They are making plenty of money off your grandma who is quite content not knowing a damned thing about the myriad of crap her supercomputer in her palm can do.
Samsung has locked all the 4.3 bootloaders from going backward it has been bricking galaxies like crazy. i got hit too when i updated and had to pay them to fix it
my friend has been getting an absolute runaround by Samsung too, waiting over a month on an RMA'd note3. Sammy seems to enjoy blaming the shippers as the sole reason for still zero device, zero communication regarding where it went and what's taking so long, and finally less than a week ago after taking to twitter, getting buck passages up the wazoo. Samsung's Developer Relations? I'm willing to go as far as Samsung has a complete lack of proper relations to anyone after the fact; the device has been sold to a customer[base], now they give zero fucks. but what do i know. im tired.
This is essentially what HTC did years ago. The community may not seem important but they're the ones that word of mouthed them into success in the first place beyond just marketing.

I switched from a Note 2 to a developer edition Moto X and I couldn't be a bit happier about it
Well this is sad and why I switched to Sammy, might have to look else where in 2014
It's as though now that Samsung has become popular they feel like they don't need to care about their developer/userbase anymore.....

What goes up (their popularity) can easily come down.  They need to realize this.
if it wasn't for the removable battery and the external memory card they would not be my first choice
The removable battery and sd card are hard to beat, but a Developer Edition Motorola Maxx sort of solves half of that problem. So this may be my last Sammy as well. Motorola rising. 
The removable battery and sd card are hard to beat, but a Developer Edition Motorola Maxx sort of solves half of that problem. So this may be my last Sammy as well. Motorola rising. 
$amsung has joined in with Apple and M$ in worship is profits and nothing else. I feel that we would be better off if they would just ditch android and go with their own TouchWiz os. Good riddance.

All $ammy has done is bastardize android and horribly misrepresent it to millions of users. If people only know what kind of experience vanilla android delivers they would see how awful touchwiz is.

Most people don't care though and it's little more than a popularity contest. After a HTC Evo and GS2 I'm sticking with my Nexus 4 and Google devices in general. 
LOL! ^^ Needs some Christmas cheer... ^^ 
+Verizon Wireless is the piece of trash blocking development. Always has been. They might have the largest network but they are also bleeding customers. But you really need to thank them for letting +T-Mobile become a major player in the states. Otherwise they'd still be a minor regional contender. 
Thanks guys for all the support on g+ and reddit I didn't think it would get this big.. The more people that see and share this the better of a chance at samsung at least replying to us
This is why nobody in my family is ever getting a Samsung device. Ever. 
Samsung I'm not a developer but you already wicked suck! I have a retail version of the Note 3 and I hate your damn bloatware. This is the last Samsung phone I will get. I'm with Nate on Motorola. If I wasn't grandfathered with Verizon I would leave them as well. The T - mobile CEO is actually a forward thinker.
Own a Dev note 3...couldn't agree more 
I <3 Loki.
I would have jumped ship to nexus5/T-Mobile if I couldn't flash custom ROMs.
I still might...
Verizon is going to loose market share. Been with them 10 years and I see
no reason to stay with them. Waiting to see who has the betah Phones in
Quarter 2.
Well Dev s4s now have mk2 well some of them.. Again not public for original Dev edition owners 
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