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Are you shying away from creating systems in your business, because you are the creative type?  Do you think all creatives feel that way?  I say creativity is about discipline, not freedom!  "+1" this if you agree. #smalbiztips  
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The secret to winning the emotional vs rational tug of war is practicing how to get back on track: #smallbusinesstips  
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If you've ever wanted to learn how to set a shopping cart on your website, my friend & ecommerce + launch expert +Pat Romain  is hosting a FREE Tech Training Series this week -->
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Learn if you are an ambivert, and what this means for your business.  Via +Amp + Pivot 
Flexibility is an entrepreneurial superpower.

Extroverts are outgoing, and will network with hundreds of peers. Introverts have incredible focus, and tend to build closer relationships on a smaller scale. Where does this leave you? If you fall in the middle of these extremes, is it possible for you to be both? Yes.

Meet the Ambivert Entrepreneur

Taking the benefits of both the extroverted AND introverted, ambiverts have the best of both worlds. Learn if you are an ambivert, and what this means for your business here:
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Early-bird participants in my brand-new online SYSTEMATIC SUCCESS program are already excited and rocking it! Check it out: #systematicsuccess  
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Where do you get inspiration to create content for your blog or newsletters?  

I admit, I'm not great at quickly whipping up blog posts and newsletters.  But I did discover a few shortcuts to help me get the ideas flowing.  

So, here are my 7 strategies for ending the agony of not knowing what to write about.  #smallbusinesstips  
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This is a really good post!
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Natasha Vorompiova

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Today on the blog:

1.  How to create space for your new, necessary tools, and
2.  How to determine which online tools are right for your business

Curious how much money applying these suggestions can save you?  :)  #biztip  
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Sustainability is a crucial factor that we overlook when we think of what it takes to create a flourishing company.   Here are a few tips of how transform your business into a sustainable one via +Karen Gunton  #smallbiztips  
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Today on the blog: sharing a really powerful framework for understanding what it means to have a business that’s systematically successful.  Would love to hear your thoughts... :)  #systematicsuccess  
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Love this from +Natasha Vorompiova

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How can you sell more in 2014? Outshine others in a crowded marketplace by using these strategies: via Amp&Pivot and +Jules Taggart 
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I help entrepreneurs create rock-solid systems that enable their businesses to truly flourish.
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Sterrebeek, Belgium
You don’t need to have a big business to have systems. But if you have a business, you DO need to have systems.


White with envy… that’s what most of my friends were when I told them that I’d made the decision to start working from home for a law firm.

Who wouldn’t be?

I was making excellent money, in almost total control of my schedule and getting to be home with my baby son.

As it turned out, managing my time and work responsibilities at home was far more difficult than I ever imagined. In fact, I soon found myself craving the structure of the office environment and even started entertaining the idea of returning to the corporate world.MY FORMER LIFE AS A CORPORATE SYSTEMATIZER

Call me a nerd… a perfectionist… a control freak, but I’ve always loved creating systems for managing information, and that’s just what I did for my former employers.

In the corporate world, I always gravitated towards organizational projects even if it meant going above and beyond my duties.

For instance, when I worked as a legal administrator at a Cyproman – the offshore company department of KPMG, I insisted that the company needed to scan the 5000 files that were caving in on the employees. It seemed totally insane that everyone was always running around looking for files, and then, when they finally found the right file, they had to lug that 2- kg monster around and worry about whether or not a family of cockroaches was going to come out of it.

In the end, my boss gave in and—apparently to punish me--made me the project manager in charge of transitioning the company to a new database-oriented management system.  But being the organizational geek that I am—I considered this new role a present rather than a punishment, and just a few months later we were hooked up with an efficient filing system.


I soon realized, though, that going back to the traditional work environment wasn’t the solution. What I really wanted was to master the art of systematizing my out-of-the-office professional life.

The road was rocky at first. I kicked off the journey by following the established formulas of setting up goals to keep myself motivated, creating traditional to-do lists, and asking friends to keep me accountable. This haphazard arrangement of outdated methods would work for a while, but then my baby would get sick or there would be some sort of emergency.

None of these plans worked efficiently, and I always felt like I was on the verge of burning out. So, I began searching.


I devoured Timothy Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich and Jonathan Fields’ The Career Renegade, reflected on Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink and The Tipping Point, got totally inspired by Danielle LaPorte’s The Spark Kit, soaked up the brilliant advice offered by Marie Forleo and the other speakers at Rich, Happy & Hot Live, was deeply affected by Simon Sinek’s Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, and jumped into Laura Roeder’s Creating Fame and Ramit Sethi’s Earn 1K on the Side courses.

Everything began to shift—in a really positive way—as I began drawing upon the amazing expertise of my mentors to create and implement the systems that would take my productivity to the next level.

I was once again in charge of my life, and tasks were getting accomplished—fast and almost effortlessly. Amazingly, things were getting taken care of even without my direct involvement, which meant I had more time to take care of myself and enjoy my family.


The success I was having with the new systems I created to run my home-based business inspired me to tackle the challenge of designing productivity systems for other entrepreneurs working outside the traditional office world.

Now I develop programs that revolutionize the lives of other entrepreneurs who are starting and running their own businesses and trying to remain on top of their game while also having rewarding personal lives.

That’s SystemsRock.

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