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Avenue A by Adidas Subscription box
This is my first subscription box! I never join anything like this before as I live in Indonesia. As I moved to Chicago I have tons of access on buying things without shipping cost (which is obviously toxic. Lol) Anyway, I knew some of beauty subscription b...

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Molly Cosmetics - Silisponge
  I love early mornings when it feels like the rest of the
world still fast asleep and you’re the only one who’s awake and everything
feels like it isn’t really real and you kind of forget about all your problems
because for now it’s just you, the world, an...

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3CE - Mood Recipe Lipsticks
There is a demon living in my head, the one I called
destroyer. She tells me story late at night, that are messing with my brain.
When I stand before a mirror, she laughs at what I wear, the freckles sprinkled
on my face, the way I smile. Do others fight wi...

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Giveaway! 2017
They say, here on earth, there are two types of people. The one called extrovert: loud and full of story. You can
hear their words from hour to hour. Talking about their personal life, things
they hate and love, boys, girls, all things in their mind. Those ...

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Happily Ever After
I am, I was, perhaps it’s true, something of a hopeless
romantic. Always living some fantasy of a life that wasn’t mine. Sitting next to
the window, as the rain pouring my garden, writing letters to men who may or
may not exist. I used to think romanticism ...

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IOMA Ma Crème & Moisturizing Cleansing Milk
People said 20s is your golden age. You live in the moment
where everything is fascinating. World seems like a great adventure. You travel
far from home without being attached on anything. You fail and fall thousand
times and somehow you manage to get up an...

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Fromage cake - Dore by LeTAO
thought about words, sunset, beauty, and tenderness; random things that come
across my mind yet it’s hard for me to write them out. My mind travelled to
places I’ve been before, brought back memory that somehow touched my soul every
time it glimpsed. And ...

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Armando Caruso x Sociolla
Summer is coming! That yellow intoxicating light that
penetrates through the cloud, then it shines through your skin and it left
warmness that word couldn’t describe. Sands beneath your feet, sounds of waves
and bird. And the smell, salty air, fresh like a ...

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Vitacreme B12 x Sociolla
Hours. Minutes. Seconds. Ages. Times are moving in a fast
pace, there is no pause button. It’s turning as we grow up. Sun’s down, moon’s
up, and we are turning older once again. Wrinkles come, and freckles shows as a
reminder where the sun shines through. T...

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Sociolla Shopping Experience
  I would like to share a little bit about my Sociolla shopping experience. I have bought this for a while but I have been busy
lately, apologize for that. I am a huge fan of a matte beauty product. Matte
lipstick, matte shadows, matte eyeliners, matte powd...
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