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Natalie Villalobos

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Had the great pleasure of meeting +Virginia Poltrack today for the first time. What a lovely and talented woman who is creating art+technology. Definitely an innovator to watch out for. #womentechmakers  
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how do i get back my suspended gmail account...????
help me plz
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Natalie Villalobos

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Hosted 300 women at Google's HQ on Saturday for International Women's Day. Thanks to +Timothy Jordan for running our Android Wear Design Sprint!
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Ek job mil sakti hai kya
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Natalie Villalobos changed her profile photo.

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Thanks to +Timothy Jordan for commissioning this new work from +Virginia Poltrack! I've needed a "facelift" on my profile for awhile now ;)
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So cool! :D
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Natalie Villalobos

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Megan Smith Named CTO of the United States!

Today +Megan Smith (formerly VP at Google[x]) joins President +Barack Obama as the Chief Technology Officer of the United States of America. Megan co-founded Women Techmakers in 2012 with +Stephanie Liu, and seeing the potential for building on the movement to empower women in technology, Megan and I created my current role as Google's Women in Technology Advocate. Megan has been an advisor to Women Techmakers despite her busy schedule advocating for women and children globally, and I'm honored to have worked side-by-side with her to enact change. I'm proud of my friend and mentor, and look forward to seeing the impact she'll make in her new role.

More from +Barack Obama and the White House blog

Photo credit - John Werner

#WomenTechmakers   #WomeninTechnology   #WomenWhoLead  
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Nice one daer
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Natalie Villalobos

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Love when I see the spotlight on incredible engineers. #WomenTechmakers  
Meet Parisa, who leads the team that keeps your Chrome browser safe from hackers. Elle magazine asks what she looks for in people who want to join her team at Google:

“A lot of the people we hire just have this curiosity to try to understand something,” she says. “And maybe a bit of a mischievous slant, to try to do something unexpected."

Does that sound like anyone you know? We're looking for a few more good security and privacy software engineers princesses. Apply here:
As Google's top hacker, Parisa Tabriz thinks like a criminal.
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Natalie Villalobos

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The Women Techmakers Session at Google I/O
you can tune into the livestream

I'm excited to announce this year that the Women Techmakers team will be showcasing three exceptional Google women for "Robotics in a New World" ( By tuning into the livestream or attending in person you'll get the chance to hear learnings and otherworldly stories from Yoky Matsuoka - Vice President of Technology at Nest, Gabriella Levine - Hardware Engineer at Google[x], and Jaime Waydo - Systems Engineer at Google[x]. Join us if you can!

#WomenTechmakers   #WomeninTechnology   #io2014   #googleio2014   #STEMWomen  
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Natalie Villalobos

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#WomenTechmakers  is worldwide! Check out this great new video from +Alê Borba who led our Women Techmakers Sao Paulo summit last week. 

We still have a few summits you can participate in and 50+ community meetups. Register at

Google Women Techmakers Global Summit @ São Paulo

Não participou do nosso Summit? Não fique triste, esse vídeo mostra um pouco de como foi o nosso dia e logo mais teremos outros com palestras e muitas fotos!

Foi? Então venha relembrar esse maravilhoso dia! E não esqueça de se marcar nas fotos e marcar @s amig@s!

#WomenTechmakers   #WTM15   #IWD15   #Google   #Summit   #Community   #Brasil  
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Natalie Villalobos

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Connect. Create. Celebrate - Women Techmakers Summit 2015

Last weekend the Women Techmakers team hosted 1,000s of women globally via summits and meetups to connect, create, and celebrate in honor of International Women's Day. Here's a highlight reel of some of the great moments we had in Mountain View.

Featuring +Pavni Diwanji +Telle Whitney +Kate Stirr +Suzanne Frey +alaina percival , yours truly, and Avni Shah. 

Learn more about Women Techmakers and apply for one of our summits or register for a meetup in March at

#iwd15   #wtm15   #womentechmakers  
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Wanita itu perhiasan dalam kehidupan rumah tangga sebaiknya dijaga baik-baik ya
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Natalie Villalobos

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Proud of the +Google Developers team for a successful year of producing world-class educational videos. Lots of cameos from "Android superhero" +Timothy Jordan ::swoon:: #WomenTechmakers  
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Hi there my name is Mike I live Hayward CA I would like to chat with you if you want to her is my email address OK get back to me if you can 
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Natalie Villalobos

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Love is the Answer!

Many many years ago in a far away land (ahem, England) I led a peaceful protest on Black Friday which I affectionately call Buy Nothing Day. I stood in the city centre and read aloud ideas of what people could be doing with their time besides shopping.
I absolutely love the video below as it demonstrates one of my life mottos - "Experiences not things" as gifts to loved ones. During this holiday season I encourage everyone to share experiences of love and joy with people you care about instead of objects.

Learn more about Buy Nothing Day at:

#BlackFriday   #BuyNothingDay  
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Natalie Villalobos

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Proud of +Brynn Evans and her team for bringing greater visibility, community, and resources for women in design. #womentechmakers  
In the past few years, the field of user experience (UX) design has exploded. And yet, like tech in general, women are underrepresented in UX.

That’s why we’re excited about XX+UX, a monthly meetup for women in UX with the goal of fostering greater diversity in the field. 

The first #XXUX event (photos attached) was held at Google HQ in October 2013, where attendees created “story cards” that represented themselves or their journey into UX. Since then, there have been ten XX+UX meetups in the Bay Area, Austin, and Paris, with upcoming events in New York on 7/15 ( and London on 7/23 (, thanks to partnerships with LinkedIn, Salesforce, Pinterest, Etsy, Airbnb, Medium, Opower, and Ladies that UX.

We’re proud to support this burgeoning, international community of women in design, research, and technology who can connect, share stories, and mentor each other online and offline.

If you're interesting in getting involved, check out our calendar of upcoming events ( and join the XX+UX Google+ Community ( Also consider getting in touch with us at to host an XX+UX meetup in your own town!

More photos:,,
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Bom dia a tts vcs
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Natalie Villalobos

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20% Women at #io14
Women Techmakers unite

The past few months I've been working hard with my team to increase the presence of incredible women at Google I/O - Google's conference for developers and technologists.

Through partnerships and programs we jumped from 8% women in 2013 to 20% in 2014. The end goal wasn't just to have women at I/O, it was to provide a thoughtful and inspirational experience as well. That's why last night we reserved 5 restaurants in SF, and women from around the world networked over good food and good drink. Attendees heard from Google executives +Pavni Diwanji +Anna Patterson +Megan Smith +Alan Eustace +Johanna Wright +Mary Lou Jepsen, and many others.

This Thursday, tune into the live stream at 4pm PDT as women of Google take the stage to share about their otherworldly robotic solutions during "Robotics in a New World - Presented by Women Techmakers." You will hear +Pavni Diwanji Yoky Matsuoka +gabriella levine Jaime Waydo +Megan Smith.

You can learn about many of our programs and partnerships at, and join our community at to follow live coverage of Women Techmakers at I/O.

(Photo is from this morning's line to get into the keynote. Power blazers with +Brenda Jin and friends)

#WomenTechmakers #io14 #womenintechnology
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so nice look
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I post here about Google products, but my opinion is my own, not that of the company.

+mention me on threads so we can connect - I will do my very best to address as many mentions as I can, but won't be able to get to all of them.

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