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What Do You Want To Ask .?
Get your questions ready 'cuz tomorrow night yours truly is going to be hosting an On-Air Hangout with . and +Vic Gundotra!

We'd love to hear your burning questions - so add your thoughts to the comments below and +1 the ones you like! I just might ask your question during our broadcast tomorrow and say your name On Air!

Let's Get It Started In Here G+!

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What impact do you think Fergie had on your group and do you remember sitting next to me on the airplane in 1999?
How do you scale up globally as an artist, while still making an impact on a personal level?

How do you stay grounded while on tour?

What are your simple joys in life that give you the warm fuzzies?

How do you see social media revolutionizing the music industry?
You are ABSOLUTELY freaking KIDDING ME!!! Woohoo!
What is your take on the global echonomic situation? . -- Awesome to see you on Google+. How did you get your start in the music business?
and for real: Can BEP do a release via Hangouts?
Question to : Who are the New Bands to look for, that you predict will rise in popularity in the future?
Will you write a cool song for Ron Paul like you did for Obama?
If you could know the answer to any question, what would you ask?
How did you decide to get involved with KPOP and 2NE1 ?
Is there going to be any reappearances in x-men sequel or prequels ?
When exactly have you realized that you are ? ;)
Will you make public posts or an about me?
Have you always wanted to be in the music business or did you come to love it later in life?
Will you write another song for Obama's reelection?
Will he have a demo of some of the new tech-music-fusion innovations that he's working on?
What's the best piece of advice he'd give anyone?
how can one send him a dossier on an esoteric business opportunity?
I'd like to ask if he will do whole concerts through Hangout Broadcasts in the future?
I like Will, but I would rather discuss art with artists, and I am talking artists of the visual kind, but noise artists are OK too, but commercial artists like Will no
What was the biggest lesson you've been learning this year?
do you see yourself taking on more acting roles?
If you don't have anything nice to say...don't say anything at all. I think it's cool that . is taking the time to do this.
How did you manage to get you nick accepted instead of " William James Adams"?
Does doing this make you or google+ cheaper?
Who inspires you to create music like you do? Who are your role models? Do you like classical music?
What song performed by another artist that you didn't write do you wish you had? And alternatively, what song are you least proud of?
What have been your biggest disappointments regarding the Obama administration and how do you suggest he rectify them going into this election season?
Looks like the real name policy doesn't apply in this case.
Does he have engineering or robotics experience, or just an interest in the topic? What does he see as the future of music recording as new and better technology allows the individual to have more options for innovation and development?
To . - What are your thoughts on artists (whether indie or major, such as yourself), sharing your daily creative works via social networks such as Google Plus? I am talking more than just final releases sold to the public via online and Brick/Mortar stores, but possibly uploading demos, potential album art, and just general behind the scenes material that can connect the fan closer to the artist and make us feel as if we are directly following your creative process.

To follow up, or maybe you can answer this first, are you comfortable with "raising the curtain" like that and using Google Plus as a platform to see your daily creative process in the studio, behind the soundboard, and/or on the set of videos? Thanks!
What other music group have you been a part of, and is there someone you would like to work with who you have not had the opportunity to do so with yet?
Your music is very eclectic would you ever try Classical or introducing classical elements into your music
As a producer, what inspires you to work other artist?
How will you use G+ to connect with your fans? How often will you use G+ Hangout to grow your fanbase?
What other genres do you like besides the tradition RnB / Hip hop? and would you do a collab with those genres and who in those genres would u do a collab with?
I want to be known as B.Cool from now on. What is the will of Will I am? Is he a Nietzchean? Is he a creature of the spectacle or does he think he can control the beast? What is the field he works in?
What software and hardware do you use most frequently?
Do you think artists can do something to help poor people in countries like South Africa and Brazil?
I am confused. . doesn't seem to fit the google+ name policies. How is this ok but the other not? Not trying to instigate anything, just confused....
before you became successful, how hard was it to pass up some things that may have been fun immediately but would lead you down the wrong path, in order to stick with your long term goals? any tips for staying to your path?
All time top 5 list of who he thinks spits the best.
Is your groups recent music your own work? Or did your record company come up with it? . What do you think of candidate Obama of '08 compared to President Obama of today, will you support him in the upcoming '12 election?
+Natalie Villalobos I'd like to ask . if Google+ invited him as part of their celebrity+ endorsements strategy or if he decided to give google+ a whirl to influence his fans :0) Very interested to see how these things come about! thx!
What other genres of music do you listen to and who are your favorite performers in those genres? . can you hook me up for a couple of tickets for your concert at the Mall of Asia in the Philippines?
How do you stay connected while on the road?
I anticipate Google staff to completely ignore all the comments regarding the double standard of allowing . to use that name, but here's a serious question for him: What is his stance on Google+'s real name policy?
Where do you see the BYP in 10 years, still together or each running a single show. And just a note loved you guys when you performed in optimus alive in Lisbon.
Você já pensou cantar com outras pessoas de outros países via hangout, inclusive com a participação de músicos num total improviso?
Thinking back to my first exposure to B.E.P featuring Esthero, what Canadian artist (hip-hop, indie, or otherwise) would you most like to collaborate with (with or without B.E.P)?
What is your greatest regret?
What would you do differently if you have the chance to live your life all over again?
From +Deise Lemos Almeida just like the U2 did a while back on youtube, a live concert via hangout, and has she mentions several singers/groups comming together to perform in a global concert live. Have you thought about the possibility ( please credit +Deise Lemos Almeida )
I want to ask if I can be one of the lucky 9 to be in his first hangout? :) Also, how do you think Google+ can help new and up coming artists?
If we were to get a hold of your phone, iPod, or whatever other music device(s) you have laying around, what music would we find on it and what is your favorite song on said device currently ?
Of course you can man, all of us can. Is not a fact that you will, due to the number limit,... but you definitely can be one of the nine man.;)
Will, how have you been liking Google+ so far and how do you think other celebs will adapt to it? Have you been promoting it/talking about it at all with your friends?

thanks for doing this +Natalie Villalobos and . !
Does your music help you deal with emotions, and if so, how?
Welcome to G+ .! So I always get asked the question from elders... Where do you see yourself in 5, or 10 years... I am just curious, when you have had the type of success that you have had so early in life... do you just laugh when you hear that type of question, are you seriously scratching your head or do you have a game plan of goals and objectives laid out already and if so, what are they? . As someone of some notoriety, wouldn't you like to take on a pseudonym and experience the world from a more 'normal' perspective occasionally?
If it were in your power, what would you do for the people of Haiti?
I want to ask how his name got past the real name filter.
Please ask if the peas have any special treats for concert fans in Manila when they have their gig here.
Are they really breaking up & When is the last performance & can I please get an invite to the Hangout! Pretty Please! ;) . how do you plan on using Google+ to connect to your fans? It would be nice for celebrity to have a scheduled hangout or just anything involving your fans. . What technologies do the youth of today have access to that you wish you had access to at their age (as it relates to your career)? Are there any technologies that you think may have harmed your chances of success?
how you gonna have will.i.amm on google+ and not have a blackberry g+ app? you know he's diehard blackberry!

and with that, my question for him is he gonna lean on you guys to make a blackberry app? :)
If elected President, what criteria would you use in choosing your Treasury Secretary?
I want to know how his use of technology and being able to get better connected to fans affects his creativity - if at all. ;)
Who is your favorite google+r? Why? And what do you want to contribute to the community? 
I'd ask him what his real name is. Because... you know... here on G+, we don't deal in "fake names." Right, +Vic Gundotra?
I saw BEP open for U2 at the Rose Bowl last year. Was stoked to hear they hail from East L.A. How do you keep a bit of that East L.A. street influence alive in your music? Or do you?
how come I can't use nickname on G+ and you can? with so much touring, I bet many cities and locations start to blend together. What is your best "on stage" memory?
can u do a small concert on a hangout?? :D
If you could go back in time and give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

In what specific ways has technology influenced your career? Can you give an example?

When you're not feeling particularly creative, who or what do you look to for your source of inspiration?

Who are your top 3 favorite musicians/singers/bands?
How do I submit music to you for placement and consideration?
When are the BEP gonna get back to making great hip hop instead of putting dance beats to old 80s hits? :P . Was it embarrassing when Daft Punk caught you stealing their music? Do you write all your own stuff or do you just hit shuffle on iTunes and sing over the top? Does showering in money wash away the shame of plagiarism? Can you look yourself in the eye? What denomination of currency is most comfortable when used as toilet paper? What does Fergalicious taste like?

Are you going to answer any of these questions or is it below you?
?x3 for, Black Eyed Peas has grown from a little known rap group into a hiphop icon: How do you feel about that in light of the choices that arose as a result of that process; do you intend to use your growing recognition for the good of the global community and, if so, what are your ideas in that regard; and, finally, you've traveled quite a bit over the years and I'm curious what you remember in terms of the most upsetting moment but also the most uplifting moment? Thank you.
Googles music service is a great new service that seems to be getting hit hard by the music industry for trying to be to open, even though itunes is pushing forward. Do you support google music in how they are trying to implement a new web based music sharing site? Would you consider ever releasing free tracks to promote your albums on google music?
Have you ever considered composing for video games? I'd also like to know what you think of the industry, music-wise.
Good question there, +Nick Sahler, I was wondering the same thing when I saw him at the St. Louis Championships.
How many records did you have to sell before Google let you use a stage name on Google+?
What aspects of the Black Eyed Peas as an enterprise do you think could be improved upon most? This can include anything from individual performance to business execution.
How did you get hooked up with Kpop group 2NE1? What is the allure of Kpop? Can Kpop find more than a niche in America?
If you don't post in Google+ why we have to post our questions here?
Do you like asian girls? <3
What equipment did you start out with in the beginning and which artists inspired you? When are you coming back to Merriweather Post Pavilion again? Can I be in the hangout with I use to DJ, so I have some unique interesting questions for him. Questions concerning the creativity around creating music, songs and raps. . What inspires you the most to sing (rap) about the topics that you choose? Where do you go to clear your mind and decide on your topics? - Wesley Regitz . will you, as a privileged member of the oppressed pseudonymous majority, stand up and campaign for them to also have their identities accepted by Google? Or did you sell out your brothers?
What will you do with your position and global voice to advance protest music and movements? . How do you feel about the push to extend copyright protections to 70+ years? Would it make you feel restricted from sampling in any way? Are most artists cool with the extension?
Will orkut users be Upgraded to The G!
Ok I have one issue +Natalie Villalobos I am not sure whom to complain the best thing about I like about google + feature is freedom to share even if you have boss in one of ur circles he wont be able to see you shares until you want him to but when my acquintacnce did search my name the the results it gave were my private shares which were supposed only for friends please solve this issue.
"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"
William James Adams, Jr. gets to be Will.I.Am on g+
Erich W
Do you think that record deals are a thing of the past with digital distribution and also do you think the future is going away from cd's to digital eps that are shorter in length and can we released at a more rapid rate
+Gulit upadhyay I'm curious as to what private shares you're concerned with. If it makes you feel any better, I did a search on your name and only found a couple photo albums that look like marketing slides.
+Paul Hosking yupp it dint show the my shares this time when i asked my acquaintance to search for my name it but its showing my comments (thats supposed to be only for them) on people's profiles I am screwed lol
Why are the Black Eyed Peas allowed to keep making music?
+Gulit upadhyay AFAIK the ability to see said comments would depend on the limitations placed on the parent post / share. Is it behaving differently?
heh ... how did he get authenticated with an obvious pseudonym?
nooo the point is +Paul Hosking If there is public post i commented on last month when I did not had idea that google will be showing my comments..
For eg. A lady with beautiful pic keeps her pic public as i thought google wont be showing what i comment so I just commented she is preety and flirty stuff but now if my gf comes searches for Gulit Upadhyay she will be able to see my all comments that flirty ones too.T_T
I dont think i have done commenting much but I will have to delete all comments cuz it doesn't seems like a bug.
Q: We all know that the way the music industry makes it´s money has changed alot in recent years. Album sales doesnt matter as much these days, except for perhaps exposure since a group selling 25k a week can make it quite high on Billboard.

Streaming services and touring is where most bands make the bulk of their money today. Have this in any way changed the way you think of living the life of an artist? And if so, is it for the better or worse from your point of view.
+Natalie Villalobos Here are my questions for .:

1) What effect has hiphop culture had on you personally?
2) What would you like to say to aspiring young musicians/writers today? Tips?
3) Where were you on September 11th and how did it change your views on society and music writing? After over ten years, what are your views, feelings, today?
I love your music . but also your promotion of and involvement in science, robotics, etcetera. What message do you have for todays youth in terms of education, sciences, etcetera?
What can we expect from your upcoming record 'Black Einstein'?
Hey, a lot of your songs have undertones of politics, foreign policies and global affairs. I have 2 questions:

one -Are you going to surpass Bono of U2 as the next living Mesiah, God, Jesus [insert religious boss man here] any time soon or is he holding the crown to tightly?

two -If you were to feature in politics one day, How would you encourage peace between Israel and Palenstine? Considering the U.S government today denied to recognise a Palestinian state?
If you weren't in music, what would you be doing?
I'd like to ask Will if he can actually sing without using Autotune. Seriously I don't think I've ever heard him sing. He just talks into a mic with Autotune on it and that maps out the melody, if there is one, for him.

For those that don't know, Autotune is a computer program that can change the pitch of your voice so if you can't quite hit that high note it will do it for you. A large number of 'pop' stars who have no business being in a recording studio are able to have very successful careers in music despite have no ability to sing.

If you want learn more just checkout: to see how people who were not singing at all can be made to seem like they can sing. (Plus it's super funny)
As a successful artist, do you feel you have the freedom to "push the envelope" in your album releases, or are you constrained by what your label deems as "popular"?
+Natalie Villalobos Can you please answer this question as an official Google+ PR :

The document says the following :

13. Display Name
To help fight spam and prevent fake profiles, use the name your friends, family or co-workers usually call you. For example, if your full legal name is Charles Jones Jr. but you normally use Chuck Jones or Junior Jones, either of those would be acceptable.

If my name is "Charles Jones" and friends call me all the time "Charly J" can I use this display name on G+ ? In other words to which extend can I use a pseudonym without any risk to get my account deleted ?

This question was first asked on a post of +Kee Hinckley
I like to mix music... pretty good self taught on laptop without mixer deck but i've used my friends once or twice... n i got some tight rhymes when i freestyle off the dome... can i put somethin together for u... 1 problem i have a accounting test tonight so it'll be small just few tracks n i gotta cold so not gonna sound to hot right now
oh n my swag's on deck 3 older brothers late 20's one might be 30 hahaha his old ass.... pops is a power guy for cat slang-in them generators all over the globe to the needy
Hey Natalie, I have a small question. In Google+, many people whom we dont even know add to us in their circles and a request for comes for us to add them in circles. If I block that person then will I too be deleted from his/her circles!! If not then how can we delete that. I dont want to show them my posts. Please tell me. Thanks in advance.
The question I would really like to get answered is: How come there are some folks more equal than others?

We mere mortals are not allowed to have a name Google doesn't believe we should have and here is a name with a total of 3 dots. How did you do it?
Advances in technology continues to have a negative financial impact on the music industry in their war against digital piracy, while emerging artists such as +Daria Musk have used advances in technology to help jump start their career and gain more exposure. How do you think the music industry can learn to embrace technological growth while maintaining a balance that not only helps newly emerging artists but also artists who are already established in their music career?
recently you tweeted that "the music industry is dead and you don't wanna release 'Black Einstein' in the ways of yesterday" how are you going to release it? :)
Hey :D, love your music, do you like google+? :D and, do you come back to Chile again? xoxoxo
Will :D I love you dude , you're a GOD of music! are you going to come back to Chile ?
Would you like to see a videogame starring the B.E.P? you could be high tech spies fighting a shadowy organization that wants to stops music everywhere, just saying.
what do you think you would be doing at this time (career) if you had not had the opportunity to develop as a musician? I mean, for example if you were born in another country, or under certain conditions that not allow you do what you love? what other profession would you have liked to follow?
PS: My name is Astrid i'm form Chile and I hope to see you in Paraguay in November, much love to you! :)
Do you remember performing at the Wii launch at E3 2006 in Los Angeles at the Nintendo party, I was there. Do you feel compelled to compose new awesome music for us all the time or do you spend most of your time partying and doing other crazy things? How often did you party with David Guetta?
What do you think sets apart Google + from other social networking sites such as Facebook?
How did you become involved with the FIRST Robotics Competition?
for you acomplishing your goals are just something extra in your carrear or is it the main priority? . How do you feel technology has affected the black community, do you think the net result has been in a positive or negative way? Follow up: Do you think that it has allowed people of all walks of life to become closer together or make the differences more obvious and driven people farther apart?
Why havent you found the true love? Because of your fame? bad luck with women? Or because your still not interested in it? Xoxo
Will! when you send us an advance on your new album?
I AM YOUR FAN FROM CHILE! CHILEANS LOVE YOU MUCH TO THE BLACK EYED PEAS . Do you plan on interacting with anyone on Google+ or just post stuff?

To what extent do you plan on interacting?
Hello Will, Im Frann From CHile, and I would like to know if you are going to Paraguay? because Me with my pea-ple from CHile,Argentina and Uruguay will travel there To see u, but we don't know if is true or not ...can u answer Please Thank U and Much Love from Chile Mi Chocolate ♥
Hypothetically, if you were to recruit another member for BEP, what personal qualities would be a must have in your eyes? And what attributes would be a definite no for you? How would you go about finding and recruiting that person? Is there anybody out there who you have in mind as being a potential BEP member if you had to replace or complement the group?
Heyya Will !! Love your work and I am a huge fan of your talent !! I would love to know: 'What gets you inspired to make such great Music?' Cheers and Hello to the BEP Members! Please do tour my Country 'Bangladesh' as we Love BEP so very Much!!
Keep it up Will..!
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