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Watch As Parents Give Their Kids A Terrible Present
Happy Wednesday!
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Hilarious! Love the boy's reaction at 1:50. ;)
If I ever did this to my parents at that age...Oh boy would I get it.
I would be embarrassed to see my kid throw a tantrum like that. :/ People wonder why manners are dying out...
Just think of the therapy bills in another 10 years or so. ;-)
James E
The last comment from the boy is the best.
"Here kid, Santa brought you a job application and a list of chores. Ho ho ho."
Parents mastering the art of trolling. Props to them.
Really i don't understand where is the fun making your kids cry...maybe i don't understand your sense of humor.
hahaha! i just had a childless friend share this with me too. and when childless friends share things with KNOW it's funny :)
Yeah...Not sure I could do that to my kids...but I have to give it up for the kid at 4:40...That's what I'm talking about....

I would tolerate that sort of behavior from my children; however, I would treat them a bit more a parent your asking for it if you do something like that.
Frank Strong
I didn't find this funny either; it brings out the worse in both sides: parents willing to exploit their kids for a laugh, and ill-mannered children that are allowed to call their parents "stupid" and say things like "I hate you."
...yeah, but, as a parent, i hate taking things too seriously. it's funny to laugh at things that aren't always funny..but are just inappropriate. i mean, i LOVE when people fall cracks me up, every time. it's terrible, yes. i get it.

i, personally, would never do this to my kid. and my kid HAS been given lousy gifts and she handles it like a champ. you teach kids these things over time.
+Ismael Callejas and +Frank Strong What are you talking about? Life is full of disappointments and misleading exploitation, best teach them about it early and laugh at them for acting absurd. They become the butt of the joke, they learn to brush it off, they become stronger people. Putting kids on some "never hurt their feelings" pedestal makes for crappy adults.
What did most of those kids learn? Nothing. Not how to appreciate the gesture, not how to handle a poor gift with grace, just that Mom/Dad think it's funny to provoke a tantrum and will tolerate poor behavior.
Ruh roh. I think it may have been dangerous for me to see this :)
Those last kids are smart! "Tell Jimmy Kimmel to SUCK MY BALLS!" lol
+Sheila Garl, i would, as a parent, only HOPE these parents turned this into a learning experience. maybe show them their reaction and have them pretend that they're watching someone react that way to something they gave them. or, maybe the parents had 2 gifts, one good, one bad and video taped both. i like to think this isn't as awful as it looks.

being a photographer, i KNOW how to make a photo LOOK a certain way...but in reality, nothing looks that way. photos i did the other day make it look like i'm hitting an alcoholic reality, i was there, with my eight year old and dogs, surrounded by toys that i pushed to the end of the couch and with a bright pink lamp i stole for lighting...

there always more to a story.

people gotta learn to laugh more and have faith that others aren't as stupid as we judge them as
That's awesome.
Methinks we should put less emphasis on Christmas gifts IMO.
+Erick Ovando, don't you think it's being somewhat judgmental to ASSUME that's the ENTIRE story?

i commented more above...
+mel peifer I'll believe the best of people when I see reason to do so. I'd be willing to guess that a couple of the parents did talk about it, because the kids reaction showed an effort to be polite, to express being unhappy with the gift without being rude. But the kids who threw tantrums and insulted their parents? No, I don't think the parents made any effort to have it be a constructive learning situation.
Love this! Reminds me of growing up when my parents used to pull pranks on me often. Gag gifts, dentist instead of McDonald's, etc. I consider it to be one of the primary reasons I developed such a round sense of humor and strong will. Being able to demonstrate laughter in the face of disappointment and adversity is a hard lesson, but a powerful tool.
James E
Bullying. Ooooh boy. You must be one of those Anti Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer people. Geez.
you're right +Erick Ovando. i work very hard, as a parent, to make sure my kid knows HOW to handle disappointment without hurting someone else in the process. it's something everyone needs to learn. i would HOPE these parents helped their kids learn from this. i HOPE there's more than just what's shown...and i have faith there is in most cases.

teaching children that something is funny AT the expense of another, is never okay. if i had ever done something like this to my child, i would have had two presents and let her pick which one she wants first...and video taped both expressions and had her watch them to see. (THEN...i'd email it off to jimmy kimmel :) )

the boy in this video who kept crying, is the only one that really worried me. there's some bigger issues there and something tells me that this isn't the first time he's felt picked on...and probably not the first time by his parents, as they kept recording when he was obviously quite upset. seeing him react that way absolutely gives more merit to the 'bullying' stance of this video.
Kids are such harsh and brutal critics!
boo Jay
LOL, seriously, I think Kimmel hates kids, but if it serves to amuse me, then ok.
Oh, so warped...the little blonde girl who was so polite was the best. She deserves an extra something nice under her tree.
The only Jimmy Kimmel clips I've seen the the past few months are parents taking all their children's candy on Halloween and parents giving terrible presents on Christmas.

What does Jimmy Kimmel have against children?
Oh that is GREAT !
I'm going to try that with the kids.

Love it :-D

And again the polite girl was quite funny. I'd have probably felt a little guilty and given her a small gift. Or at least a complete sandwich.
Remember Candid Camera? They wouldn't do something like this, where the object is to laugh AT the kids getting upset. I hope the kids got some great presents as a reward for putting up with this!

Some of this video was funny, but most of it was uncomfortable at best. Would the parents of the kid with the hammer have been mad at him if he threw it through the window? Hey, it would have made for good TV...

And I don't agree with the argument that this is a way to teach kids to handle disappointment. That's the same as brushing off bullying as "boys will be boys" or telling a kid not to be a baby and suck it up if they're being picked on.
Jimmy Kimmel is kind of awesome this :))...
The hello kitty kid is not epic-he shows signs of autism-hope Im wrong and the suck my
@#$^% comment should not be considered as funny behavior by a normal child-hate to sound like a fuddy duddy but this is our future!!!!!!!!!!!
If your kid can't handle being disappointed without throwing a tantrum, YOU are a bad parent. Period. Don't blame Jimmy.
+Nathan Hart Yes, children will face disappointments in their lives. And when they do, if they are fortunate their parents will be the source of solace and sympathy; that's what they're there for if they're any kind of a good parent, IMHO. People deal with a lot of unpleasantness in their lives; it's not the job of the parents to inflict these things on them to make them stronger. I don't think throwing a kid in the ocean is the proper way for a parent to teach their child to swim either. Are you a parent?
T Pratt
this is kinda mean. And i like it. Schadenfreude.
What's more depressing than the behavior of most of those children is the scolding reaction in some of these comments. These children weren't being harmed in any way. The biggest thrill in a gift is the anticipation before opening it. All of the children received that reward. Cursing the giver because the gift was a disappointment shows how self-centered the child is. If any of our kids had acted that way, it would have been the last gift they got from us. They all knew from an early age that they didn't have to like a gift, but they did have to thank the giver for it.
Well Kimmel: You have to admit that you deserved that kids comment after telling parents to do that to kids!
kids say the darndest things.. kinda funny, with room for improvement.. ;)
I personally think parents should only pull a stunt like this if they know their offspring will be able to take the joke. HK boy aside, there were some interesting reactions - banana girl and the opportunistic dog spring to mind - and it would have been interesting to see if the "I'm not a girl!" / "I'm not a boy!" siblings decided to swap presents... :)
I just added children with good manners to my most inspirational people
+Gerald Hines "If your kid can't handle being disappointed without throwing a tantrum, YOU are a bad parent." A parent who would pull a prank like this on their child is a bad parent, don't you think?
I think some of the kids handled it badly because they expected their parents to gift them in good faith, not to make them the butts of a joke. I wouldn't have appreciated a joke like that (if it went on longer than about 10 seconds), and I would never treat my kid that way: It's actually very disrespectful to the dignity of the child. Even a small child deserves to be treated with sincerity.

Oh, well, it's probably nothing that a few years in therapy won't cure. I guess they'll know where to send the bill, won't they, Mr. Kimmel?
I actually feel that this would be a good learning exercise for children... Give them a terrible present see how they react, and then teach them the right way to handle it.
Yes this was humourous, but I would also be embarrassed if my child did this in public to someone I knew, or say their grandparents giving them an ugly sweater or something...

It's okay to laugh, the person who said this is bullying... I disagree... exploiting your children for a few laughs is kind of wrong, but part of learning and growing up is being able to accept disappointment and not always getting what you want... There is definitely a better way to go about this, but sometimes whatever works... and FUNNY!
+Neal King Kimmel just suggested it; he may be a fool but I can't see him being responsible. The parents who did this, possibly for a chance to be on TV, are the responsible parties, or should I say irresponsible parties? This is like the 'America's Funniest Home Video' program where the greater the pain is, the louder the laughter; it's sadistic.
Abe Noe
OMG I <3 JIMMY KIMMEL! this is so funny! my fav has to be the one with the "GIRL ACTIVITY BOOK WITH STICKERS!"
that was so funny i light my self to tears
If it's supposed to be a learning experience, it should be easy enough to find an occasion when the child gets a genuine gift that s/he doesn't really like. To set the kid up for disappointment deliberately is cruel; especially because the kids are smart enough to know that that is what is going on. They know they're being jerked around, and that contributes to their response. There's a big difference between not liking a gift, and being given a gift that the giver knows you won't like.
If my kids reacted like that I sure wouldn't send the video in for TV. Actually, it could have been handled like a teaching exercise in how to accept a present. Then sweeten the deal a little with something nice.
Is anyone reminded of the scene in 'Christmas Story' where the boy has to put on the bunny pajamas?
Ok, some of these are funny but some of these kids are acting little too entitled and if my son talked the way some of these kids did, he wouldn't get any Christmas presents!
+Kimberly Maurer But your children would never talk like that; do you think that could be directly related to the fact that you'd never give your child a half eaten sandwich as a gift?
WARNING. If you are at work.. don't watch this... you will draw unneeded attention to yourself!
I saw one of these of him giving the challange of eating kids halloween candy
ik its sad if parents ever take on this challange they r bad parents
should try the same challenge for the wife ^^
That is SO nice :D love the idea that kids is just expending that they will get what they want
Gawd, I feel so horrible laughing at this!
"Treat others as you would like to be treated".
So, whom ever expressed "That it was really fun and cute video of Christmas false present to watch", imagine yourself in the position on that poor innocent kids waiting for the best presents ever. But instead of it: BAD STUPID present from SUPPOSEDLY LOVING parents.
Double or triple kicks teaching how easy loving one could betraid you, how best holiday could be spoiled easily and how lonely you are here fighting/living and being so small and dependent.
I never laughed that much but seeing this I can't stop. Awesome :))))))
LMAO!!!  Lighten up Tatyana!  The kids will definitely have a sense of humor after this.
+Neal King go ahead and coddle your children then with constant sincerity, no one is forcing you to do anything including watching this video
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