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How to Schedule a Hangout On Air Using Google+ Events
making it easier to build your audience

Are you regularly hosting Hangouts On Air? Here's a useful tip on how to use Google+ Events to invite people to your Hangout On Air ahead of time. This way nobody will miss your Hangout, and you will have one place where all the social commentary can live. 

1. Create a public Event well in advance of your Hangout On Air.
2. Be sure NOT to select ‘Google+ Hangout’ in the Event Options.
3. When you’re ready to broadcast, create a Hangout On Air like you would today and invite your participants.
4. Copy the YouTube URL of the Hangout On Air
5. Then, edit the Event, click on ‘Event Options’ and select ‘Advanced Options’ so you see ‘Show Additional Fields’
6. Paste the Hangout On Air URL in the “YouTube URL” field
7. Now your Hangout On Air will broadcast directly to your Event page!

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Cool; thanks for that.  This seems like it'll be an effective way of doing things; I'll start doing this for +Geeks of the Round.
Aaron Crocco
Thanks for the info +Natalie Villalobos. I do think that the fact that you shouldn't select a Google+ Hangout is a sure sign that this implementation is clunky and unclear.
Any suggestions to avoid spamming your follower's notification boxes (and possibly email) with the event invite?
OH! Ok this is what I did wrong during the Campfire Concert last weekend. I clicked "Hangout" for the event type and got a ton of messages later that people clicked it and got sent to a different Hangout. Thanks for the tips +Natalie Villalobos and +Fraser Cain!
Ahhhhh i had wondered about this! :D
LOL +Aaron Crocco I agree this could be more streamlined and easy for both the Hangouter & Hangoutees ;)

Hi +Vincent Mo & +Dave Cohen! Thanks for the fab Events feature, there's so much about it that rocks... I really love watching the photos flow in while the event is happening! Even with Hangout events, screen shots are priceless. Maybe a few lil changes to make the Hangout / Hangout On Air part of Events and we'll have a perfect tool! :)
+Daria Musk Thanks :) We're still working on tons of improvements for events, so stay tuned! Remember to use the send feedback tool to make sure your feedback makes it into the official channels.
+Dave Cohen You got it! I have ultimate faith that you guys will keep knockin' our socks off :) And has the Hangout Team will attest.. I will try to not break everything ;)
7 steps including a strange step #2 and subsequent copy and paste... I think it can be a lot more simpler...
+Ben Chow Step #2 makes a mountain of sense if you've ever made the mistake. When you create a Hangout as an Event, people try to join it, and not actually watch your On-Air event. It causes a tremendous amount of confusion.

It would make more sense if the menu said: Hangout on Air
+Fraser Cain Thanks for posting your steps. I thought the notifications for your event were automatic from a public event, but I see you're using directed invitations.

+Natalie Villalobos It looks like the senders can decide how much notification one should receive from these events. But it would be much more useful if the recipients could configure that based on our circles. I may want emails when the boss has a team meeting, a notification when the family wants to catch up, and just show the event in my steam and/or on the event list for all the public figures that I follow.
+Brandon Mitchell I would agree that there should be more granularity, so the recipient decides which broadcasts they want to "subscribe" to. That would be more convenient for the broadcaster, and help the recipient block unwanted notifications.
Thanks for all the wonderful feedback.  We recognize this is not an ideal way to use events and HOA.  Events wasn't originally built to support HOA, so it's quite nice that there is at least a way.  We'll be making this much easier soon :)
+Chrys Bader Hi Chrys, it's great to see you join the conversation. I'd be more than happy to help you figure this all out. I've got lots of ideas. :-)
Great tip.
And can I allow people to actually join the event, not only watch the broadcast?
I guess you do that by inviting them when creating the HOA?
I have been never in hangout! What are rules? Do one have to have invite?
So you can't air a scheduled Google Hangout?
That is correct Camille.  When you schedule a Google Hangout, it automatically creates a Google Hangout "room" which is NOT "air-able".  It seems that for now, the Hangout On Air "rooms" can only be set up for RIGHT NOW.  I'm just learning this myself as I go along, and it's nice to be clear about it; though I'm sure it will get easier in the near future. 

I do have another question for everyone though who might know the answer to this... is it possible to show YouTube videos during a HOA and have them show up in the Live Broadcast?  I tried this the other day during a test run, and it didn't work. 

Anyway, HOA is damn cool, and I'm super grateful for it!  Thanks for any help with my question!
Thanks for this, Natalie!  This is something I've been trying to crack for my google hangouts.
+Natalie Villalobos couldn't edit.  It was quite a stressful experience, I'd set up and followed all the instructions recommended thank you +Fraser Cain Today I had my hang out on air and when I tried to get access I could not enter.  On my page it said on air.  I clicked everywhere and could not find out to get into the hangout.  I eventually had to cancel the hangout and just set up one off air because I did not want to send unnecessary emails to confuse people.  My audience are technologically challenged.  I consider myself to be tech savvy and honestly it was such a stressful experience because I could not access the hangout I'd set up as an event. 

What would actually be good is to once you're in a hangout and got things working to be able to have the option hang out on air.  Again I did not want to risk inviting everyone before so I invited a friend to test and then invited the others to join so I did not confuse people any further.  Then realised there was no way for me to hit hang out on air. 

Is there a way to have people notify you that they want to say something   I muted everyone but people kept un muting themselves and caused a bit of chaos.  There should be a button someone can press to indicate they want to speak that way the moderator can prepare for that because no one actually knows who is supposed to speak when.  Any advice from more experienced would be helpful thank you.
Thank you +Natalie Villalobos  
yes please +Dorte Lytje  your advice and assistance would be invaluable as I mentioned a large portion of the people I work with struggle with technology at the best of times they don't want anything to do with it and I am there to help them migrate but if systems are not user friendly then they tend to just shelve it and I see the huge benefit to Google Hangouts that can change their lives.  However, I'm even struggling with it and I really do not want to revert back to Skype.  Skype has lost my vote of confidence.
This user experience is awful... HOA vs. Events... get your stuff together, Google. I've been using Google+ since the beginning, and Hangouts, and this user experience related to HOA (and scheduling them from events) is poorly thought out.  
+Corey Snow I agree! +Dori Storbeck doesn't even respond. So much for user experience, not a good one. We are the ones encouraging people to come and use Google Plus you would expect some help so someone like myself can show others. 
+Romany Thresher I apologize if I've missed something in the past that you've wanted me to respond to, but I do try to be there to help folks out when and however I can! Please let me know how I can assist you further. Thanks!
P.S. We're trying to route all questions/concerns to +Google+ Help (which is staffed by a number of Community Managers and others to support us) to ensure that your question, concern, or feature suggestion gets routed to the right person and the right team. 

It looks like I may have missed Natalie's +mention on March 1 - and on March 2 I see that you +mentioned someone else, not me - but again, I apologize for missing that.
+Chrys Bader Has it gotten much easier yet? Seems a Hangout On Air still cannot be created as a part of a public Google+ Event. If there's been any progress on this, please let us know. =)
+Rafael Archuleta the Events + HOA integration has not been changed recently. This is something the teams are aware of and they are discussing possible solutions. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding!
Hmm, no there is no email list... If you follow folks like Natalie, me, Google+ Help, Chee Chew, Amit Fulay, Loren Groves,'ll hear about our launches as they come out :)
Thank you +Dori Storbeck I will check it out. However a part of me is feeling like I should revert back to Skype.
Thanks for the list +Dori Storbeck!
I've got a few of them already, and will add the rest. Trying to get notified for specific news this way is a major time-waster though, so I'll try my luck with Google Alerts. ;^)
This is miserable. Is there any way for me to need a link that I can email out that will bring users to my hangout at a future date and time. Is there any way to make that happen?
+Natalie Villalobos - Tried your process as listed at the top of this discussion, but when the view clicked on the event, the video was not live, but the YouTube video.
We host bi-weekly tastings with breweries, and want everyone to view/listen live, but only want us and the brewery as the actual participants. Is this possible using the "events" feature of Google+?
Thanks for writing this up and I hope Google will integrated a way to schedule hangout on air in the future. 
this has helped.  way more than the help section.
This is extremely helpful! What I'm guessing though, is that there is no way to set up the Hangout on Air in advance? I would like to avoid sending the invite to the participates minutes in advance if I could. The only hangouts you can schedule in advance can't be broadcasted to Youtube and posted on an event.
How many people can participate or view the broadcast? i know that its max is 10 and 15 if it's paid...but could it be possible to be more than that?
+Daniel Bradford Yep, me too. Wish we could schedule a Hangout on Air as an event type and define the participants vs. attendees whilst we're at it. Will the mighty G listen to the cries from the wilderness? 
Very much agreed on the pre-scheduling of on-air events.  I want to make sure I am doing this correctly though.  We are using hangout to meet as a team and include our clients. We wanted to use on-air as a method to record our hangouts so they could be viewed later by people who were unable to attend the hangout, ie clients who aren't able to make in.  When I try this, I get a delay if everyone doesn't join the broadcast at the same time.  Is this correct or am I missing something?
+Jeremy Roberts I experimented with the public event on air and it won't let you create the event. Just play with it and practice. You can always delete them :)
+Jeremy Roberts I have just started to use for my purposes, which is a pretty slick way of using Hangout OnAir as a platform for both public and "private" webinars. It's a little tricky at first, but generally a good way to schedule a HangOut and have people register in advance.
Does anyone have a reason why this is the process of recording a Hangout? Why isn't there a recording function on the Hangout event page? Just out of interest - I suppose there must be a reason.
Thanks for this! We are hosting our first Live Hangout today and this post has been my GO TO for getting ready.
I would love some clarification here. The link you noted earlier in this thread say" To create an event on air, click the Event options button in the create event box, click Advanced, then select 'Make this an event on air'. You can't enable on air for events you've already created." Why can't Google jsut ad a few lines explaining how the two hangout differ and how the On Air Hangout (when checked) doesn't actually queue up or setup any kind of Hangout. Further add the details of how you create the event and set it to be an On air, then when the time comes for the actual Hangout event, only then do you go start an On Air Hangout,  invite everyone who you want in, then go back and past the youtube link to the Hangout back into the original Event so people can actually find it? #Fail
David B
Hangout is a really nice feature. I like it better than Skype.
+Fraser Cain I do not understand why there is no an event choice between:
1. no hangout
2. hangout
3. HOA
It took me 3 hangouts to get it. It is a classical user mistake that could have been avoided from the beginning with a clear choice of event categories.
+Corey Snow I cannot agree more. It is a stressful situation when you are in a HOA and everybody else is in the event's hangout. It happened to me 3 times and I still feel stupid from that unpleasant experience. And I am a developer and a professor. Go figure that out.
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