How to Schedule a Hangout On Air Using Google+ Events
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Are you regularly hosting Hangouts On Air? Here's a useful tip on how to use Google+ Events to invite people to your Hangout On Air ahead of time. This way nobody will miss your Hangout, and you will have one place where all the social commentary can live. 

1. Create a public Event well in advance of your Hangout On Air.
2. Be sure NOT to select ‘Google+ Hangout’ in the Event Options.
3. When you’re ready to broadcast, create a Hangout On Air like you would today and invite your participants.
4. Copy the YouTube URL of the Hangout On Air
5. Then, edit the Event, click on ‘Event Options’ and select ‘Advanced Options’ so you see ‘Show Additional Fields’
6. Paste the Hangout On Air URL in the “YouTube URL” field
7. Now your Hangout On Air will broadcast directly to your Event page!

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