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Neat New Feature From A G+ Intern!

Now you can have even more fun with your friends on G+ :)
Suggest profile photos for your friends

Chances are you've got a favorite picture of a friend -- from a recent dinner, vacation, or party. As part of my Google internship, you can now suggest profile pictures for others!

As long as you’re in someone’s circles, just open their tagged photo in the lightbox, and click the profile icon next to their name. Your friend will receive the suggestion as a notification, and can immediately update their profile photo. Enjoy!

Adam Baylis-West's profile photoJosé carlos Lisboa's profile photoYvan da Silva's profile photoSteve Cronin's profile photo
Not bad, if you have friends who post a lot of pictures. 

I think a lot of us still suffer from "I have no real life friends on here, only people I've met through G+" syndrome.
Excellent. This gives people an easy way to get REAL profile photos up. Genius.
+Logan Cate a great way to kick start those real friends on here that never get around to adding a profile picture.
True, +Hector Hurtado, though I think it'd be nifty if I could also give them a shared circle to start with. I think a lot of people struggle with how to get started. 

"Nothing ever shows up in my stream (except you)."

My stream updates so quickly that it's hard to catch stuff. It's really not hard. A couple of good circle shares (thanks to +Amanda Blain for one of my earliest) will get you plenty of content to engage with.
That is an absolutely wonderful idea. It toys with the fact we see each other differently, so the profile picture of our really closed ones (e.g. best friends, boyfriends/girlfriends) might not reflect what we see in them, but we know about another shot that does.
Don't let anyone tell you that +Google+ doesn't respond to feedback, +Natalie Villalobos...

What I really like about this feature is that profile pictures don't just make Google+ a more attractive place: they make the experience of using +Google products richer and more intuitive across scores of app's and platforms. Now I will be able to see more of my friends when  I read my e-mails, answer my 'phone, even when I open +Google Maps... 
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