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Dang This Is Sexy - The G+ iPhone Experience
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You are right Natalie! Damn sexy!!
soo nice i like thes photos hhhhh lol
kinda salty this wasn't released on android. i mean, that's kind of a kick in the you know where!
Still disappointed in the lack of iPad support.
So, is this a joke I'm not getting or is Google seriously rolling out an iphone app before the android app?
Just wondering how deep in my palm my face should be.
I'm with +Don Wood on this one. Google's own social network app not coming to Android first?
I am with the others on this. as a devoted Android user, I feel a little shafted
Bizarre priorities, but ok, I guess I can wait. (G Nexus owner)
It's a huge change, maybe that's why they are first rolling it for iOS. Want to see the impressions. 
Apple IOS version first before Google's own Android. Really !!!
Hey...I know that bird. Yay and thanks, G+
This is the 1st really cool iPhone App from Google! Congratulations and thanks...
So iOS gets an update before Android? o.O
Very very nice!!! A totally new experience for the better. 
edgar q
First on iOS, the competitor. Thanks a lot Google.
The new look is amazing! I stopped using G+ but this new look might bring me back. This is screaming for an iPad release - its ridiculous for this new look to be iPhone only. We need this on iPad! Please!
I don't like having to click through to see the text.
We can now have no comment comments, too! (see above :-)

The overall look & feel is great. I do miss the swipe circles feature, as well as the circle rearrangement, those were really practical.

For the reader in me, if there was an option to have a less image centric and more text friendly (comments in the stream) alternate view, it would be perfect!
+Natalie Villalobos I've removed the app from my phone.
Following mostly photographers i find it's just a horrible mess of images merged together with text overlaying everything.
Having the posters profile across the whole screen and sort drop into the stream as it now does just screws up my eyes. Scrolling through the stream is dreadful!
I've gone back to accessing G+ from the phones browser, it's neat, tidy, and easy to follow who has posted what, and to see the text without it being overlay'd on a photo.
Much better than the last one. Looks modern and light. I have one or two issues regarding legibility of type over pictures, and which circles I can view or order but otherwise a great iPhone app.

Ps. Please please please do a dedicated iPad version xx
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