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What Communities Are On G+?
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Lately I've been wondering where everyone is fitting in on G+. I love the photography community and how it's grown, and have been watching the DIY/Maker and Science communities developing (both are close to my heart). But what else is out there that I can't see? How are you finding one another based on a common interest, and how are you forming a community? Is it around a Google+ Page? Hangouts? Are you meeting offline? Would love to know more details and how I can support you and your crew!


photo courtesy of +Michael O'Reilly from the HIRL at SXSW 2012
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Oh and a couple other random ones.

I think. ;)
There's a great community of Scout leaders on G+!
In my experience there's a large and active community of gamers, though it feels pretty organic. I think we mostly find each other through comments on posts rather than any kind of structured system.
I'm here to just meet new and interesting people.
I'm loving hanging out regularly with other local (and occasionally not local) photographers on G+ and in person, +Natalie Villalobos. Thanks for sharing that picture. It was great seeing so many people I've met online in person.
That guy bottom left with the goatee can't be trusted!

I guess I've been filling the Photography/DIY-Maker/Hockey/Hangout/meeting offline circle. Being in the NYC area means I get a lot of chances to meet up with people.
+Natalie Villalobos, not a graphic design "community," per se. I do know a lot of artist on here though.

Definitely the photog community makes up a HUGE percentage of G+ though. I see circles being shared a lot with tons of new and established photogs being shared.
There are a bunch of us from the Opposite Lock forum on +Jalopnik

I'm also in a decent group that got close from the NYC HIRL earlier this year.

The NFL fans are also a great group here.

All of the photography folk are fun.

With the advent of the Playoffs, the basketball people are coming out en force.
I'm working hard to bring my facebook friends here to g+
Please repeat "Power to Poster" activity. Last week I will do it on Monday you said.
+Natalie Villalobos A lot of people who started/met on Twitter came over during the beta. That's actually how I got my invite to G+!
There are a ton of musician's but it's so diverse it's hard to nail down as "community"
I try to contribute through comments. I tend to forget hashtags and get lazy about looking for my Sparks (seems like they've been relegated way under the circles navigation pull down) I think it would help a lot to use some of the whitespace for a hashtag bookmark space so as soon as I go to G+ I can jump onto my favorite discussions. Kind of like the trending list.
+Natalie Villalobos ,

There is a large community of writers on here as well, from full-time professionals , to those aspiring to be full-time writers. We use hangouts a lot. The most popular version is the #silentwritinghangout where any talking is done though the chat window of the hangout and you can either have your cam on you, or you can use the screenshare option and show others your progress.

Keeps your cursor moving and your butt in the chair writing.
+Robert Varga I wish you luck with your classroom - you can use Hangouts On Air for that now, and the screensharing functionality will really come in handy.
+Natalie Villalobos Some do. We're spread across the country, but when someone is travelling, they'll try for a HIRL. A few have arranged to take national-level training courses together.

A couple of us in particular are really excited about the roll-out of Hangouts on Air. Some of them are/were podcasters, but this is a great step forward. Hoping to help other Scout leaders deliver quality programs, and learn more ourselves.
+Rahul Roy Tell me more of this Circle Count community. What is the community like? Is there a culture to it?
There's a bunch of us "Makers" that share information. We often meet IRL at our hackerspaces or events. We get to hear what's happening at other hacker spaces on G+. +Limor Fried (Lada Ada) does her Saturday night hangout which is a cool show and tell. We've done hangouts for our +Crash Space meetings a few times, but we need to put more permanent equipment in place to make it really effective.
There is a knitting community that is starting to really grow now... It grew a lot last July/August, but kind of stagnated for a while. It is starting to pick back up.
+Natalie Villalobos when +Robert Varga mentioned there's a trance music community here, I thought that would be really interesting to check out. What's the best way for me to discover something like that here? I guess I'm asking for two cases: The case where I know about it already, and also the case where I didn't know to look for it but would be happy to stumble across it? (Sorry if those are dumb questions.)
There is an active Craft beer and Brewing community +Natalie Villalobos Need to get some beer tasting hangouts going though! #craftbeer
I probably shouldn't mention the OT community... it's like the Fight Club of G+... but I'll mention OT anyways. Basically it's the only 'Limited' only community I've found where the few hundred people all know each other because it started off with one giant Google Doc during the launch. Everyone knows each other, it's beautiful... but unlikely to happen again until we have shared circles.
+Natalie Villalobos the uk has quite a strong network of core people with lots of little local groups meeting up. Mostly finding each other through public posts and comments on them. Its a lot more organic and not so structured. I will be attending the HIRL in edinburgh in july and organising a HIRL for london later in the year. For common interests theres +Pete Wheeler with his +Shoesday page (watch out for it tomorrow) +LD Williams with his early morning daily checkin and +Claire MacRae with her #legolife (currently if you have quite a few people from the uk circled guaranteed you will see a lego avatar in there) recently there has been quite a growing number of poets #fergusmartin and +miriam dunn and my own #trollpoet who have previously not written or shared. (ok miriam dunn is a pro but thats not the point.)
+CircleCount community is about helping entire Google+ community with the helpful tools... :D
+Natalie Villalobos Great initiative trying to figure out more about communities. I wonder if anyone ever brought up about how these are the lifeblood of a social network, and that properly expanding them is maybe the biggest factor for G+'s success? ;)
+paul burns Let me know if you do - would love to get skaters getting together at skate parks and then pulling in notable skaters to come skate with folks.
i see a lot of bronies and astronomers, and from what I can tell they are in shared circles. and kind of post certain things on certain days of the week. ... it's similar to Something Awful... just a giant Vbulletin board community. We had a giant rush at the start of G+... invite contests and all sorts of goodness. Basically we had one really big docs file to export to CSV then import as a circle, and we'd keep updating it every few days during the Beta.

The big advantage of joining a pre-existing community was that we all had some really good content early on and we all sort of knew things that others were into. Getting to know them personally (instead of a vbulletin avatar) was actually really fun. :D
Yes +Natalie Villalobos I have a circle with about 560 people in it who either brew beer commercially, or Home brew as a hobby.. Hangouts tend to be thin on the ground though
are u guys on the google campus
+Natalie Villalobos I began finding a lot of the people I follow through Google News, especially tech people who are the most likely to have implemented rel=author, making them easy to Circle from the news page. Since then my discovery has largely been organic.
Yes +paul burns If we could get everyone in it out of the pub, a regular beer tasting hangout might be a possibility :)
Community, a tiny bit. We are regularly communicate and converse with our alpha tester community on G+ (because it is more instant, and allows for rapid feedback/iterations), beyond ZenDesk.

(We are developing android apps, so G+ feels like home for everbody). :)

What would help us: allowing to attach a photo to a comment (so not needing to upload & link it). But we're probably not a frequently happening use case. :)
+Natalie Villalobos I have been lucky enough to be mentored in many ways by some more experienced runners here on G+. At first +Tracie Rodriguez +Mark Stone +Jenny Darrow +Tom Runner and +Joy Giovanni were strangers. Now I interact with them on g+ almost everyday. We are all pretty far apart in the U.S. but I look forward to hanging out when we can.

I only recently got back into running and through hangouts and a G+ page (+Running for a Lifetime) we have really started to form a community as you say. I feel like I have benefited from the discussions and support I have received from not only those I mention above but the runner community on G+ in general. All thanks to G+!

How did I find this community? +Amanda Blain. Thanks again for the circle share Amanda.

Aside from that the sports fanatics are always a fun group to smack talk with. ;)
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the cooking community. There are several people posting recipes, and hosting cooking hangouts. +Shinae Choi Robinson recently had a pretty epic pho hangout that lasted 3 days, and started in Cali, but I believe it ended in Spain.
+Jake Croston is writing a Bacon & Booze cookbook, and also created , where you can participate in various cooking lessons.
+Natalie Villalobos I guess what I'm wondering re communities is whether G+ needs a feature like circles, but almost the reverse -- you add yourself to them. More like subscribing to topics. And people who want to post on that topic, can do that. This would also help people who like to post on A/B/C very unrelated topics, without every such person having to maintain a private copy of these circles themselves. The "shared circles" technique is great for a lot of purposes, and hashtags work great for many things. But some communities could probably benefit from a known place for people to gather and find each other?
+Greg Hendershott Can we then vote also, so that people who spam the topics can't do so anymore? This is web 2.0 after all..
+Neil Armstrong Would love for you to share that circle with me! What would be the ultimate thing to build that community online or offline?
Thanks for the mention +Rahul Roy!

+Natalie Villalobos it's difficult to choose the most effective thing on CircleCount.
A lot of people like the daily Cream of the Crop ( and the monthly Cream of the Crop Circle (
We have received also a great feedback on showing the shared circles, where someone has been included.
But there are a lot of other interesting things, though they are not all "community"-related, what you have initially asked for.

But +Rahul Roy has written also a lot of awesome posts here to help the Google+ community!
You might count this as part of the 'science community', but there is also a mathematical community here. Prominent members include +John Baez +David Roberts +Terence Tao and +Timothy Gowers. Aside from sharing cool mathematics, its also been a platform for spreading the word about #thecostofknowledge and #academicspring , the ongoing protest of harmful business practices of the academic publishing industry in general and Elsevier in particular.
Not sure if we have been mentioned but the +Fringe Circle is a big community on Google plus. Dedicated to the best TV show ever.

Feel free to join in.
'Tis Done, +Natalie Villalobos A great idea for the Homebrewers on G+ would be to start a brew on the same day, with the same ingredients, and then a live tasting via a Hangout? Or live brewery tours via Hangouts as well? Of course +paul burns feel free to add!
+Neil Armstrong Does the group have a fav set of microbrewers or breweries? I can't even begin to guess here as I've actually never had beer. Shhhhh.
Sean S
Wouldn't it be nice if we could put our posts into categories when we post publicly? We create custom categories. When we post, we choose a category to put the post in and then post.
When you Circle someone, you would have the option "subscribe" to the categories you want in your stream. The default would be to receive all posts in your stream.
If you are interested in photography, you can Circle a photographer. However, the person you circled may post non-photography related posts that doesn't interest you. Being able to "subscribe" to categories would solve this.
Also, when you perform a search, you can filter posts by categories and people by category.
This would not be the same as hashtags. When you post, you'd select a category (or multiple categories) from a drop down menu.
+Natalie Villalobos With so many breweries and beers to choose from, it would be impossible to pick a favourite.. Most of the Brewers on G+ are from the US, but there is a lot of shared brewing culture between the US, UK and Europe... Had a few discussions about the similarities and differences between how we all approach the subject!
I must say thanks for the mention +Angie Person, but I didn't create, just a piece of the puzzle. :)

+Chris Robinson is a great collector of different people of interest on G+ +Natalie Villalobos, and has been since the beginning.

+Jason Hurtado Daniels is doing an interesting experiment within a group of entrepreneurial minded folks.

+Rebecca Blain is doing a silent writers hangout daily.

+Moan Lisa curates pocket poems...

So many interests, so little time...

Oh, and yes, I do cook from time to time :)
It seems to be a single massive community to me.

Although bronies are fairly huge.
Hello +Natalie Villalobos ! Arrived here from +john hitchcock 's tag and found your post really interesting. I got here via a friend and have gradually increased my circles based on those who interact within the circles I'm already in. Definitely a community thing! I'm with +Sean S on the whole tagging thing, I use the #lego tag to find people who share my obsession but then the #legolife tag (which I made up) on my own posts so that people can find posts of interest to them easily (all on limited share so any Lego nuts reading this circle me of interested!)
+Jake Croston Thanks for the mention. I do tend to start up a Writing Hangout every day, although +Danielle Violot tends to start one up if I go zzzz or am not around during the day for whatever reason.

I do have specific circles for those who want invited to these hangouts though. I have had too many party crashers from open hangouts, so they're limited to circles only. That said, because I mute the circles for hangouts, I will let almost anyone who wants to write in. Just mention me in a comment if you want in.
There's a big #cycling community on G+ as well; since I only use FB for work now (and many of my IRL cycling friends haven't migrated over), I've befriended a large group of new folks. Right now we share photos on +Panda Portraits Wednesdays and +VeloThursday.
I try to bring all kinds of people together regardless of their community. Hopefully through me it will help people find each other. I'm always trying to dredge G+ in search of anyone doing something awesome and bridge different communities together. It honestly feels to me that finding real communities on G+ is hard, but it's easier in finding individuals. I'd bet that there are clusters of people with similar interests across G+, there are millions of people on here after all, but finding these clusters and even being able to identify them seems to be difficult to me.
+Natalie Villalobos I am in the Bay Area! I work in SF, but sometimes I wish I worked in the South Bay / Peninsula so I could join in on the +SF2G rides that happen every week. BTW - we're fans of the new Google mixte bicycles. :)
+Natalie Villalobos there are countless people doing interesting things on G+, the problem is just bringing them to the surface in my opinion. The biggest thing in the photography community lately has been +Chrysta Rae. She's not only interesting and well known on here but organizes one of the biggest group activities ever witnessed on G+ with her Scavenger Hunt. When it comes to musicians there are people like +Ryan Van Sickle, +HEATHER FAY, and +Rebecca Perl who are among my favourites, all of which have been on my show. Then there's +Denis Labelle who has been one of the largest voices I have been hearing on G+ in terms of helping businesses. Then there's +Mohamed Mansour 's always doing interesting things. There are also a lot of circles I could share of other people who produce great stuff who aren't really heard on G+. There's also +Ron Clifford and +Jan Kabili who do a Photoshop show.
+Natalie Villalobos I've found quite a few animal and environmental advocates and pages on Google+ ... I'm not sure if we've really got a vibrant "community" going on yet, but hopefully that will come soon. Try +Pages for Nature to find some of them collected.
Rae O.
The growing community for sports, some teams like +San Francisco 49ers have taken it on as has the +Australian Open I love sports, especially #golf. But I do not flood my stream with +Golf stories all the time.

I love the #hangouthelpers that +Billy Wilson organized and I participate in that. I love the +Secret Santa and +Covert Cupid crowd.

I also try to pull in as many local people +DeAno Jackson +Jack Durst and businesses like +KRNV News 4 & +Melissa Carlson - especially as #Reno has been in the news so much the past year (plane crash, meteor).

But mostly, I love the constant support everyone gives and receives on G+, like +Sharing is Caring on G+ .
Thanks for the mention +Billy Wilson. +Natalie Villalobos - we're finding that a lot of G+ers are interested in Photoshop and Lightroom, and are trying to help them out by doing a G+ hangout show with tutorials and well-known Photoshop experts as guests. Our special guests have included authors / photographers / instructors like +John Paul Caponigro +Sean Duggan +Jay Kinghorn +Alan Shapiro and +Richard Harrington. You can see some past episodes at and
I have a local interest group for Lake Tahoe, a good political circle and of course the photography and YouTube communities.
Heyas, are there any communities for farmers? Ranchers? This time of year I mostly am Doing from dawn to past dusk, so hangouts are not compatible with my lifestyle - unless it's blowing dust or rain too hard to get outside work done - assuming we don't lose power. :)
+Greg Hendershott Welcome to our #trancefamily :)
thanks +Robert Varga
I have 546 in my Trance circle (but growing!).
530 in my EDM circle, 558 in musicians circle, and 171 record labels or those in trance music industry that I follow..... this is just for starters!
Also have a nice circle of friends who enjoy laughter, 294 in my neuroscience circle, and 61 in my medical circles, and have an art circle.
Thanks for the mention +Billy Wilson.
Indeed, my main interest and niche is +Google+ Your Business and we are lucky to have +Toby Stein as a CM who's doing an awesome job at building the business community here on G+. I am also gradually building a business community that shares a common interest for +YouTube for Marketers, +Google Engage for Agencies, +Google Enterprise, +Think with Google, +Google Creative Sandbox and +Google Ventures. Thanks for asking +Natalie Villalobos.
I think there could be lots more communities here if we had some kind of Group/Forum feature - currently it's very difficult to get a bunch of people together round a topic.

wondering if +Bob O`Bob has seen this post.
I'm looking for tennis enthusiast group.. anything out there?
+Kevin Gault Thank you for expressing your appreciation! The >2000 international community that has been fostered is so amazing not only in the generosity of spirit and authentic engagements taking place in the threads, but in the real time support among members in each others' lives. We the brand managers are frequently moved by follow up PMs and actions (e.g. recovery of a lost G+ dog, advice of all kinds, sympathy for the sick, injured or grieving, watching newborns grow over time, ever present positive energy...). Our objectives for the brand page was surpassed within a few months. It has evolved into something much more than anticipated and there are so many tangible ideas for much more...

+Natalie Villalobos we wish brand pages can have much more functionality. We'd be more than happy to provide suggestions.
As +Meirav Berale mentioned, there are communities forming all over the place, even though the G+ tools have not supplied much at all to help. Imagine what pent-up demand [opportunity!] this probably represents. If there were virtual places, maybe they could be topic pages, where people could assemble based on shared interests, I think the excitement would be phenomenal. I have been fostering threads discussing how such things might be formed, but it's hard to get the very busy G+ team to even say whether we're wasting our time or they're interested in our ideas.
It's no secret the photography community is alive and well, and as such has many many iniatives including the upcoming 1st anniversary Photowalk being hosted in cities all over the world on June 30th. I am helping Host Toronto..
There is the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers started by +Randy Jay Braun where more experienced photographers are creating programs for groups of photographers to get involved in. I am just completing my first 8 week program for a group of 6 mentorees and many many more that are observing the program and it has been an amazing growing experience for both the mentorees and myself. On +LIFE Through The Lens Tomorrow Tuesday May 08 at 9pm on the Vidcast Network we will be featuring the mentorship program and how it is helping the community on G+
I've found, embraced and possibly helped play a role in creating a vast Android community here. So much so that myself and +Scott Anderson have started our very own Android based Hangouts On Air weekly show.
+Ron Clifford Are you all doing any offline outreach to underserved communities? Folks who may not have access to the dense network of G+ but still want to take photos or be a part of a creative community? Are you going to the G+ Photographers conference with +Scott Kelby?
+Bob O`Bob we're always interested in hearing feedback - but your right, we can't make promises on what we'll do. What we end up doing is taking insights and ideas and then when we build upon the community feedback we say so in our new feature announcements.
+blanche nonken I'm working on making a big ol' circle of farmers, urban farmers, urban gardeners, food producers, etc. Will let you know when it's good and ready.
+The G+ DogPark Have you and the group created any specifications on how to run a script to have an at home dogwatching system using Hangouts?
+Jenny Oh Hatfield Didn't know about these rides - will check it out. The new bikes are pretty rad. Perhaps one day you can come by for lunch and check 'em out :)
+Natalie Villalobos Sure thing, I'd love to! And yes, there's quite a large contingent of Google cyclists - I've become acquainted w/ several through G+!
+Natalie Villalobos - yes, we understand about the policy. But the end result is that the community of users who want to offer their experience and ideas to make G+ even better is getting short shrift, and many seem to be just giving up.
+Natalie Villalobos... I'll try to borrow my brothers internet dongle and do some HoA in Edinburgh on the move :D
You guys on G+ will most likely be a big part of what goes on here at the HIRL ^_^
I can't wait!
The Google+ search feature is a useful way of finding users or experts based on common interests. I saved searches on a number of topics, which I frequently run. I run into both interesting content and users, whom I may circle. I also +1 and join conversations by commenting on posts returned by searches. Give it a try.

In a way, search is another tool for gathering incidental nanocommunities around specific topics or content.
+Natalie Villalobos The outreach to those less fortunate or those with special needs is something that has been an idea growing in my thoughts but hasn't formed into action yet. I have taken part in +Virtual Photo Walks™ which is one of the most amazing outreaches to those who can't get outside. As far as the conference I would love to go to the conference but commitments and cost are preventing it.
Hi +Natalie Villalobos, this is actually a very good question and of course idea. Art + Design Community does not yet exist in Google+. Even though we all know each other, we are not like the photographers for example... mostly because artists are very quiet people by nature, focusing only on their work.
Still, here are many artists and designers which representing their works as well writing tutorials or sharing very interesting content related to art and design.

I have one small suggestion which is running in my mind from a long time. Would you please help to these people by few changes in your information content about: Google+ Suggestive Users
Now, I can see there are 37 people in category Art and Photography. As I was checking from 37 only 5 are related to art and design. Lets add a bit more from them in that category OR if is possible let's make another category: Art and Design. Why? Because when we talk about Art there are many sectors which can be included as traditional art, digital, sculpture, diy.. then, when we talk about Design, we have print design, advertising, architecture including interior, typography and so on. If you think that can be possible, I’ll send you links to people who can be very interesting for the new visitors as well for all others.
Still, I was very happy to see that big art networks and online magazines as +deviantART, +CGSociety, +Concept Art World, +Etsy +Computer Arts, +CGHUB, +Art Limited are already here.
They should be included in that new information content I’m asking you for... and if I go a bit deeper for sure I can give you one huge list of information related to those categories.
Well, I have many other ideas, but I think this is what should be done for now and step by step we can go even more far.

To answer your questions, how I’m finding people to follow by interest. 1st. is by checking the Google+ Recommended Users, by visiting them I make check on who they follow.. and like this for me is possible to connect many others. This is the most simple method for me, as many of us don’t use yet tags like #name of genre / for sharing information.
2nd variant is connections from sites. Now many of them have pages in Google+ this is the other way for gathering information.

Also at the end I would like to thank to +Jan Kabili for the brilliant idea by making vids about Photoshop as they are very useful for all of us, photographers, designers and painters. This is absolutely wonderful idea and I'll be watching for your next hangout. :)
+Natalie Villalobos , there is a massive gaming community (pen an dpaper, RPG type) and game design community. Also, a pretty active foodie community and a growing wine geek contigent. I've interacted with some other graphic designers, but nothing like photographers have.
+Tamara Pruessner Is there anything we can do to help it grow? I've talked to a friend of mine about some ideas - featuring pattern makers etc. What do you think?
+Chris Whissen How is the gaming community connecting? Do you all play Google+ Games at all? Stoked to hear about foodie and wine. Are there focal points for those communities?
+Leodor Selenier Great suggestions - I'll make sure the folks who curate that section of the Suggested User List hear your feedback.
+Al Navas I love this project. I like the questions your asking - it feels intimate, personal, and is exciting to hear other people's life stories. Is everyone that is featured a translator or interpretor? How are you finding folks?
+Natalie Villalobos - I think that is a great idea... I also think that if we can get some yarn shops involved, small ones and the big ones like WEBS, we could do hangouts from there - perhaps a small class even. What do you think?
+matthew rappaport You're right! Can't forget the HIRL crowd - what would take HIRL'n or Hangouts On Air for your shows to the next level? What is the next level? Do you even care what "the next level" is? ;)
+Bob O`Bob I understand your point - but setting the direction of the product and developing on the insight of the userbase is the job of the product, design, engineering, and support teams.
+Jack Durst Like that Tahoe is represented! Is there a mission for your group? Since Tahoe is a pretty intimate and close knit community I'd assume that folks in your community are more centralized than say a big urban city.
+Natalie Villalobos To be productive. Usually, we just quietly work. If someone is having trouble with something they're writing, it isn't uncommon for them to rant about it in the chat box (and thus outsource problem solving from other writers.)

Sometimes we do some idle chatting on breaks in the chat box, but the idea is to get a lot of work done. I use it as a way to keep myself focused. A lot of us use the screenshare function to keep ourselves on track. (Its a very visual way to show whether or not someone is working!)

A lot find the company (even if we don't use mics and we're working) a great change of pace. I know I appreciate just having people around while I'm working.

Of course, we sometimes do just stop for some text-based chatting now and then when we've been at it a while. There is really only a few 'rules' to the hangout.. respect each other, if people want to get work done, don't be a chatterbox in the chat, and don't open the hangout to public (too many flybys)

I tend to limit invitations to my circles and add people into my circles if they want to participate. Some people have circles for those who like silent hangouts and invite those trying to avoid those who want to chat instead of work.
+Natalie Villalobos, I'm sure some of the people are playing Google games, but the focus is on games with good old human interaction. We've been utilizing G+ to play games via hangout, get input on game and world ideas, discuss the community (social issues such as sexism and racism, game play issues, discovering IRL gaming opportunities, artwork, etc.); and generally socialize. There's also been quite a bit of growing Kickstarter funding through G+.

The foodies circles I follow share recipes, solicit ingredient/recipe device, and have hosted many chef hangouts.

The wine community I've experienced isn't nearly as involved yet - mostly discussion and announcements led by wineries with a few people hosting wine tasting hangouts and such.

There are people who seem to be widely circled figures in each of those communities, but from my perspective, none seem as organized yet as the photography community. Though the gaming community is just as active in my experience. The initial connections, especially in my gaming circles, just kind of happened. In the early days of G+ (you know, way back last year) a few people connected and then a few more and it grew organically. There was some circle sharing with the gamers, but we'd already been talking by the time that feature was implemented. The foodie circles seemed to grow alot more by circles and wine has been growing the same way. Again, from my perspective. It could seem that way because I've been involved in the gaming longer.

Hope this helps.
+Rebecca Blain Ah, I see - so you've developed more of a co-working environment as a means to encourage one another. That's really cool. Do you share your works once you're done or is it mostly just for the human quality of working with likeminded people?
+Natalie Villalobos Entirely up to the participants; some read from the sharescreen windows out of curiosity, but for the most part, we're just after working with like-minded people. :)

I have my writing on BookCountry and Authonomy, and some of the other regulars are also working toward trying to get traditionally published in either fiction or non-fiction.
+Natalie Villalobos - +WEBS - America's Yarn Store = - It is a fantastic online store to get all sorts of different types of yarns. I know a couple of ladies that used to work there. I can definitely get in touch with someone from there and see if they would be interested in doing something like this. I can also go to my LYS (local yarn store) that I frequent regularly, and talk to them as well.

Other ideas - hhmmmm... It would be a REALLY great idea to bring in the owners/administrators of the the Ravelry website - +Casey Forbes and his wife (not sure if she is on here). I can contact them through Rav since I know they aren't super active on here. It would be REALLY cool if there was a way to integrate Rav and G+ so that designers could easily showcase their patterns there, on here. But I am not sure if that is possible.
I still plan on joining up sometime +Rebecca Blain.. I need to sit down and hammer out some recipes and colorful commentary for my cookbook.
+Natalie Villalobos Hi! re: success stories - there are so many... if you are particularly interested in recovery of the NC lost dog - it is well documented via posts from the initial request for Plussers' assistance, to the dog being returned home in a little more than 24 hrs later, to the joyful community celebration. I'll send you a few of the posts via PM.

re: using hangouts as a system for remote monitoring and engaging with dogs during the work day...we didn't think Google would be thrilled to know about this innovation given the use of bandwidth involved. It's not pervasive yet but there are certainly members who believe this use of hangouts is an invaluable contribution to their (and their dogs') lives.
+The G+ DogPark I don't think we have a concern for bandwith. We're most interested in what you find to be useful given the G+ tools. And yes, would love to know more of the success stories via PM. Thanks!
+Natalie Villalobos are you suggesting Google would be interested in developing a script/app to better enable hangouts to be used for dogwatching/engagement? Now that would be groundbreaking!!!

Some have said their dogs interact with them via hangouts. I haven't done it myself though I think I'll experiment soon. My dog responds via telephone contact (barks, performs tricks etc) so it is very possible...
+Natalie Villalobos - Thank you!

You are right; everyone we interview is either an interpreter, or a translator. Each person has a unique story to share that makes them unique.

The community of interpreters and translators has grown by leaps and bounds since late 2011, when we started announcing that we would practice Consecutive interpretation in a Google+ hangout.

Normally people will add one of us, either +Gerda Prato-Espejo , +Esther Navarro-Hall , or myself. We publish links to our interviews on Twitter, Facebook (!!!) in three different interpreter groups, our blog ( and, of course, at our Google+ +Page (

We also make it a practice to publish everything related to the EPT initiative Public, so anyone can see our posts, even if they are not yet on Google+.

An indication of the popularity of our initiative is shown (to some extent) by the number of people who have added/followed our Page: From between 90 and 100 in January, to 275 people now have the +Page in their Circles.

Comparing our initiative to others, we have a relatively small Circle (around 550 or so). However, we seem to be gaining a following all around the world, which is important to us.

I got verbose - no apologies ;-) Thanks again for the work you and your colleagues do, Natalie!
+Natalie Villalobos The script used automated screen clicks to click the 'Yes' button on the "Are you still there?" question. To be honest, I haven't seen that message pop up in quite a long time. When I first noticed it, it was coincidentally right around the time I received my Hangouts On Air and assumed the two were related. Is that the case? If so, you may not need the clicking part of the script anymore.
+Natalie Villalobos Is there a mission to my local group? Mostly promoting the things my area has to offer and getting some crowsourced coverage of local issues since the MSM teds to ignore spall places like ours.
I too am eager to find a community or two to join. It's been hard recently because of school but with the semester over I do hope to find something. Noob questions: can anyone recommend how to get started?
Hi +David Arce . If you go to my About page (click on my name to the left), I posted the original link Google gave out when we arrived here last summer. Let me know what you're into and I'll share some circles with you!!!! G+ ROCKS!
There's kinda, sorta a webcomics community, but mostly people just post there stuff. It doesn't tend to get a lot deeper than that. I think the webcomics world could use some convincing to be part of G+. I'm trying, but I'm a small fish. I could point you to some webcomics circles if you were interested.
+Meg Tufano that looks like it will very helpful. Thank you very much.

I am into a lot of things, which is part of the problem. I want to do so many things yet never have the time or focus to do most of them. It's one of the things I want to address this summer. I want join a group or two and stick to it for a while. Just to mention a few: I love playing/watching sports, like running, love technology and want to read more (are there any book clubs that start you off slowly here?)

But ultimately I would like to find a group of people to have intelligent conversations about different topics like politics, sports, life, education, sex, etc. Not a group where everyone sees things the same way, there are enough of those in the internet. I actually want to seek out people that will actually disagree with me from time to time but can still have mature discussions. I have not given it my all to find such a community but I am yet to find one anywhere. Unfortunately my real life friends do not always meet this need that I have :(
+David Arce You have come to the right place! That's all I know about G+ is that it is a great place to discuss interesting ideas, meet interesting people and learn new things! Now, how to get you into circles . . . I think you'd do best to start at Public Circles. You will notice me there (I am listed as the person with the Social Media circle). But I'm not so sure you really want that yet. Check out the lists. (These are circles curated by people like me who have discovered a certain group of people seem to be into the same thing and others might like to find them.) For example, there's even a Baseball Public Circle if that's the sport you like! As you respond to the people who are in that circle, people will start circling you. At the beginning? I just let anyone who wanted to circle me do so. But there's a 5000 person limit to people I can have in my circles (there's no limit (that I know about) to how many people can have you in their circles). As you go along, you might notice that certain people seem to just "resonate" with you; and then you might want to put them in a "Might be Friends" circle or something like that. It's really up to you which is a good thing; and also takes a little time to figure out. But go add some circles and start slow. Happy Googling!
Has anyone made any sort of "directory" of the G+ pages which people have started specifically to give homes to discussion communities?

G+ pages seem to be one of the best partial work-arounds for not having discoverable, identified, public communities.
+Bob O`Bob G+ Pages aren't really up and running (as far as I can see) yet as places to go for specific engagement (and if you find anything, definitely let me know). (And I'm on here a lot.) The best experience on G+ is that you can meet so many interesting people. Of course you have to go take a peek at +Guy Kawasaki (he's a co-founder of Apple and wrote the book, "Enchantment.") He curates wonderful things, but you see that kind of engagement is more like dipping into a beautiful living magazine (he cannot respond to his millions of followers for obvious reasons). But then there are the Engagers circles (you can find them on Circle Count. Pick people who are engaging, but maybe don't have a million followers (I think 500 might be nice to start (at least those 500 people think this person is worth reading). Google has sort of let this whole thing grow as it will: I think it's "crowd-sourcing" its organization as it goes along, see what works by letting we geniuses try stuff out. I love it! ;')
+Natalie Villalobos I stand corrected. Here is his description of his experience, one well worth sharing (from "Enchantment" p. xix). Boich (his roommate) showed him a MacIntosh computer.

"A few minutes of Boiche's demo convinced me of two things: First, the Macintosh would make people more creative and productive than they'd ever dreamed; and second, I wanted to work for Apple. Boich got me a job in the Macintosh Division, and my mission was to convince developers to create Macintosh-compatible products. I used fervor and zeal to make them believe in the Macintosh as much as I did."

"This job marked the beginning of a twenty-five-year fascination with the art of enchantment. I define enchantment as the process of delighting people with a product, service, organization, or idea. The outcome of enchantment is voluntary and long-lasting support that is mutually beneficial."

Isn't that a delightful and enchanting way to spend your life? ;')
+Natalie Villalobos Hey, Natalie! One Sunday a month, whoever wants to participate cooks a particular dish (and maybe a side as well) with me, and we share notes, pictures, people ask me questions, here on our feed. It's not a hangout - more a self-paced cookalong with me as a guide.

I pick the menu with people's feedback, and then in the week or two leading up to the day, I provide recipes, helpful information, and a schedule, and we cook!

Here's an outline post of the last cookalong, which was for fish tacos:

The first one was for pho. :)
I know that using an "organization" G+ Page is only a stop-gap, but I've started one specifically for discussing suggestions of community features for G+ itself. Maybe a new kind of page, maybe a new interpretation of attaching streams to search results ... there are bound to be more good suggestions. +G+ Community Builders
+Natalie Villalobos The Steampunk Treehouse is in good hands. It's a perfect little spot to meet and get a different perspective on the world. Drop by some time and we'll climb the stairs and share a beer!
Hashtags, Google+ searches, shared circles, and people already connected with other people in a community seem to be how I find little micro-communities within G+.

I think it'd be helpful if we could choose to receive notifications about hangouts started by specific people, or circles. (I've submitted feedback about this previously.) There are Chrome extensions that do it, but native G+ support would bring that feature to everyone.

Reason being, I've noticed that if someone starts a hangout about a topic it's often easy to miss unless you're on at the time they start it and looking in a place where you can see it, so it'd be easier if you could choose to be notified about hangouts more easily.

I also feel it'd be easier to see hangouts if, when on the hangout page, it showed what it shows now, but clicking "View more" expanded hangouts like what you see on the hangouts page already (i.e. a nice little grid list), since it's easier to scan through hangouts listed that way rather than looking through a stream of posts (which is what you see when you currently click view more).

I think that'd be a nice feature for hashtags or keywords, too--notifications when certain people share a post that has a certain keyword or hashtag in it. (And by notifications, I mean in the little box in the top right--the one that shows on G+, Google search, and Gmail.)

Or something like the ability to create a circle (or a search) that filters based on a criteria you select (i.e. Show posts that mention these keywords; etc), rather than just adding specific people to a circle (which is one way to filter). More granular filters would work, too. I.e. After you add someone to a circle, you can create filters for that circle such as "only show posts from [person] that contain [keyword 1], [keyword 2]", etc.

These ideas are mostly about making it easy to find things relevant to you. Looking through streams can work, but it takes time, and sometimes you just want to hear what someone says about a certain topic (some people post about lots of different things).

I think a strength of G+ isn't so much connecting with people you already know (though it does that well), but helping you find and connect with people you might not know that share interests you have.
+Natalie Villalobos, you asked earlier in the comment thread if there's a graphic design community.

Well, it depends how you define "community" (sort of a flexible word), but as a subset to the graphic design community, I know that there's people on G+ who use or are interested in the GIMP, an open-source image editing program.

E.g. There's the #GIMP hashtag and the +GIMP page. I also know of at least one person (+Alex Standiford from who shares GIMP-related content (or links to said content) on G+. I think he's also done a few hangouts on the subject of GIMP.

And I'm sure there are plenty of Photoshop people around.

As I said in my previous post, I think people tend to find each other through hashtags and G+ searches, and gather around pages and people that share content related to a subject they're interested in (and people then re-share that content and more people see it).

What would be interesting is if we had an easier way to access and perhaps add to shared circles as a community.

Not sure how that would be implemented, but a list of all (publicly) shared circles would be nice, but we'd need to be able to filter through it with keywords and other criteria. [I know those lists exist elsewhere, but I think there's something nice about native support for certain things.] Then maybe whoever created the shared circle could invite other people to help curate it (sort of like what we can do with pages).

For me, shared circles was how my G+ stream started to get some really nice content in it (i.e. Robert Scoble shared his photographer circle, which introduced me to the photographer community).

The most interesting thing I've noticed is that, at least for some things, I prefer using G+ to find interesting things more than using Google search. But it's not something I actively have to "do" per say--these interesting things come to me as a result of the people I've circled and discovered.
+Natalie Villalobos you asked me earlier in this thread what could +Google+ do to promote golf, as a community. Well, you've done it! +Tiger Woods doing his first ever #tigerhangout on Tuesday May 29th and I'm included as one of the participants!!
I have some largish Dr Who circles (curse that 500 limit) stuffed full of awesome people. :)
+Natalie Villalobos just mentioned this to a naturist friend I'm chatting with.. who complained that Google is particularly hard on the naturist community (which numbers tens of thousands on facebook), and directed me to this post by way of example:


What a joke!  G+ AGAIN sispended our All-Nudist Page, and we haven't even posted any content there! The last time they did that we removed everything that even Grandma Moses might object to and haven't added anything since.  They gave it back then took it away again for no reason.

Is it any wonder that we don't deal with this lame outfit?  Had decided to give it a try again but why bother?

We've upgraded our webiste, it's at now; bigger and better!

And doing JUST fine without G+!   (Oh gawd, I'd forgotten how slow and clumsy it is just to upload a pic!)  See ya on Facebook!

#allnudist  #nudist #naturist
+Fulvio Gerardi All content posted on Google+ needs to follow our Terms of Services, plain and simple. I'm all for celebrating diversity and different cultures, but we have rules and terms so that people of all ages can enjoy great content.
So you're saying certain words are taboo then? And the reference to age implies some people are old enough to be here, yet too young to read about the lifestyle they may actually be living? Frankly I'm disappointed at the attitude of cultural imperialism that suggests, +Natalie Villalobos. :(
+Fulvio Gerardi I didn't say anything about words being taboo. I said all content posted on Google+ needs to follow our Terms of Service. I think you're reading too much into what I said instead of taking it at face value?
Perhaps I am, but when I'm told that accounts are shut down which do not contain images Google has declared offensive, what does that leave? Especially when I know of instances within the #OGC  movement where the same thing happened?
+Natalie Villalobos for some time I have tried to build up a writers community, via a page called +Writ. In fact it was THE place for writers on G+ when all four managers and myself were active on it. The drawback was that we couldn't keep posting so that others could make comments. Posting just to give others a place to comment got repetitive as well.

So I am transferring Writ over to a Community. This will be great because it will be a real community of writers on G+, and will not be waiting on me posting to a page all the time. It means autonomy from myself, which means culture, not dependency.
Ah, the perennial problem on every group, forum, list or whatever, +Jacob Dix. Communities won't fix that, but they should make it easier... once Google iron out the glaring holes in the concept anyway.
No, communities won't fix all my problems. But it will solve the one problem that my page suffered from: the inability of others to start a conversation, under the Writ roof. It required me. And so I got four managers, so we could all share the load of posts, and people interacted like crazy. Writers write!

I'm not really interested in glaring holes. Solutions, solutions. What can we do with what we got? I've given Google solutions, and I've worked around the problems they present me, given my goals. I think waiting for them to fix things until they are perfect before I am satisfied that a particular group will be easy.... well, people like that don't build anything.
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