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great to see the power in the message
Since they've turned most of these windows in Amsterdam into art spaces, expect to see more like this and should.
A very interesting video and reaction. I was surprised by the end.
Oh, god. You're right. Thanks for tagging me. I totally burst into sobs at the end. heavy exhale
As soon as the noise (Some people keep insisting on calling it music) started, I skipped to the end. Sorry.
Footnote to this from a city I love, that AMS has actively worked to reduce sex tourism by turning windows like this into performance spaces like the video shows. Some seedy strip club in any given town is a different place than the streets of AMS and where the film crew would get their teeth kicked in for turning the cameras on.

Hope the web learned from Kuny that slacktivism of +1'ing a video isn't real change. Get involved here

and props to +Natalie Villalobos for posting this.
I know this is a serious issue, but when I read the line "Sadly they end up here", I automatically thought "... in this art space having seizures to random noises."
Nice bait and switch on the street audience.
not so nice bait and switch on the trafficked girls
rachel bloom might something on this already poor lads
fun watch though I wonder if it actually accomplishes it's purpose
Awesome! Just watch the faces of the people when they get the message is incredible.
this is not what i expected, i now feel empathy towards these women. Stand tall sistas!
The fact that human trafficking occurs in progressive, modern countries like the Netherlands is a shame. I don't mean "a shame" as in "oh that's too bad", I mean we all should feel deep, genuine embarrassment, humiliation and dishonor that we let this occur. Shame on us. Shame on us.
Please tell me is human trafficking only befall to women?
oops.................. soooo....... interesting
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