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Power To The Poster
a bi-weekly series where YOU are front-and-center

Today is "Power to the Poster" which occurs twice per month on Mondays. This post is where we can create a dialogue around your thoughts and feelings about G+ (the community, features, etc.), and where you can ask for help with whatever you or your friends might need. If you know the answer to a question in the comments feel free to pop-in and help - I will certainly do my best to answer everything as thoroughly as possible. So what are you waiting for? Leave a comment!

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Is there a reason soundcloud is not an embedded function already?
Will there be a way to add 1 image to multiple albums? (sorry if a way currently exists and I don't know it)
This would be helpful for keeping an images +1's & comments but categorize it in 2 areas. Thanks!
still hoping to get +Chirag Mehta 's plus minus extension running again. Then I would have found this post sooner.
«which occurs twice per month on Mondays»
Why then you consistently post it on Tuesdays? Have google thought about having a European community manager?
I've been sending feedback about muting specific keywords/hashtags. I think this would work great in the G+ community, where some posts can be offensive, repetitious, or simply uninteresting to the user, without uncircling the person/blocking them entirely.

What do you think, +Natalie Villalobos?
I love G+ and deleted my Facebook for it. Looking forward to see how it integrates with everything in the future. The latest update to the UI is okay, but I really am not a fan to be honest. It still looks tons better than Facebook, but it is now not minimalistic at all and could really use some work in my opinion. The other things I'm looking forward to seeing are Google Docs sharing to circles, and Google Calendar integration.
Plus, I think the big thing that will really make a difference is an API for posting. Many of my friends have account but don't use them, but they use Facebook all the time. If they could post to both Facebook and Google+ from one source then it might make a big difference. Some even told me that directly.
Is there any chance people using non English interface will get the same functionalities as those using English one?
Have you at least tested it?
Is there a way to choose the circles to sync with contacts on Android running ICS? The contacts go there with no name. And if you circle thousands of people I believe this might be a problem. And, +Natalie Villalobos thank you. #powertotheposter is a great initiative coming from you.
This isn't a google pluys thing specifically, but I'd love it if I could organize the black bar at the top the same way I can organize my G+ dock on the left. I don't need search and images up there, but I use reader all the time. A bit more customizability would be great.
Why is the Whitespace still there? :D
I would love to be able to use a higher resolution photo. Be better than FB... give us at least 8MP. If I remember correctly FB and G+ does 3MP pictures which is a little disappointing after taking pictures at 36MP...
+Jeyson Lopes Yeah, it does let you choose circles to display. Menu > Contacts to display > Customize > Google+ account
Sean S
Search and filter people and pages separately
Be able to search for people and pages separately.
I want to find local pages (restaurants, etc.) to follow by typing my city,state but pages gets burried with all the people.
Sean S
Display how many people and who in a certain Circle also have me in their Circle.
Here are my main issues:

-Chat has to seriously be better integrated across Gmail and G+. If I'm on G+ I can't have group chat but if I open Gmail I can? What's this about?

-While looking at pictures on Lightbox I can't plus one comments. Fix this please. It's annoying to get out of Lightbox mode to just plus one a comment.

A readit/view it later option. I go thru "Explore" (initially wats hot) stream so many time daily...and find so much interesting content to read or watch...but sometime its not possible at that very moment....if I had an option to some how bookmark it on g+ for later sure this feature would be help ful to many users...
Sean S
Find posts near me
Be able to discover posts near me without searching.
For those on a PC, location information can be taken from the "Lives in" under "Places lived" on the profile page or they would be able to enter a location manually when they post. The person creating the post would have the option to allow people to find posts near them.
When Google removed the ability to add location for Pages from the website, it made Pages useless for my location-based blogs. And impossible to get feedback from the locals checking the "nearby" stream. This was such an incredibly useful feature ... Why did you remove it??? :'(

And now, to attach my location to posts on my main profile, I have to post a blank post from my phone, then edit the post on my computer ... It was perfect, and now it's convoluted.
Also, I once I get more than one chat open, the chat boxes start covering the content and it gets really cluttered. That even happens with just one box sometimes. My solution is to use the chat box and have it vertically collapse in order to conserve horizontal space. All the conversations would take place there. It's already very high as it is, so it could display a normal amount of space for my chat contacts on the top, and hold a few open conversations on the bottom.
Oh! Last one: I had an idea for an Android app years ago but I can't program for it. We have a lot of data, but it is all just attached to us. Why not attach public data to locations? Stand under a tree and take a picture of a sunset, post it publicly, and when you walk by that tree with your phone you'll get a ping saying there's something there. Then you can open it up and see the photo, or note, or whatever. It could be used for all sorts of things.
Alex D
When I'm on Gmail, I see my G+ notification counter. Why doesn't it work the other way around? There's all that blank space there -> on the right. New mails, summary of the agenda, to do list. that would be nice. right there -> yes, there->
:) Please? Pretty please?
I'd love to see the black bars removed from photos in portrait orientation.
I should premise all this with the fact that I can't talk about what could happen with G+. In general, Googlers don't speak about the future release of our products and services. Thus, it's better to ask questions about the current G+ functionality.
Okay one more. This is it I promise. I was really looking forward to the huge UI beautification of Google, but the beautiful gray and white got put back to the old black navigation bar again. When is the new one coming back?
Sean S
Post publicly but not to certain Circles/people
I use Google Plus mainly to share photos and videos with family.
If wanted to post publicly, I don't want my family to be able to see what I post. There are certain things you don't want to share with family.
I want to be able to post publicly but not to certain Circles/people.
The public post would not be sent to those Circles/people you exclude.
Also be able to hide the "Posts" tab on the profile page.
The public post would appear in search.
Can you help get f1 more involved? ; )
Thanks Natalie, I'll check with Brian. :)
I do have one for the android folks just mentioned: some how since joining G+ my "me" contact has gone and changed the spelling of my last name to "Stewart". I've looked into all sync'd accounts and found nothing weird... any idea?
Sean S
+Natalie Villalobos ,
There is an issue with sharing to email addresses.
I have a Circle with four family members. Two of them have a Google+ profile. The other two (my sister and brother) was added to my Circle by email (they don't have Google+ profiles).
When I share to this Circle, at least one of the two people who I added by email never receives my post in their email (I haven't asked my sister whether she received the email). I know my brother isn't receiving the post in his email. So I have to share with him separately. If I share to my brother by typing his email into the "+ Add names, circles, or email addresses" field, then he receive my post.
What I've noticed is how it treats their e-mails. Let's assume she is receiving the post in her email.
Her e-mail (Yahoo) doesn't have any Google account attached to it.
His e-mail (Yahoo) has a YouTube account attached to it but he is not receiving the post in his email.
Also, when I click on this particular Circle at the top of the Google+ page and I click on my sister's avatar, nothing happens because she doesn't have a Google account. But when I click on my brother's avatar, it takes me to a "Profile not found" page.
Maybe it is seeing his email as a Google account and not sending the post to him by email.
+Natalie Villalobos Exactly the same issues. Even if in configuration I have English as my second language, I don't get neither what's hot nor trending topics, because I have configured my interface not in English. Why the hell do you even ask me for other languages, if you don't use this information at all?
I mean, I can understand you think someone who only speaks, let's say, Italian, should not see English trending topics, but is there any reasonable reason, if they also read English, they can not see them?
Sean S
Thai name not shown correctly
I have a friend in my Circle from Thailand. His name on Google+ is in a Thai character. On his posts, his name is displayed correctly. But on his profile page, his first and last name at the top of the page is combined into one. For example, if the name is "John Smith" the name is displayed "John Smith" in the post but shown as "JohnSmith" on the profile page.
Sean S
Add links to Education and Employment
The schools listed under "Education" and place of employment listed under "Employment" should be clickable and have links to the website of those schools and place of employment.
If the school or place of employment isn't recognized by Google, we should be able to add URL.
I've been waiting for this!

Genres for What's Hot
Allow me to sort What's Hot by Genres so that I can see what the most popular stories regarding things like tech or a trending topic are. A lot of the current hot things are those pictures with quotations on them, but maybe I'd like to see some other things. Could also let me sort posts in searches/trends by popularity instead of recentness.

Let me invite people/circles from G+ to events on my calendar, or share a calendar with a circle, and maybe make event pages that can be shared and can appear on my profile (like "Jon will be attending Concert" or "Jon is currently at Birthday Party"). Event pages can have their own streams that draw in posts tagged with an event, I could share posts to the attendees of an event, and check-ins to an event could be listed on the page somewhere.

Bookmark/Trail Marker/Pin/Whatever
Set one of these on a post and return there later by clicking a button. the button appears next to the settings button and either says “Return to bookmark” or has a picture of a bookmark. When clicked, the stream loads the bookmarked post as well as a few before and after it, and new posts are loaded as you scroll up or down from there. The post also has the bookmark removed when you click the button to return there.


Add an option to the context menu of each post that allows you to favorite it. favorites appear in a section on your profile for later viewing and perusing
Public circles

Shared circles are fine if you want to give other people an idea of interesting people to follow, but the problem is once you claim a shared circle, you have to maintain it from then on. Public circles differ from regular circles in 3 important ways. Firstly, public circles have their name visible to whoever they are shared with. Second, if (A) claims a shared public circle and the original creator of that circle (B) updates it later, (A)’s copy will automatically be updated as well. Third, public circles can be copied from a profile anytime, as opposed to just when they are shared in a post. That way, if someone has a good circle of photographers that they want to share with people, they can promise “I’ll be updating this circle as I find more good photographers on G+” and the users who copy that circle won’t have to go back to that person’s profile to recopy the circle. On a person’s profile, the list of public circles would appear under the “x in his/her circles Y have him/her in circles” lists, with the name, number of people, and possibly pictures of some of the people, with a copy link.


Make a combination of circles and pages called communities. People and pages both can join communities, so I could go to a community and find pages relevant to that community, a stream of relevant posts, photos, and videos, currently running hangouts as well as previously run hangouts on air, etc. There would be both Google+ default communities of various genres (like a "Photography" community, a "Youtube" community, a "Tech" community, etc.) and users/pages could make their own communities.

If you want more ideas/clarification about any of the above +Natalie Villalobos just ask and I'll give.
+Natalie Villalobos
Some features I requested last time around, just repeating them:
1) Much Better Calendar integration (Future Hangouts, Birthdays, Events,...).
2) Android Tablet should be much better than it is today.
+Natalie Villalobos There have been times when I've seen spam or something hateful and wanted to block the person. I wish I could block people right at the post (in the same way you can flag a post as inappropriate), rather than having to go to the offender's profile to block them.
+Natalie Villalobos Two things I would like Google+ to do: 1) Events and Birthdays for G+. Perhaps integrate Calendar with G+ more, as users above have suggested. 2) Create a better iPad app.
Find some way to get innactive users to check Google+. Maybe have a basic stream that can be viewed in Gmail like Google Buzz was?
Wish list:

1. A "limited stream". If people are posting things "public" it clearly isn't personal to me. I'd love to have a place to go where I could just see the stuff that's personal or specific to me - only limited content. Looking for recommendations on restaurants and other public things is fundamentally different than wanting to see which of my friends is having a baby or some other significant personal life experience.

2. A legit iPad app... Just sayin...

3. Unified contact management across google - use the circles metaphor (and UI) for all contact management.

3a. "Smart Circles" with rules. Like the circle of "people who have emailed me" or "people who have been cc:ed on emails to me" or "people who have commented on my public posts"

4. Integrate google groups into circles. There are a lot of real world groupings that you don't have control of who is a member - that hashing club you joined, or a charity you're working with. Right now the head of the org would need to reshape a circle every time there's a change in the roster. Groups already provides management tools for bringing people into and dismissing them from groups like this - just make it a circle so we can share with them.

5. Granular gchat availability by circle. During the day my "Work" circle sees a green "available" while everyone else sees "Busy". Hit 5:00 and it switches.

5a. Better indication of when friends are available in the stream - if I'm commenting on a friends post there should be a green badge that shows he/she is online.

5b. Some indicator when a significant percentage of a circle is available - say 80%. If 5 out of 6 of my best friends happen to be online at the same time, I'd love to know that at a glance so I could start a hangout.
When I'm in the middle of reading a thread of 500 comments, and decide I'm done, is there an easy way to collapse them without having to scroll back to the top?
+Gwen Martinez If you press "J" it goes down to the next post (and skips all the remaining comments) or you can press "K" and it goes to the post directly above it. (This works if you are just reading and don't have the comment box open)
Sean S
I agree with +Gwen Martinez . Sometimes I'm reading comments and want to collapse the comments without having to scroll to the top or bottom. This is useful when a post has many comments.
The only work around now is to press "J" on the keyboard and press the up arrow key.
Is there a way to adjust webcam brightness while in a Google Hangout?
Sean S
+Joseph Ree, you should be able to adjust your webcam brightness using your webcam software.
And, is there a way to merge Gmail contacts and Google Plus contacts so that the same contact doesn't appear twice in chat?
Photos from your circles was good but with the new interface it has removed. Please bring it back with a Pinterest design. And the photo viewer on Google+ the black thing looks bad. And integration to Google calender and G+ Events. 
+Marc Steinberg Currently on the little drop down arrow on the post you can Report Abuse. Is that where you'd like to see a Block option too? Why wouldn't you also just take them out of your circles?
A few thoughts..

1) On my high-end mobile smartphone, a bit too much vertical real estate is taken up by posts. Perhaps the thumbnail size for graphics can either be reduced by maybe 20%, or G+ can wrap text around the right side of the thumbnails to more efficiently use vertical space.

2) Related to the above is that sometimes we miss interesting posts because we may only check into G+ once a day and the interesting postings have "scrolled off the bottom" of our input stream. There are a few ways to fix this and I think the G+ team is very capable of coming up with a solution.

3) I think it would be good if G+ could make it clear to smartphone users that what may be perceived as a lower level of functionality for G+ on mobile devices vs. laptops may be due to the version of Android their smartphone is running. For example, I thought that my inability to Copy from the G+ text was simply a missing G+ feature for mobile platforms, but I suspect that my phone's Android 2.3.4 version may be the real issue. My phone should be getting upgraded to ICS within a month and wouldn't be surprised to see the G+ experience on my smartphone improve dramatically.

4) Google employees which post "officially" on G+, whether they are the G+ Community Manager or the Android Developer Relations Manager, tend to make postings in two distinct categories: 1) Those related to their job/title/role, and 2) casual postings as an individual. Perhaps G+ could think through its vision/roadmap and support the concept of users being able to define and assume multiple personas. They could then select a persona appropriate for the posting they are about to make. Other users could then add one or more of a user's personas to various circles as opposed to all of their personas. This would give us a bit more fine-grained control over our input streams, and reduce the number of uninteresting postings in our input streams while also making better use of precious screen real estate. (It should work the same for other, non-Google G+ people - they may post on topics related to their profession (technical postings), and others on their personal life (weekend highlights).
+Natalie Villalobos : similar to the Tweetdeck app function: you can insert a keyword, phrase, or hashtag which you can mute. You won't see any posts or updates containing that specific word. Many times, I like the circler, but sometimes (and some posts) are offensive, or I've seen x amount of posts about Caturday or something. (Don't hurt me, G+. I do love cats though.) I can simply type in what I want to exclude from posts, and won't see it in my stream.
Currently though, I'm having issues with seeing reshares from someone I circled of a person which I blocked. Sometimes I see blocked people in comments as well (on a mutual friends post.) I would rather not see a blocked person at all. If I block someone, I don't want to see any of their posts or comments anywhere. I don't know if this is a bug, or how it works on G+ though.
+Marc Steinberg and +Natalie Villalobos One can block already from one's own posts and comment threads: What Marc means (?) is to be able to block someone from other people's posts. That is not possible without going to that person's profile. Perhaps it's a good thing? To check the profile before blocking and reporting...
One thing I'd like to see on the business pages (I know +Chris Lang agrees) is the ability to post only to those who have circled the page without having circled them back. Special offers or a bit of 'inside info'. That's a way to entice people to circle a page, otherwise there's no point, is there +Natalie Villalobos?
Also WYSIWYG! :D Hangouts on Air to Finland...
The videos which uploaded to Google+ can be a Youtube video, not Picasa. I usually use Youtube to upload video but if I want to upload to Google+ I want to use Youtube features.
Speech to text.

Profile subscriptions, so over 100 people can be notified.
Let those of us who are stuck on Catch 22 with suspended youtube accounts (complaints against mine retracted, but still suspended), pay a fee, or donate to a charity, so our youtube accounts can be unlinked from our google accounts. So we can do Hangouts on Air and rent movies on Google Play.
Smart circles. Let us define rules for circles -- people we currently follow will be sorted into these circles as the meet the defined conditions (people who have commented on my posts / in the last X days / people who have posted on this topic / people who also circle / etc).

If I could do this, I'd let rules define all but my closest circles.
I would like to have sub albums for pictures or some other more structured system for organizing albums. It will get confusing when album count expands and they are all on the same flat level.
How about mobile picture upload to a specific album? It's now impossible at least with iPhone app.
good morning !
about Photography organizing in G+ albums
i still do this in my legacy Picasa Web Albums because it very simple and fast there. To bring one image from bottom to top in the new G+ albums is just very difficult and inconvenient way when you have more the 20 images in album..
thank you !
I'd like to see more ways to control spam, trollers, and harassers. Yes, they can be blocked, but for high-volume folks, it's pathetic the way comments max out to 500 with a bunch of crap so fast. Some high-profile women I know have given up on blocking all of the creepy comments they get, because there are just too many. It reduces their ability to intelligently discuss anything.

Yes, we could set it so only certain people can comment, but then we'd have to circle every legitimate fan/friend/etc. The whole point of making a public post is so the public can comment, but those who are spammers, trollers, and harassers shouldn't get to drown out popular conversations.

First of all, the Report list should include Harassment as several people have been requesting for months. This is important because when Google looks at an account accused of spam, it's usually pretty easy to see it as spam and delete it, but harassers frequently look "normal" in their general posts and it's only in comments where they get their serious creep on. Right now harassers get away with it if they're not clearly posting hate speech or spam or another reportable offense. Make harassment an offense and if enough people report someone, do something about it.

Secondly, having some kind of karma or other approval system in comments would help. Then high-profile folks can still invite the public to comment, but set a threshold so that people with people below a specified karma value can't.

G+ is better than other social networks because there's a higher intellect level for the most part, but that's at risk if conversations continue to be drowned out or shut down because of miscreants.

+Gaurang Dave There is a workaround to do that. Add yourself to a circle and share those posts you want to read later to back to you. since it was shared by you to you, it will show up in that circle.
i still want to be able to edit with whom i share after posting it. sometimes we change our minds with whom we want to share and can't do anything about it, the only option being deleting the post and sharing it again, but then we would loose all the +1's and comments..
+Jessica Meyer If I am not mistaken, plus mentioning someone in the comment of your post will add that person or group to the post. It would be nice to be able to remove people too, but dunno how useful that would really be.
+brad tee yes, i believe plus mentioning someone adds them, but you can't plus mention a circle.. :( nor as you said exclude someone/a circle after you post.
fb is allowing it and it seems to work well there..
if we can edit the content of a post here, why not add/exclude circles to/from them as well? ;)
Another week has passed and I still hate how the new Google+ looks like. Minimalism ftw!
When posting a photo, there should be some way of adding it to an existing album. It is currently possible to post photos only to album "Photos from posts", or create a new one. Also, photos in "Photos from posts" can't apparently be moved to other albums, which would be very useful.
+Natalie Villalobos First, thanks for responding. I love that you do this.

Second, no. I'm not looking for the Block option in the pull down where you can report abuse. I'd like for the Block option to be in the same place with the "Flag as inappropriate" flag within the individual replies.

If it was someone in my circle making a nasty comment I would certainly uncircle them, but sometimes the nasty comment could come from outside my circles - or not even on my own post - and if its nasty enough (e.g., racist or otherwise hateful), I'd like to block them so I don't ever see their comments on anyone's posts.

Again, thanks so much for seeking input from the community!
I would like the desktop site to work on iPad3 without crashing. And I am sure one or two others would too! :)
I would appreciate Messenger to also work on the desktop
Country-specific lists of what's trending (like Twitter does)!. I'm not bothered about what's trending on Google+ in the USA or even worldwide, I'd like to see what's hot on Google+ in the UK.
Feed Saved Search output into the main stream using the same kind of volume control slider as for circles. Put the list of saved searches into the white space. It's too awkward to have to go via the main stream to get from one to the next. The previous UI worked much better for this.
+Tino Kremer i had a similar idea. always wanted a feature that would allow the people in my circles to choose which of my 'shared' circles they would like to follow.

(it would also work if they could filter posts by tags..)

this way i could still post publicly about everything and my circlers could select which of my circles they would be interested to follow.

i have some friends that are not interested in robotics but they receive all of my tech posts.. and if i posted only to my robotic circle, the post wouldn't have the same reach..

the 'exclude' circle idea by +Sean S would also work.
oh it would also be very useful if we could share specific photos from a private album. sometimes we don't want to share the whole album, but just some photos in it. the visibility propriety could be photo specific.
If Google were 'Listening", then they'd have had support for Linux with Google Drive ... or at the very least they would have announced that they were working on it and maybe even provided a timeline ... but no, after 2 weeks of Linux users asking Google about Drive support there is still only deafening silence out of Google.

You're not fooling anyone (ok, maybe you are) with this "power to the poster" nonsense.
Open which is this post. Note what's visible at the bottom of the web page, e.g. "96 comments". Page down, either with the keyboard or by clicking in the scrollbar below the thumb's current position at the top. Note what's visible at the top and slowly scroll up to show how much has been taken away from you by the black bar, the search box, and the "Natalie Villalobos" banner. For me, it's the first two comments missed. It renders Page Up/Down useless. They exist for a reason.
Being able to post pictures and video in comments please.
+Eduardo Chavez Google+ used to have a near-perfect solution for this: Pages. I created a Page called +Brandon Petaccio (Politics) where I would post my political blog so that I wouldn't bother my friends who don't care about politics, but I could still post publicly and get input from locals.

Now, however, Google removed the "add location" feature from the website, and it's impossible to add your location to posts on your Pages.

So Google had a solution for you. And now, if you still want input from locals, there is no solution any longer.
Bring back being able to remove the description from a link!
+Argent Stonecutter Or how about the ability to edit the description, like Facebook? Sometimes titles are too long ... would be nice to be able to abbreviate them. Advantage: Facebook.
A group of us got some improvement ideas together in two articles:
Part 1:

+Brian Gundersen – Nested Circles
+Giselle Minoli – (Enhanced Tools for Wordsmiths)
+Miguel Rodriguez – Preview function
+Gideon Rosenblatt – Venn Diagramming Circles
+Thomas Morffew – Mobile Page Management
+Rod Dunne – What’s Hot in Your Circles
+Sophie Wrobel – Comments management
+Susanne Ramharter – Bookmarking posts, Filter circle or streams on tags or keywords
+Evo Terra – Squishing Gnats / Banning Trolls
+Fraser Cain – Better notification system
+Mark Traphagen – Analytics for pages and profiles
Part 2:

Jaana Nyström - Language selection
Lars Fosdal - Categories with auto-complete
pio dal cin - Day based timeline of notifications
Jack C Crawford – Logical operations with circles
Susanne Ramharter – Define categories for communities
Brian Gundersen - Share to Followers
Miguel Rodriguez - Exposing thematic streams to followers.
paul stickland - Split screen, Bookmarks, Stream time start and integration with Google docs presentations
jUKKA Kansanaho - Google+ client for Windows mobile phones
Giselle Minoli – The Art of Sorting: People vs. CirclesHope you check them out.
Actually +Natalie Villalobos I am hosting my own Hangout with other G+ power users talking about what we would like to see Google+ do to serve us all better. My profile, HOA at 1 EST today.

If I have a panelist seat open maybe you would like to join?
+Jessica Meyer You can share just one individual photo from a 'limited' album, I've been doing that for a while already.
That was a feature I requested several times ages ago, it was rolled out in relative silence.
Open the image in the lightroom and you can see the 'share' button on the bottom right. Sharing that image only, not the whole album.
I hope this helps!
+Jaana Nyström oh nice! last time i tried it i think it shared the whole album content.. will try that now! thanks for the news :)
+Jon Lambert I read the original post by the original poster in the original thread on the day it was posted ... since then there hasn't been a peep out of Google as to the status of the Linux client.

Does't take two weeks to come up with a statement as to when this project will actually start.

All that statement was, was a recognition that #DriveForLinux had hit the top trending topics and someone had to throw some 'SOP' to Linux supporters to shut them up for a while.
+Jaana Nyström the photo gets copied to another album Photos from posts not the same thing as i has in mind.. it would be better if we could give access to individual photos in any album, even without having to share them. :(
Oh okay +Jessica Meyer, all the images you post will be in that album. But what other people can see depends on the level of the shared post, if thought logically...
So if you share an image to one circle, only those people in that circle can see that photo in your 'Photos from posts' -album. And you too, of course.
I haven't tested this as I post everything in public but it makes sense, doesn't it? Will test and see how it works.
Okay, so not to a specific image? That image is a limited share so you should not be able to see it. Good.

What about now: I'll share that image with you, then I'll post the image link and we'll see if you can see it then. Hang on, reply to that image share and then I'll post the link here.
Oh yes: Just noticed there is a text on the left top corner of the album, which is new(ish):

Photos from posts
Visible to: Recipients of the original posts - 881 photos

We did a test with +Jessica Meyer

If you want to share only one image form a 'closed' album, you can share it to a circle or individual persons.

So it's quite safe to share limited only one image in an album this way: Only that person / persons with whom you share it can see it also in your 'Photos from posts' album.
+Natalie Villalobos, +Vincent Mo, +Brian Rose :
The ability to share multiple number of photos from an Album is a feature that I would like to request.

When I select an option in +mention or a hashtag from the autocomplete dropdown list on a long post, I am taken back to the TOP of the comment/post.

-> Notify users when a circle is shared.
-> Ability to share only to Your Followers , just like you can share only to Your Circles.
-> Customizable Left-side-Ribbon (With the icons you want to display)
When sharing a link from a website, it'd be nice to have the ability to change the photo that represents the link to a different picture on that page. I believe it is set to the default first image and sometimes that image has no relation to the story that we are trying to share.
I wrote a post about G+ features here:

But overall:
1) Mute Button for keywords
2) Consolidation of like reshares
3) The text to choose with with shared URL link has vanished
4) Maybe allow the user to see if that person has you circled when you hover over their name.
5) Preview images of links in comments section
6) Let the little icon tool thingamajig float for scrolling Setings/help/feedback/tour

+Faith Elyse Spradlin you can change the image that represents the link when sharing a URL. Its a tiny left and right button where the image pops up.
as +Beverly Rivera says, the text to share from an URL link. Sometimes the offered text irritates me so much, I just delete the share altogether. It is often simply the tabs or general text, NOT specific to the post I want to share!
Thank you for listening - Google+ has improved so much but I've still a wishlist:
- Bookmark posts
- Nested circles
- More than 5000 in my circles (at least: not counting pages)
- Subscribe circles or groups
- Notification when in a shared circle
- all Picasa features in G+ (e.g. organizing, counter, album cover and full screen slide show)
- Watch and join Hangouts on Air in Germany
First and foremost, for a social network to be viable it cannot lose notifications! We're trying to interact with each other. If I get more than 15 or so, I get to a point (sometimes at 15, sometimes a few farther) where is a gap of days. Emails don't cover all notification types either, so perhaps more granularity in setting email preferences for notifications would help.

As a subpoint, notifications of people who have added me to circles have completely failed. There are now two different types for no apparent reason (not talking about add-backs), and I can't scroll back to past circle adds without missing days or weeks of people.

Second: things I want LESS of. I'm tired of seeing reshares of posts that I've muted -- sometimes scores of them ("you must reshare to be part of this circle" chain letter spam). I want to clear my screen of "trending," recommended people, chat, and hangout, and hide it all in a menu somewhere.

Third, photography issues mostly mentioned by other people: please give us a full set of tools for managing photos within G+ without losing comments and plusses; please get rid of the black sidebars that ruin the presentation of vertical or square photos. Either eliminate the photography suggested user list or find a way to make it balanced by content type, rotating, inclusive, and/or merit-based on some dimension. Heck, limit it to theme Pages, and people can choose what they're getting.

Fourth, stop breaking Chrome with G+. I run no extensions. Today I could only post black boxes because a script died. Usually when I try to hangout, the Google Talk plugin runs wild, spawns hundreds (once 1300) copies of itself and takes down my machine. When I have two Pages open that I manage plus my own, it slows to a crawl and pages die. Often it tells me I can't search, or makes me fill in a captcha for every click. I'm not doing anything extreme here.

Thanks for asking.
+Sarah Price Yes, but it only merges duplicate Gmail contacts, not Gmail contacts and contacts from my Google+ circles.
+Gaurang Dave This isn't a perfect solution, but a hack I learned early on was to make a "read later" circle that has just you in it, then share those posts you want to read later with that circle.

+Matt McLaughlin Contacts has been the broken for a long time - it's the one google product that I really can't stand, yet it's so vital. Your suggestions 3 and 3a are brilliant...
Hey +Joseph Ree, your Gmail and Google+ contacts are stored together. Try opening Contacts, search for a particular name, tick the boxes to select matching entries and choose More > Merge contacts.
Thanks +Sarah Price, I figured out that the same contact was showing up twice in my chat because I had their email address. So I just deleted my contact's AOL e-mail addresses and now my chat is in sync.
If we post from our mobile device it should still send an email to people who don't have a Google+ account. (currently it doesn't)
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