10 Tips For Being The Best Community Manager On The Block
in honor of community manager appreciation day

It feels so good each year to have a day dedicated to how awesome my job is! I've been doing online community management (officially) for 7 years, and I've had the honor of working alongside some of the most amazing community-centric teams (startups, private sector, non-profits, corporate). I've learned a lot, and look forward to the evolution of this role as the web expands and contracts. Today Google Voice CM +Matt Bariletti and I teamed up with +Carter Gibson and +My Community Manager  to share our knowledge and insights to help you become a (better) Community Manager. Here are some of my synthesized CM'isms to fuel your fire:

1) Finesse the Response - What you say is as important as how you say it. A heap of helpfulness with a side of empathy.

2) Know Thy Self - Your role is an expression of your true nature and identity. You can't fake it these days. There's that thing called Google Search.

3) Blow Your Mind - Get into the mindframe of your users. Users aren't just English speaking in North America - try your product in a different language, on a feature phone. You just might learn you have work to do.

4) Build Up Others - Help people use your platform to become better people, not just a product usage number.

5) Actively Listen - Have a flexible mind for what can be instead of what you think there is. Drop the bias, the stories, and focus in on the underlying user need.

6) Take Risks - Go meet your cross-functional teams. Propose BIG ideas, and don't fear having a voice. You ARE an expert in something too.

7) Authentic Authenticity - Be truly passionate about your work. Don't work for money or ego. Put your heart behind the wheel and step on the gas.

8) Nourish Yourself to Nourish Them - Take time to take care of yourself so that when you approach that annoying situation you'll be balanced and blissed, instead of pissed off or miffed.

9) Your Toolset Isn't In Tech - Draw inspiration to serve people from all facets of life. Look to how other cultures and companies are tending to people's needs. For the desire to be taken care of and acknowledged is a universal need.

10) Start Where You Are - How can you drive impact and brighten people's lives right now, on the web, in real life, and how can you prove the success of it? Start there, do it lots. You just might save the world, and live to tell about it as a Community Manager. 

Live Tweets from +Sherrie Rohde (of +My Community Manager):

"Bring ingenuity to Community Management by immersing yourself in people-oriented subcultures in other industries." - Natalie

"Recognize that as a Community Manager, your job is never-ending. Figure out how to structure your day." - Matt 

"The more balanced I can be, more perspective I can get, more nourished I am, the more I can serve my community." - Natalie

"Know your product. You need to be fully immersed in order to best help your community." - Matt

"Being able to step away from your community is as important as stepping into your community."  - Natalie

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