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Samuel Sperling hung out.
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Natalie Villalobos was in a video call with 29 others
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if I was home I would join :(
Oh man, this meditation hangout is jam-packed!
It would be cool if people could still join in and watch without camming up, after all the cam spots are filled. As on tinychat where extra people can still watch and join in the text chat, instead of the door just being closed once you hit 10 (12 on there).
A great idea. Wonderful, peaceful way to clear my mind after a long day of work. I hope this becomes a regular thing.
The users profile photo should change to their video stream when they're in a hangout. It should also be configured to on or off for people on low bandwidth connections
@Jay Smooth - I was thinking exactly the same thing and it would enable 1 moderator / 9 panelist / thousand of viewers… which could make for same amazing panel discussions. Further, I often would rather be audio only in hangouts… or would rather share my screen then share my camera.
If you feel inspired, but the room is full, start your own meditation Hangout! I know there is a user in Australia who is simultaneously holding his own mediation Hangout right now, and I'm sure there are others. Let it go viral!
+Alida Brandenburg - Well said! Get your mind right, folks.
I got kicked out .. but that was therapeutic, +Natalie Villalobos! On the weekend, I attended a birthday party on hangout and today I was part of a meditation session. Keep 'em coming :)
If I wasn't at work right now, I'd totally start one for myself and others. Perhaps in a bit when I go on lunch? Will keep you noodles posted!
I'm getting so angry and frustrated that I can't join this mediation hangout because it full... !@#!@#!@# I thought meditation was supposed to be calming? (note, this is comment is 100% sarcastic)
I popped in for a minute, but someone had news blaring. Then someone started chatting with me, so i decided to free up a slot. I hope it was great for all involved.
Yeah, maybe I'm crazy, but I thought the idea was to be relatively quiet when people are meditating. Even if you aren't yourself. Could have fooled me when I was in there.
Hangout is full. I'll try again later. Soo cool. this will be my 1st hangout! Great idea Natalie!
It would be cool if Hangout started additional 'rooms' when the first was full. Perhaps as an option for the initiator of the first Hangout?
A whole lot of talking going on for a meditation hangout, I'll check back in next time!
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