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Live from SF Pride Parade - G+ Style!

Hanging out with 700+ Googlers and our family and friends which of course includes members of the G+ community like +Carter Gibson and +Johnny Roquemore . Stay tuned for more photos and maybe some live Hangouts!

Loving every moment of this gorgeous SF day!

#prideplus #sf #equality #pride
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Oh nice, I want the new pride t!
Dangit, I missed it. Where is it at?
goooooogle lovers dont show your love
Wish I could be there!!
hello.l gholam live in iranin and port genaveh
If there weren't those rainbow colors, I would've like this post. But sorry.
Google did not pass out G+ stickers at Chicago Pride, I was very sad. They just rode in a rented trolly.   :(
Eddie N
Where can we non-Googlers get those T-shirts?
Cool. I need one of those 
Can I get one of these to wear to Brighton pride in the summer?? It's like my Noogler top!!!
How we love and miss SF & SF Pride even in A2
Where can I get one of the stickers?
Your Asian friend is cute.
Love this! #happypride  ;-) 
Thanks for sharing #NatalieVillalobos
And here's wishing you a wonderful upcoming week!!
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This is great. I love gay people. I don't agree with gay marriage but I think gay people should be respected. 
what the world but it's who we are i an straight
Eddie N
+George Lara I actually wanted the shirts as worn by the ladies on the cover photo of this post (with the L in the Google logo acting as a pride flagpole), but those will have to do...thanks for the link!
I will not be neutral with God, but with's 100% Biblically ok.
Going to do something more important ...nap time.
Oscar Morzan,
Sorry folks,
Those aren't principles.
Those are prejudices.
Heterosexual behavior is often rebellious and indecent.
Homosexual and heterosexual are the same hamburger with different dressings.
C'est la morceaux du vie.
Nice picture, having fun and its priceless!
+Matt Rafeld go die man. seriously you think its funny to post stuff like that? grow the hell up. why does it matter to you that some men like men and some women like women.
I don't care, but who you like is not a legit reason to screw up traffic.
I saw all the G+ shirts...loved to see the support :-)
Shaniika I agree with your comment totally.
Jakarta was its original name, one the 1 st & oldest shipping ports in the world.....
What the fuck is this except a giant marketing event and why is it featured on Google+. Sounds like a real good way to get an anti-trust suit brought against you..
Actually spelled djakarta, formally Batavia, capital of Indonesia. I named my houseboat " la batavia".
A seaport on the west coast of Java....
Lazy tech question. How do you get the photo array to pop up in this post?
One thing I would like is to get all thread comments to auto display photos by default and not just the top post one. 
My friend was at the Minnesota pride parade a few yrs ago he was driving with his dad to a Minn. Twins game he was like 7 or 8 and he saw a 10X3 foot lady part now he's like 10 or 11 and he remembered that day and started LAUGHING!!!!!! 
Have a great time and party hard for equality and acceptance reguardless of colour, gender, sexual orientation or race.
The only repenting I might consider +Richard Swartz is the dislike and distrust I have of people using a religion to debase and dehumanize any member of this planet. Gay, straight, black, white, purple or even have 2 heads.
But you know what? I'm going to go one better. I'll repent those horrible feelings I have right this very minute and consider it an act on my part to place one more brick in my highway to Karma.
Peace and long life to you +Richard Swartz .
+Richard Swartz of course being a good Christian your obviously a devout longtime practicing VEGAN?

Thou shalt not kill.


Do unto others

Are not species specific......

Oh dear seems your coming my way, don't worry we have plenty of room and we will always keep your seat warm.

A good thing to remember is that hesus hung out with whores and robbers rather than priests and preachers.

So in conclusion i'd worry less about other peoples imortal soul and concentrate on limiting the number of hells to be visited on you.
Is there a "I'm straight but yeah gay people are OK too" symbol?
+Max Rupplin nothing wrong with straight. I'll let you in on secret ssshhh i'm straight as well. I don't think we need a "i am straight but support Pride" badge or button as i think the whole point of the march is it shouldn't matter.
Jim A
Well, now I must consider my further being involved with Google. Why would you risk being offensive to 98% of the people for 2%.
+Jim A It's really sad to consider offensive believing that everyone deserves the same rights.
they tried to have a "gay" march in Moscow a few years ago,
but the mayor said it was satanic, and wouldn't allow it...
+Oscar Morzan you being a teacher is rather concerning! i worry you are infecting children with your bigotted, hateful opinions. I hope your employer holds the same opinion as you or your self employed (more likely with your predujices) cause someone is bound to email them this thread. ;)
+Michael DeByl *Wanted to drop some Google + LGBT knowledge:*

*In the U.S., we have worked over the past two years to enhance our corporate benefits for the LGBT community at Google including overing imputed income tax for domestic partner benefits and achieving FMLA equivalency.

*We also announced last fall that we would be enhancing our transgender-inclusive benefits, including increasing our lifetime maximum to $75K and including related procedures in accordance with the WPATH Standards of Care.

*Our U.S. Benefits enhancements prompted us to review our global benefits coverage and we launched Domestic Partner Coverage in China and Hong Kong earlier this year, making Google one of the first companies to implement partner programs in these markets.

*In the Fall of 2010, the Gayglers produced and published an employee video for the “It Gets Better” project which has received over 700,000 views on YouTube.

*In conjunction, we made monetary contributions to The Trevor Project, GLSEN, Matthew Shepard Foundation and GroundSpark.

*Earlier this year, Google released a Chrome television ad featuring the “It Gets Better” project, which appeared on popular shows including Glee, American Idol and Gossip Girl.

*Unfortunately, there are many countries in which Google operates where members who identify with and support the LGBT community encounter discrimination on many levels, from verbal discrimination to criminal prosecution. Though our business and employees span the globe, our policies on equal employment and non-discrimination are universal in every Google office and protect employees on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

*In 2011 to date, more than 1,000 Googlers across over a dozen cities worldwide have participated in Pride celebrations (see Official Google Blog post). Perhaps most notably, Google became the first multinational corporation to provide public support for Pink Dot in Singapore. We had great Google participation in Mardi Gras in Sydney earlier this year, and are expecting strong support in Pride events throughout 2012.

So you see, it's not just a giant marketing campaign. We walk the walk, we don't just talk the talk.
+Michael Gardner Well it does matter.  I'm not gay.  I don't want a "LGBT sticker".  I want a sticker that says I support LGBT but I am straight.  And I think alot of LGBT would appreciate support from the straight community and I'd appreciate a way of distinguish my own sexuality at such rallies.
wow so nice pic.......................
I'd +1 this, but it's SOO obvious why there are rainbows. I don't care what people think: That's Ridiculous Google. Why the crap...
interesting the t shirts, can i
 have one?
I'm also in G+ ........................ :) :D
You don't care what people think, but you tell us what you think.
wow addicted to google+ 
I want one of those Google T-shirts....It's so cool....G+++++
Where can we find these Google T-shirts? Would love to order one! 
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