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Let’s Make Google+ Even Better
a 7 min survey ( that everyone should do

UPDATE - We have closed the survey. Thank you to the 5,000+ people that contributed!

The Google+ team loves hearing your feedback - whether it's through Hangouts, the Send Feedback button, or on a post. Today I am sharing a survey our team created to gather more of your insights so we can build an even better Google+. Answer as best you can - you shouldn’t need help.

We really appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to do this - we know you’ve got lots of posting to do!

Here ya go:

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For me it didn't work on Youtube today. Wanted to say that the notification counter isn't set to 0 after reading a notification.
And in G+ it is set to 0 even if I haven't read all notifications...
+Max von Beust Funky - will you send this feedback to the "Send Feedback" button in the lower right hand corner so we can track it?
+Natalie Villalobos The survey did raise an interesting point about profile control... I noticed yesterday that sharing of home/work e-mail address and phone numbers are tied together, which is the only thing I don't particularly like. about profile privacy -(everything else is pretty much great in my opinion).

I don't mind having my e-mail address visible to the world, for example, but I have no desire for my actual phone numbers to be published to anybody beyond specific circles. As a result, I've had to leave my phone number out of my profile entirely for now.
Done deal. Glad to do anything to help. Just finished it up.
did it--side note: google docs surveys are so awesome!!!
Started it, but it decided after the first page that it didn't like the browser on the iPod G+ app. Shame, because I find the app interface generally easier than the desktop interface. Will try again from desktop later on. 
Survey complete. I wish there would have been a question asking for improvements or other recommendations.
Hi +Natalie Villalobos . Survey completed by me. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to give feedback. Apt timing because I posted a post earlier today about something in Google+ I don't understand. It wasn't covered in the survey & no one responded to my Q on my wall. The Q was about what is the difference between group/as and google + counter - they seem the same to me and I am unclear if they are affiliated with google+?
I was saddened to see I didn't get feedback on what the right answers were to some of those questions... whats my score? :)
only one question related to real names.

Survey completed.

Google+ will feel more complete to me when (and if) you implement the mobile messenger in with the web interface.
Done, now is there some way to remove that crap "whats hot" BS from my stream so it's what I want not what you THINK i want?
I cannot share this post... very strange.
+Sam Breach There isn't a "wall" capability on G+ - did you post it to public? Because the only way people would see it was if they had added you to circles AND you posted publicly. Or if you had posted it to a circle and the people you had added to circles also had added you to circles.
Just finished the survey. Would have been great to ask questions about future features or current issues. Perhaps the next survey.... :-)
Just completed the survey, always happy to help! I especially added some input regarding Hangout controls.
+Natalie Villalobos by the way " wall feature ". i'd like to see conversations i had 1-1 on that persons profile/posts tab as well. it just feels natural to me to see conversations on both profiles. what do you think?
Tyler L
+Natalie Villalobos: I took it
I'm wondering, when the box about "Have you ever had an experience in Google+ that made you feel uncomfortable?"
Any clue on if posting an experience with feedback on how to fix it will actually be picked up by the G+ team?
It's an issue that the "Send Feedback" button won't work to help fix.
Will any of these results be published? I'm curious how people feel about privacy and control on G+, as well as some of the misconceptions people may have. That way the community can help them understand differently!
Just answered the survey, thanks for letting me know it was there. :)
semantics aside - I think you know what I mean when I said wall - sorry for the unintended FB analogy - what do you call that in google then? Page? Public isn't a noun. - yes I posted it publicly on my google ..?. I am not upset that people haven't responded nor am I complaining about that. But I am just curious as to the answer to the actual question. Where could I ask these kind of google questions and get a response? Thanks
Finished it, I wish there had been a text field for the "Do you feel uncomfortable using your real name".
Bad survey. A dozen questions about privacy, which frankly I care nothing about, and none about censoring, about which I care a LOT.

It would be nice to see a) the correct answers at the end, b) where I was wrong c) with a link to the support or d) even the settings pages. Not sure if options b to d are possible in Docs at all.
Argh... another thing; when I mute a post, I don't want it GONE; I just want it to stop sending me updates. WTF.
+Sam Breach Honestly, I don't know what Google counter is - you might want to go to the Google Groups Support Forum to ask this question.
Too bad the questions don't let us comment on specific issues (such as what we like or don't like), mostly just privacy stuff.
took it ! but u probably designed the survey so that free text/comment box is not allowed? there were a few answers to the questions i wanted to explain more.. like the instant upload question.. i dont find the feature to be creepy but had to turn it off to conserve battery ( -> another topic on android phones n its inconsistent quality due to manufacturers)
Survey completed. But I had some advice I couldn't give. Asking a lot about privacy is nice. But my main concerns about G+ are about usability issues. In particular, I miss a lot a twitter like view. Less images, only the title. G+ lack of conciseness IMHO. Also, it would be very nice to have a way to hide/group people providing too much content.
Thanks, Natalie! Gave me something to do en route to the airport. :)

There was a minor glitch about 75% of the way through, I had selected an answer, but it said I didn't and wouldn't let me proceed. After a few tries, I just backed up a couple of questions and from there it let me proceed.
Might be on my end? Working on a Droid X through Dolphin browser. Service wasn't interrupted.
Anyway, completed just fine after that.
by policy, g+ still requires some version of real names, even though enforcement is inconsistent. this means that the people who left or were booted off won't see this survey.

the arguments for allowing anonymity or pseudonyms have been repeated here for months, and been ignored by g+.

the present name policy is horrible and limits who can use g+. google's repeated response is to say, plus is not for everyone.

so with this survey basically ignoring the issue, google is being consistent but clearly not interested in the safety of the users.
If I can ask a question: Is there a way to organize photos in albums? I uploaded some photos, and then added some more that took place earlier in time, but I can't figure out how to move them ahead of the other photos. Any insight would be appreciated, +Natalie Villalobos.
Sorry,. but I'm not really seeing how that survey will show you peoples opinions/feelings that much.
It's a set of closed questions that in the main are about non-issues.

Instead, why are there not questions about how your interactions on G+ may affect how other parts of G respond to you etc.?
Why are there no questions about errors, issues or problems you may have experienced? Why no follow up question about whether they filed a report, and whether they feel it will achieve anything?

Just seems like one of G's somewhat typical "do this for the boss and give the monkeys some numbers to play with" sort of survey
Dear Natalie,

I'm in the G + since its launch and joined it by invitation.
It helps sending multiple feedback for the team.
We have a community here called # meshmusica.
What I realized is that we have a great difficulty in following the issues that are posted in the morning due to the dynamics and speed of the grating in the Stream number of people that have circulated.
I would like to please the engineers found a tool so that we could go back in time stream, that is for us to have a Time Line for example where we could get the affairs of the morning, if it can not be connected during the day.
Sorry, but I live in Brazil and my English is not the best.
I have noticed that I lose many subjects and interesting posts during the course of the day.
I've done some tests, but so that I can go back 2 days ago in my stream is very complicated.
Congratulations to Team for creating this great social network!!
Minecraft integration so Circles can play together on their own servers? My best idea ever! Think it over.
I liked the direction(s) of the survey ;-)
+Natalie Villalobos A small bit of feedback on the form: I found the question "I can add someone to a Circle called “People I Don’t Like” without them knowing." a bit vague. Knowing I added them, or knowing what the circle is called? I guessed the latter is what you meant.

Good luck with the data crunching. :)
On My Way - thanks for the suggestion
Just off the top of my head, there's no command to unfollow the people who never followed me back. Also, we need a real Private Message system (I don't trust or even truly understand what adding a + with a username does).
just completed your survey.
One comment about G+:
Why can a limited shared post to one of my circles be reshared by those people in that circle and after that again reshared etc. After a while my post isn't limited anymore but public!
Completed and submitted. I'm sad to say there were a few answers I had to check "I don't know" for.

I love the surveys you put out; it's great to see your interest in our understanding of your products.
Just finished the survey! hope it helps
If I could only choose one feature (of the heap that I have already sent through to feedback) I would ask for integration with Google analytics. Ripples is nice and all, but not near enough... :-(
Done :) hope it can helps google.
Btw i need a feature to change circles visibility to a post after it was shared
+Natalie Villalobos Is there a way to send feedback about areas for improvement or future feature requests, either as part of the survey or through another channel? In either case I thought it was a great survey and I would be interested in seeing the correct answers to the questions. I know there are some features that I don't know about or how to use well and I would like to learn how to use them. Maybe an online help or knowledge base on the G+ brand page?
Done, but what is a "+1 tab"?
The questions regarding how most websites handle privacy & what legal protections are offered should include an "I don't know" option because, well, I don't know these things. I know a few select websites that I choose to do business with protect my privacy extremely well but I wouldn't put that trust in most of the Internet and I'm personally clueless to what my online rights are in the eyes of the law. 
+Natalie Villalobos Thanks for pointing out the survey. It was very interesting to see that a lot of privacy questions were asked. It indicates to me that Google hopefully intends on even further developing its privacy features just the way how its user's want it. I approve. =)

And btw. it would be great to see the results of the survey somewhere. Hence, I support this request, too. =)
I've set up Google for English language, and now it makes What's hot on G+ only in English for me - it is good, but... I'm from Russia, and live in Thailand - it could be very-very good for me to have ability to choose what languages/regions should participate in "What's hot" stream. And, by the way, it should be ranked by languages/cultures first, to get normalized,and only then sorted...
The one privacy option that I still don't understand is the level of privacy I get when commenting on posts like this one. As a public post, does that mean my comment here could appear on a google search of my name? If I comment on a limited post & the person later changes it to public, I assume my comment's permissions change too? This is one scenario where I think some type of pseudonym option is important. Knowing every random comment here is searchable and I have no control over it makes me comment significantly less often.
"We're sorry.
Our servers are busy. Please wait a bit and try again. "
I agree with +Daniel Friedmann on being able to see the right answers (where applicable) and which ones I got right/wrong. 
how come that on the mobile app (iOS) when i don't have any circles selected, it has the ability to post "only to me", but on the desktop version, you can not post without selecting a circle, i know that you can create an empty circle... but that's not the same.... +Punit Soni
"Our servers are busy. Please wait a bit and try again."

After answering a good number of questions, that makes me moderately uncomfortable :(

Edit: page refreshed, post data sent again, continued the survey.
Here's what would make G+ Stream management significantly better for me: Instead of just selecting a specific stream, make them toggle boxes so that I can do things like select all, then unselect "Following" to see people I actually know.
Ok, I completed the survey and am very disappointed that there was no Scooby Snack of any kind at the end.... :)
+Natalie Villalobos, +Daniel Handwerker makes a good point. I'd like to be able to set the level of privacy of my comments so if I comment on a public post I can decide if my comments show up or not (or even if they show up with my pseudonym rather then my name) to the entire internet or just the people I want to (ie: people who comment on that post, people on my circles, extended circles, ...)

It would also be great to have the option to not share a public post to a specific circle(s). That way one could make a public post but it would only show up in the stream of people in circles I choose (people in the rest of my circles could still see the post in my profile, since it's public, but it would not show up in their stream)
Nitpick: on the questions about Instant Upload and Real Name, slightly uncomfortable and moderately uncomfortable are out of order.
lol -some of the "don't know" responses don't really apply either :D
Other comments on G+: 1) Noise control for the stream. I understand this is something you are already working on. But please do it soon. I've either had to uncircle ppl who post a lot of irrelevant but occasional useful content (to me) .. or i've become very selective in circling anyone... 2) I don't understand why the +1 on G+ posts are treated differently from non G+ pages. I really want to see all my G+ post +1's and comments.
the biggest thing i would like to see is an easy way to search your old posts.
I'd love to see crowd-sourced prioritization of new RFEs. Right now you only have what you can gather from Send feedback: which would be issue descriptions and a count. What would be very cool is a top 20 list of RFEs in some kind of votable format that could get surveyed out.
+Russell DeFazio that could be nicely done with search filters like they are in the new GMail! poster: me, (any circle), date:?,...
Whoa that was a long survey. Hopefully it will make G+ "even better".. :)
I am using Chrome and got stuck at the question about if I've ever been uncomfortable. It won't let me go past, keeps saying I have to answer something else, no matter which of the options I choose.

Edit: I went back one question, then resubmitted and that question worked ok. Yay for random unseen fix?
Somewhat lengthy survey, but worth it if it helps :)
+ Sam breach I would say stream. My public google + stream
My request would be able to change my "shared" settings for a post after having posted it. I've experienced sometimes, that I would have preferred a post I had set for "My Circles" to be "Public" but you can't just simply change the post's settings or edit it to be public. You have to share your post again, which looks silly on your profile.
1) I'm still struggling with the idea of my comments on public posts becoming public also, but I guess there is no much to hope for since the same frequently happens with posts on public sharings on FB. At least in case of FB not all the posts are nicely collected in for the public to read them 2) It would be nice to have one's own posts stored by month/year instead of endless spaghetti 3) i want to search my own posts. In any case, survey taken, and i have no idea what the instant upload is :)
+Berkalp Doganer I think +Natalie Villalobos suggested this before, if you want to save some posts for later ( i do, otherwise it is impossible) just throw them into an empty circle ( I named mine "PostsToCheckLater')
+Natalie Villalobos

I started a small project (+Deutsche Google+ Seiten) where I collect German Google+ Pages and share them back to the community. As sharing a circle only shares the pages which I have at this specific moment in a circle this unfortunately results in the need to re-share again and again as this circles are growing.

I really would like to see in future a small configuration enhancement for circles which allows to make them either READ or WRITE or both together.

READ should allow other people to see which PERSONS or PAGES I have in this circle and having the opportunity to either copy a complete circle into their own environment or select specifig PERSONS or PAGES from my circle and add them to their own circles.

WRITE should allow not only to follow a PERSON or a PAGE but directly to subscribe to a specific circle of this PERSON or PAGE.
As an example if e.g. Porsche would offer different circles for Porsche 911 and Porsche Panamera I would be able to subscribe exactly to those circles of Porsche in which I am really interested in.

With today's functionality I can only follow Porsche and they need to put me in the right circle, without knowing to much about me (except that they can start reading my profile and my posts).

For both READ and WRITE should be configurable either for circles, extended circles or public in the standard way you offering already.

A small extra for the owner of the page would be the possibility to have a small restriction in the WRITE configuration which allows other people to subscribe but shows to me as the owner, who has subscribed and asks me to Accept that subscription. This would still give full control to the owner of the page.

People I have blocked should not have access to my circles anyway.

I am convinced, that such an enhancement to the use of circles would be extremely beneficial for all Google+ users.

I would be happy, if you could have a look to this proposal and I would be even more happy to receive some kind of information back from Google+ if you are already thinking about such enhancements.
Tiered commenting please - perhaps when big people/pages post content that they expect will generate lots of discussion, they can set commenting to tiered.
Please fix the Android app so that when you share links through it to Google +, they are loaded just like on the website:

Sharing link on Website: Preview, hyperlink to article
Sharing links via mobile app:

Why can't both use the same method?

Also, please allow us to select which people we place in circles appear in our main timeline.
+Natalie Villalobos I had a question as I was beginning the survey. When it is asked how often do you share, is that referring to using the "share" button (as in the posts of others) or are you using it to mean share personally as in a self-generated post?
Appreciate being asked for feedback, happy to oblige :)

+Natalie Villalobos I'm surprised there isn't functionality to exclude a circle or particular people when sharing a post. It would be useful for posting to all your circles except one, or posting a surprise party message to your 'friends' circle minus the friend who the party is for.
I retried and it worked.

As to questionins around the common name policy I would be asking what impact others using common vs uncommon names has on people's perspection of safety, as well as there feelings around how it is enforced.
the answers to some of the questions can be found out from your database queries

One request that I have is that "What's Hot" is added to the Android App and "Nearby" is added to the web version.
I've completed the survey. I was hoping it would give me a mark out of 10 at the end ;-)
Perhaps the survey could include an option for essay answer when the "other" button was ticked?
It'd be interesting to know how you "scored" on the survey, and get the right answers to the questions. Myself, I've learned a lot by doing it, as I went back to many parts of G+ to check!
Here's some feature requests I posted a while back (all were submitted via Send Feedback too):

Also, sort out an iPad app - it's crazy the iPhone app has been live so long, yet iPad was ignored - it can't be hard to add (it's just a browser window?) but would add push notifications to the iPad.

Oh, and finally - add the UK to SMS notifications... You do SMS to the UK for every other Google service, don't really understand why not this :(
hopefully people who never use G+ will not skew the results!
done ;) hope google+ replaces facebook ;)
Completed... +Natalie Villalobos Though I get a straight 'A' for completing the survey... How do I get to know the correct responses to the questions - so as to learn from it.
I like the trending topics, but I can't get to it without putting in a search. I would like for it to show up when I click the "What's Hot" icon.
+Bryan Eggers Interesting that you'd want that feature since we don't have a bi-directional model. Is there something you feel a bi-directional relationship would offer you more than our current model (asymmetrical) where you are indicating interest in what someone has to say by adding them to a circle?
I didn't care to much for this question they asked: "How well do you understand what information about you is shared with other Google+ users? * " The little asteriks in the question pointed to no item on the screen. Plus this question kinda assumes you have read and understood the full contents of the Google+ 'terms of service'.
+Ernst van Wijk Actually once it's shared to Limited you can lock it so people can't be +mentioned or shared. If they do want to share more broadly they do get a little message letting them know that the intended audience was limited and that they should act with caution if they want to broadcast the message further.
Done. I think one thing I've really missed is the ability to concatenate circles when I view different streams. For example, I have both a following circle and friends/family/close friends circles. I'd like to be able to view the stream for all three of those latter circles at the same time. At the moment, its more of a radio-box than a check-box :)
Thanks +Natalie Villalobos for the quick respond!
I think the lock option should be the other way around. Lock all limited posts and if you want you have an option to unlock so other people can reshare etc.
I spent a while on google trying to search for a Google+ Support Group forum but didn't come up with anything. +Natalie Villalobos - you can check the google counter thing here: It seems to be a bit like group/as ?

Google Docs

We're sorry.
Our servers are busy. Please wait a bit and try again.

Find out more at the Google Docs Help Center.
Google plus version on Iphone or Ipad2 got problem : CRASH when you try to post with picture!
old version is better ..
how can i get the old version Google Plus ??
Finished the survey:) I would like to see some more education from Google, as well as better terminology.
The people who will be answering this survey are more likely to be the same people who already know the answers (i.e. power users). It would be nice to figure out a way to get non-power users on Google+ :)
Agree with +bill camp... I hope the team won't assume that the results of this real names question are representative of all of Google+'s potential/target audience, since people who aren't comfortable using their real names are presumably not using Google+...
Probably a minor detail, but two of the answers seem to be out of order for the question "How do you feel using your real name in Google+?" slightly and moderately uncomfortable are switched unless that was intended.
+Art Freitas Is there a way to send feedback about areas for improvement or future feature requests, either as part of the survey or through another channel? You can do this using the Send Feedback button in the lower right hand corner.

In either case I thought it was a great survey and I would be interested in seeing the correct answers to the questions.
There really aren't any "correct answers" - it was more about gathering insights.

I know there are some features that I don't know about or how to use well and I would like to learn how to use them. Maybe an online help or knowledge base on the G+ brand page? If you go to the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and click "Google+ Help" you'll be taken to our Help Center.
Wow that took a while but hope it helps make G plus a better place for all but might be worth making it easier for people to be aware how long and far though the survey they are.
+Eric Berger Check out your Profile. There you will see listed all of the +1s you have made on the web. That is unless you went into Edit mode and then selected to not display this on your profile.
Done, I hoped there was a reward at the end! Like a free song on the future international Google music! :-) Just a few suggestions: explain a little bit better the meaning of locked albums, add 'age' field in profile picture, selective public +1s.
+Ed Shahzade Interesting. Why don' you think this will be insightful for the Google+ team. How would you have done this differently?
Finished the survey, but was disappointed to take all that time to fill it out without having the opportunity to provide specific feedback at the end. One thing I'd really like is a way to see/find all my +1s and comments within G+ (not just the external +1s shown on the +1 tab of the profile). In addition to being able to see this personally, it would be nice to have some control over whether other users can see what I've commented on and +1'd (maybe not in the stream, but on user profiles)
i am not exactly sure i
it is a little bit 2 annoying
I wish the survey had a free-form box for suggestions. So here is my suggestion:

It would be nice if you could post something publicly, but then exclude a circle. I'm really into networking right now, so I'm trying to post as much publicly as possible. The only problem is that I have a few interests, and I end up spamming people who are not in the interest group that matches what I'm posting about. So I'd like to post about food publicly without my meteorology friends being spammed by a bunch of food posts... and vise verse.
That was interesting Natalie. I consider myself a power user of G+, but I was surprised at what I wasn't sure of in the survey-particularly about privacy.
Just been answered to the survey. As there was no open ended question, I will ask it and hope somebody will notice : why are you showing 5 icons in the iPhone app when there is enough space for 6... It makes the app, from my point of view, the app look like a bêta version instead of a finalized products.
Hmm. I didn't realize Google Docs could be used to create surveys. Cool.
I know it's been mentioned already, but the "Slightly" and "Moderately" are out of order on more than one set of answers.

here's a copy & paste to demonstrate:
How do you feel using your real name in Google+?*
Extremely uncomfortable
Slightly uncomfortable
Moderately uncomfortable
Neither uncomfortable nor comfortable
Slightly comfortable
Moderately comfortable
Extremely comfortable
and this was definitely not the first one to have this structural error.
I don't mind taking a survey to support something i use. But this is too long google!! its like it never ends...
Worked fine here. Did it on my Nexus S ;O Do i get the ICS OTA now?
I completed the survey but I found it too long, anyway it was interesting.
Not to complain again!! but when i finally finish, i get this: "
We're sorry.

Our servers are busy. Please wait a bit and try again.

Find out more at the Google Docs Help Center."
+Austin Hall I like your idea of assigning colors to circles, so far I had to put prefix of WS_circlename ( we share for those with whom the posting goes in two-directions) and IFCC_circlename ( i follow can comment) on others ( news, tech enthusiasts, Google people,etc) . It takes a lot of time to organize the circles :)
Done. Didn´t cover everything so there is room for a second one about the content you like to see, to share, how you feel about engagement of posters etc. as these are important strongholds of G+. If it´s that important dig deeper and ask people the right questions just like this one addressed security and privacy.
Hmmm. Think I about finished it, then got a "servers are busy" error message from Google.
If I was either done, or almost done, it was primarily about privacy and related concerns. I'd love to see a survey about posting onto G+, especially in regards to Pages.
Survey Done. But wish I could once again add my most wanted feature: Subscribable user public circles or content to help with filtering....this is such a huge hole IMHO. Without it G+ won't pull the rest of my social community over. Most of my Twitter community stop by, give it a spin, go "meh?", and then head back to Twitter. THAT IS NOT A GOOD SIGN!
+Jan Bierens The asterisks were for required questions. I didn't notice that until about halfway through the survey.

+Natalie Villalobos Don't worry, I will. Is there a particular person who gets all these questions, or are you the best resource?
Survey complete. G+ did very well... but I couldn't help but notice a lack of free-text feedback. It seems like the very large UI problems surrounding photo management that I keep sending feedback and publicly posting about about are falling on deaf ears...

It's to the point where I've almost completely stopped sharing pictures, because the process is more work than it's worth.

Try this, anyone. Use your Android phone to take and upload a few pics of some event. Also take some pics of this event using a DSLR, and use a computer to upload those. Now try to make one post with pictures from both places. The UI completely falls apart.

Or try this one. Take one picture and post it to some circles. Now take another picture and try to create a post with it and the first picture (without reuploading, lest you get duplicates in picasa). Again, the UI starts to feel like watching Mr Bean.

These problems are very easy to cleanly solve with almost no user-visible changes, and the feedback I've sent outlines exactly how to do it... it's just a matter of actually doing it.
I bet I'll never see this kind of survey in Facebook.
+Max Huijgen I'm open to hearing your opinion on those questions here on this post instead of waiting for a 2nd survey..
I did the survey but the last page crashed :/
+Natalie Villalobos Yeah, you can, and in fact if you go through multiple other pages you can do it from within the Pictures page as well, but it's so awkward that I just never end up doing it.
+Bryan O'Doyle Uhm, ok? It says required fields because when you build a form on Google Docs you can choose to make it mandatory for the person to answer each one before moving to the next page. This is what we did - if you take the survey we do want you to answer every question. Sounds like you were not wanting to answer every question - which has nothing to do with us or the form.
*Please someone reply : We need the option of making questions or polling in the posts like that of FB . Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease REPLY . RSVP
+Ed Shahzade What do you think would be a more engaging campaign for the 90% of Google+ that you feel isn't representative when doing these surveys?
+Natalie Villalobos Does anyone ever respond to questions submitted via feedback, or is that strictly for submitting ideas/errors?
+Nidal Nasr You can make a post, write the answers to your poll as comments, and then lock the comments so that people can only +1 their choices.
The one question that didn't work well for me was what I typically do when someone I don't know circles me. I have done several of the options listed, but they don't reflect what I typically do and there was no "essay" choice for "other." Also, I wanted to know after whether I got the "test" questions right. Is it possible to offer some remediation feedback on some of those? Like, "close, dear, but here's the real answer." :)
Wish there was an "additional comments" box or something. I didn't like the available answers to some of those questions.
+Natalie Villalobos Really, the think that makes these issues so gnawing to me is that it would actually have been easier to make G+ work properly. Both of the problems I listed are ultimately caused by the fact that once you've added one picture to a post the camera icon goes inactive and the "Add more" link really means "Add more of the same type", so it fails whenever you want pictures of two types (where types are the categories on the left of the Photos page).
+Holly Henry Oh, I'm sure you aced it. It's not a test really - just wanting to figure out comprehension of the set of Google+ tools. Also, what do you end up doing when someone you don't know adds you to circles?
"Share" is a difficult term. One can offer to share but the other party has to want to participate. Sharing a post to a circle seems to imply some sort of push mechanism, but G+ is totally a pull model. Circling someone has two very distinct and important functions - making your posts available to that person and viewing that person's posts - but you really don't do a very good job of making that clear.

You simply must find a way to make it compelling for people to join G+. Very, very few real friends and family have joined G+ despite my constantly sharing and "Also email..."-ing them. I mean, face it. Until you can make a better case to those folks who just want to stay in touch with real friends and family, G+ will remain nothing more than an interesting micro-blogging site.
Thx a lot for ur reply . Is that the only way so far ? Is the option of making questions gonna be available in the future ? I hope so ... thanks once again .
Seriously, though, Natalie, offering the correct answers or letting people know they did get them correct could be particularly helpful for the newer users. And frankly, there are a couple I wasn't sure about.

When someone adds me to a circle, I explore their "About" page and their posts to see if there's some indication of a common interest. If there is, I add them to the appropriate circle(s). If I just think they post interesting stuff, I add them to a follow circle like "interesting people" that I don't really post to, so they don't see anything they wouldn't see just from circling me, but they don't get submerged in the morass of "incoming." If I can't see anything of interest or in common, I just more or less ignore it for the time being.

What I dearly wish for (and have sent feedback on) is the ability to send a short message when I add someone to one of my circles that would show in the notification. I could use it to say how I found them and/or why I've chosen to circle them. If I saw that from strangers who circled me, I'd have a much better idea what types of posts they're most interested in seeing from me. Does that make sense?
Awesome survey +Natalie Villalobos. You've asked just the right questions. I learnt a couple of things from it too about g+.

We need a Backup/Export Circles option. I wrote about it in the Google+ experience question. hope this will be added before someone face the same issue as I did (especially those following 100s and 1000s of people). More here:

Will there be grades on the questions about circles and privacy? The survey reminded me of school/college Exams and Drop Quizzes. :)

It is good to know how much we scored, and maybe how much the average score was for people in my circles without knowing individual scores. This can help me be more cautious in how I share if the average score for these circles and privacy questions was low.

Last but not least, thank you for your care about users and about them knowing how to use your services.
Took 10 minutes to complete this survey. I hope it helps!
Better integration with Google Calendar would be awesome.
I've gotta say...I really hope these surveys are being used to gauge what google's reaction will be to all the new bullshit going through congress.
I'm not sure if this is available as of yet but if I could get some kind of live feed with the different countries that would he so helpful. If you're not understanding, look at my tumblr and you'll see
When a user shares a post, it would be nice to be able to quickly click a link to the original post.
In short +Natalie Villalobos as you asked for it :)
- engagement is excellent here. There is more response on G+ than on any forum I have ever seen. Be aware that I said forum instead of social network.
G+ is worlds largest forum in my view and a place where strangers discuss, get befriended, switch subjects and participate in other groups they feel comfortable with, etc.
Most of the negatives compared to FB are irrelevant if you look at G+ from this POV. I won´t expand on it but it colors my view.

As the world largest forum there are a few things which could be improved:

- have different views on a ´thread´ Currently you can see all comments or the last. With thread like this one I would like to have options like: Show all comments from my circles, my Extended circles or this specific circle. I would also be able to set a quick read view by selecting show me all comments with x number of ´1´s.

- the notification system is key to engagement as it´s thé way to have asynchronous discussions, I post at time x and reader y responds three days later. Thanks to the little red luring square I get drawn to it.
However I have a limited number of people following me and even I wake up to 20+ notifications. If I go through all of them I have to go the show all screen.
I would prefer a clear distinction between a +1 or a share notification, a mention and a comment. I would like to be able to see my ´active topics´ at a glance.
I think most of the people with large followings have huge trouble following up on notifications only.
It´s now a push system, make it a pull system as well by enabling me to view activity based on my criteria.
It will stimulate writers to get back to a discussion.

-as G+ is asynchronous by nature (well except hangouts) make timed posts possible. You can make a brilliant observation but at 8.00 AM European time, the US sleeps, Europe won´t post until much later and only Asia is fully awake.
Let me time them if I have five good ideas at 8.00AM but don´t want to flood the stream.

You know my issue with the US centric character of G+ and the self reinforcement this introduces. I won´t expand yet again on it as summarizes it.

more visible moderators on the forum on this social network. Not to moderate but to be helpful where possible and a listening ear in case of complaints.

Be a bridge between users and management and actively go after the people who have issues like the large censorship discussion. I have discussed that as well as you´re aware and my thoughts can be found in this quick link

Just show you and your colleagues are listening by acknowledging people´s positive feedback.

And lastly: get a companion to yourself :) Just clone yourself and make sure we have 24/7 a moderator from Asia and from Europe. Suddenly it becomes a day job while f.i. Europeans like me can still interact with a moderator during normal hours. The huge extra advantage is support for more viewpoints than only the American which would enhance the way Google looks at G+

Just a few suggestions about posting and engagement. I have many more but I promised a short post :)

edit: have turned this into a post of itself so people can contribute on posting and engaging improvements. Just add your comment there and I will try to get it all in one summary post for +Natalie Villalobos
OK, now I feel really old. "25-34" as an age bucket? Ouch...
+Amy Stanwick Yes, there's a setting on the app. I don't remember clearly where it was but you should find it easily enough. Also, remember that when your pics are automatically uploaded they are not shared, so only you can see them. In fact, I have tons of photos uploaded automatically from my Android that are only visible to me; I love that feature.
Done! But I also think it's too long ^^;
+Amy Stanwick you can change this setting from your Google+ android app (settings --> under the "Photo settings" you can turn off Instant Upload). But remember if you have this feature ON all the photos are uploaded to a Private album called "Instant upload" and you can't change the privacy of this album. It is always private and only visible to you.
This might have already been said, but there is an error on this survey. Extended circles means that you share with your circles plus some subset of the people in their circles (not ALL the people in their circles). At least that is how +Yonatan Zunger has explained it to me.
+Natalie Villalobos Yup, I think +Amy Sundberg found an error... although how one is supposed to explain "visibles of visibles" briefly enough for a poll question is beyond me.

Amy, for spotting this correctly, you win Google+.
Please let me sort my Stream in chronological order and leave it that way. This is the largest annoyance with Facebook, but at least Facebook lets me do it even if only temporarily.
This would make Google+ better.
Please let me know when advertising is available
I have not seen a post on my iPhone t the G+ Nearby Stream in like 2 months. Even my Public posts n longer shw and they use to until the last update. Whats going on?
There we go. Just tried again and it worked.
My biggest issue with G+ is having TWO identities: one from my Apps account, and my personal GMAIL account. Both profiles are public.

I've had several issues because of this: people sometimes add "the wrong me" to their circles (and it's hard for either side to realize this happened). And a co-worker and I had issues getting Hangout notifications to each other, also b/c we were "cross-wired" in terms of which profiles were connected and in use.

I just deleted one of the G+ profiles to try to solve this. But it took me a while to research that and convince myself it wouldn't screw up other things (like other Apps uses, and my personal G+ profile). And I would've really liked to keep an Apps G+ profile that's private for company-specific information and chats.
All this is just singing to the choir. The more basic question is how do you get people to leave their Facebook for a superior product. I feel like I am back in the 70's debating Beta over VHS all over again. Unless you make this thing print money, non-computer people ain't gonna try it much less switch over.
That page is in Finnish or something, I think you people are whacked, and the spinning you feel is Google+ swirling around the toilet on it's way out.
I done it! And what a big survey. :-)

For me G+ is very, very close to perfection. Love you guys, keep up the good work.

Just one thing, I think there shouldn't be the limit of 500 replies. :-)

Thanks for all. ;-)
Why the hell is a survey so long.. have you not still learnt anything in Google, consumer surveys have to be short and precise and not loooooooooong and detailed.. GOOGLE RESPECT PEOPLES TIME THEY ARE TRYING TO HELP YOU DON'T PUSH IT. It just shows how disconnected you are from the general people
+MohanaKrishnan V Interesting perspective. It's clear that my presence in these comments shows that I'm not disconnected from the G+ community at all. The survey being as long as it is prevents us from having to do multiple surveys.
Jai Ko
After G+ debuted, FB was quick to change their privacy/sharing setting to emulate G+. When they did that, they actually made one thing better integrated than in G+ (altho they prev. had it): blocking certain person for each post. Sometimes, I want to share things with everybody in a certain circle EXCEPT for a few people in that circle.

If there is such feature, it's not immediately intuitive =/
Google plus +...+ is already way way almost infinitely better than Facebook so we really don't have much of an argument here anyway...
+Natalie Villalobos I have to say I am pleasantly surprised that you quickly replied to my comment. Honestly, Google is very slow in replying to feedback. You need to teach your colleagues this art. Coming back to the point. Just bcos you wanted to avoid multiple surveys it does not mean you can justify a long monotonous survey. You could make the survey UI a bit more intutive to atleast appear small
1.) Use expandos
2.) Expandos must be titled based on section like Notification, Privacy, etc.
3.) Option to skip any section.
4.) Save and finish later ( with option to send reminder mails)
This was just a small example.

+Alex Ross Thoroughness of the survey does not justify the length. You are not paying anyone or the user is not an employees for them to put in a big survey. You must make consumers take surveys not run away from it or fatigued. What is the incentive for a user to fill this. Google requires G+ to be successful not users. Period
Please, add the google translator to G+
Google+ is missing "Events". Much more integration with Google Calendar would be great. Its not a very social-network if you can't arrange a party/get-together.
Already done the survey...
Hope G+ could get way better again. :)
Not sure if its so many people doing the survey but man it took a lot of time an patience to finish.....
uhh, the survey stuck, on this question page >> "What do you typically do after you are added to a Circle by someone you don’t know?"

i have choose my choices, but can not move on to the next page
I took the survey, without any problems...but I think there should've been a question in there asking how long we've been using Google +, 'cause if you were new (like me) I think a lot of the answers would've been, "I don't know." I think that question on the survey could've provided information about Google +'s duration of membership/knowledge of all the features ratio. Could be important? I don't know...just seemed like an obvious thing to me.
Plus, regarding Google +, I think there should be a preview button before sharing. It would be nice to see what your post will officially look like before it goes out there before everyone's eyes.
usually you get something for participating in a survey. i feel like i just wasted 5 minutes taking a survey when I could've been watching Courtney and Chloe
just a little suggestion, add a "back to top" link
Filled out the form, that was a lot of questions :)
How can we see all comments that we posted?
I hate when I add a circle.
cause if two people r in both of them, then u have one person twice!!!
I hope someone fix this problem, it really bugs me.
another stuck on the survey, aw snap
i quit the survey
Finished it, and highly recommend everyone else to do the same. What other social network has both the capacity and willingness to actively engage with their use base? Ever since beta I've seen a dramatic change in functionality with a ton of new features being rolled out; these weren't just any features, they were ones the G+ community actually wanted, or would have wanted if they thought of them. I wasn't even a particularly social person before G+, but since this place made it so easy to be both a private person and one who can actively seek out interesting people, I was hooked.

Everyone who hasn't, go fill that survey out so we can make this place more awesome!
um well it didnt work for me but i wish it would... <3
Tried again. Worked fine from my desktop. Still like the circles display better on mt iPod, though.
Waiting for GTalk+ to share somethings to Google+ via GTalk!
GTalk has not been updated for long time^_^
+Natalie Villalobos i have completed the survey and i hope that it is listened especially the "Have you ever had an experience in Google+ that made you feel uncomfortable? " section. Thanks.
Wow, that was a long survey :-)
Survey way too long.....
+Logan Cate Well, that required field is one thing why I don't like the survey. Required, that particular question. Just saying. ;)
+Natalie Villalobos nice to see the survey, and your efforts to reply to most. But the amount of effort it takes to reply in a fast moving stream like this (let alone follow to see the response) shows a distinct weakness in the design. Life is a conversation, but this often feels like a driveby conversation. Some threading is badly needed.
And wtf with Currents not having a G+ share feature? FB, twitter, etc, but no G+??
Some things I would like changed.
1. I want control over who can share me in a circle, I think this is a privacy concern for those who want to control how visible their profile is.
2. When I post something and it is limited to a circle, I would like if my friends share it that it becomes locked on their profile so that others can't keep sharing my content into perpetuity.
3. I am tired of the radical censorship, I am an adult and I want to be treated like one. Instead of blocking all flagged content have it where we can choose in our privacy setting to view content that is flagged or specified by poster as adult so that it will be filtered out of our streams if we want to never see it. People who are using Google+ at their job and in public are being too trigger happy with flagging everything that might embarrass them, not stuff that is necessarily inappropriate.
4. When you block someone they can't see anything from you even if it is public. I don't want assholes going around circling others so they can stalk me wherever I comment. If we have mutual friends I would like comments to be invisible to them. Honestly FB does a better job at blocking.
5. I love the Youtube button that follows on the right, it would be nice if you did that too with the notifications button so I don't have to go to the top and lose my place. It would also be nice if we could ad our own buttons say for Reddit, IMDB, Discogs, or Amazon.
6. It would be nice to have the ability to mark posts to reply to later so that I can view my feed all at once and respond once I am done. It would also be nice to mark some post just to follow so that I can have quick access to it and see where the discussion is going even if I don't comment on it.
7. I have been thinking that sub-circles would be nice instead of making a circle for every possible scenario. For instance, it would be nice if under the friends circle I could make a close friends sub-circle, long distance friends, high school friends, college friends, friends I had sex with, etc. When I click the friends circle in my feed the sub-circles will drop underneath it so that I can filter within the friends circle further. This will not only make Google+ more manageable but it will also make it a lot easier to share with smaller circles.
8. If I can download a picture I don't like having to click options to download it. Make a quick button for downloading.
9. Make privacy settings for the +1 tab! I want it visible to my friends but at the moment the only option is to make it public or not at all. It makes me not use the function at all because I don't want everyone who comes across my profile to see what I like.
10. I would like to have various visible profile images. Say, I want something nice for my family circle but something a little more hilarious for my friends circle. Same with the public image.
11. It would be nice if our comments get saved as a draft while we are writing them so that if I got to get up before I post I don't risk losing everything when my cat jumps on the keyboard.

If all these changes are made I would just love the hell out of Google+! It would be the ultimate social network that gives its users the power to control their experience instead of forcing users to compile to whatever FB wants to do.
be able to search google photos and what are your plans for picasaweb?
Too long, I gave up. It felt like a quiz. What I would really like to see is Google chat and Google messenger come into one platform.
Most attention needs to placed on photos page. One should be able to filter photos by circles!
Done. It is a very comprehensive survey, well designed. I'm glad I'm able to help my bit. Just have a quick question +Natalie Villalobos , when are we gonna have the new Google bar available to all regions. I still have the old black bar :(
+Natalie Villalobos the current survey format and Impression is good ,Though it was narrow considering the future of Google+ , the survey mostly concentrated with in just Google+ features , but avoided the factors like What features or updates does user Insists , what limitation does Google+ currently undergo, Design concept changes , feedback support good or bad , what specific feature could some one force to stay with in Google+ or could attract others, like wise , Hope another attractive survey take place soon focusing on broad factors..
+Atif Siddiqui Get the extention "Big G Drop Down Sorter" it will not only switch you to the new Google bar, but it will also let you re-arrange the drop down list in any order and with any Google services you want! :)

P.S. This extension is for chrome if it wasn't obvious. I don't know if there is one for other browsers.
+Natalie Villalobos we are missing group feature here also following limit should depend on your follower to following ratio.
+Natalie Villalobos I also think that having a follower limit is annoying. I want more input. Now I need to be careful who to add. That's not nice and make other people think, I don't like them.
BTW: Survey completed :)
done the survey, great ;)
Keep improving g+!
Events please!!! G+ needs to push more real life type stuff!!!
An ability to remove completely(or hide) the "share-via'email-only" suggestions in the find people tab in the circle page with a single click
Survey completed. But as others have pointed out before me, there was no option for some free form text input.
+Natalie Villalobos ... Something that I, and with me many MANY others, would really really really like to have as feature is the option to tick checkboxes for which circles to include in your STREAM !!!

As practical example: I have a Zombie Lane circle and I add people who are my neighbors in Zombie Lane to that circle. While most of these people do not post anything and therefore don't pollute my stream, there are some who post stuff that I find irrelevant, are in a language I don't know, and also don't care about. So I have to remove them from my Zombie Lane circle to avoid their posts.
In short: I wish I could just exclude my Zombie Lane circle from my stream!
+Jim Pearson The ability to post via mobile is available in USA and India. From their registered mobile, users can send in a text message mentioning the circle names or people names with a + sign, with whom they want to share. Also new posts notification can received via text message.
As a token of gratitude to you for giving us Google+, I saw to it that I find seven minutes of my time today to fill out the survey form :) Go Google+!
+Natalie Villalobos 希望可以使用匿名,不要再对匿名做任何审查。实名政策很烂
Hope can use anonymous, don't again for anonymous do any review. This policy is very rotten
Can we see the results? It would be interesting to understand what G+ users think.
+Natalie Villalobos you should have added one more question:
"How many of your friends from your current mainstream social network have moved to/are in google+?" this would give you an idea about how successful are current g+ users in convincing their friends for switching to g+. As at the end of the day i would only use g+ more often, if all my real life circles have adopted it. Also for g+ this is an important stage, it has got a blasting start with a decent amount of sign ups but now is its test and only if current users are able to make their friends come in g+ then only it will be successful in next phase of its growth. And for that phase natural marketing will only prove useful i.e. real user encouraging their friends to use it. And he(real user) will only do so when he is extremely satisfied and his friends will only switch when the imp features of their current social network are already there here in g+.

For your information i have precisely 422 friends in my facebook account and only 36 of them are here in google+ and out of 36 only 3 of them have shared anything during the last month, mostly my stream is full of posts from you, +Vic Gundotra and +Bradley Horowitz here in g+. I had shared g+ invite in fb once and out of 422 only 4 had signed up in two months"

These are of course numbers of g+ performance in my case but if you had put this que in survey you would have got an idea of general statistics in this regard. And if general numbers are not so impressive, then girl you should really have a serious look at what is resisting users from this BIG SWITCH from f-->g. Even a single minor reason should be banished.

Also i would like to state that since the launch of g+ facebook blatantly without shy and ego copied all the '+' features of google+ to make sure it does not give a single reason to its users to try g+. For instance it introduced lists(which is its best attempt to group friends) in response to circles, made the top blue bar static as in g+, introduced video chat from hangouts, introduced subscribe, introduced inline sharing option to share to particular lists as in circles in g+. But on the other side g+ is either too shy or too egoistic to do the same. If fb being already an established social network could do this, why can't g+ copy all the useful features of fb which are not yet in g+ and give its users no reason to be in fb. As, if it helps users and make them happy and make them not miss their old network then you should bring those on. Also in real it will only be considered a "+" if it has all imp features of fb in addition to its own + features.

And from my experience in g+ i feel that it really has a chance to make user switch from f-->g but it will have to support and give users what they need so that they don't miss any old things here and also are pleased with the additional + features of g+.

Doesn't it makes sense? ofcourse it does!!
From the above post i found that bold does not work in the whole post, i mean you need to again add * for each paragraph. For eg:
This works

*This does
not work*
Hi, I just completed the survey. Would it be okay for me to submit the following link for review as well? It's a post I wrote about how to implement Google "Channels," which are essentially multiple intermediate streams between a circle and the main stream. It has the potential to give users a lot more control over the amount of noise in their streams:

Thanks for all the wonderful work y'all's have done so far! ^^
+Natalie Villalobos I should add that at the end of the post I offer up suggestions for a drag-and-drop GUI for the channels that should be easy to implement. Then again, you'll probably be able to understand it with just a quick glance at the slide I've put up. ^
Done. Although I was surprised there was no space for written feedback/feature requests
I would still like to see communities added, so that people can join a community by choice and members can post under the community banner. This makes it easy to find people with shared interests and segregate your posts to people who have opted in. Communities are what made livejournal such a great place to find fannish friends. But, of course, you need to dump real names, so that people can participate under a pseudonym.
Dear Google+ ... why the hell can I not opt-out of private photos taken on my android phone being linked to and uploaded to my Google+ account ??? ... I understand that these photos are not made public, but still, it makes me very uncomfortable!!
+Natalie Villalobos please, for the love of god, can someone please design an exception option for posts. For example, if I want to post something to everyone in 1 circle except for 1 person within it. I have suggested this before. Hope it gets implemented soon.
Agree that the survey is too long and too much off topic. I think only the usability should be made better.
Please implement decent formatting capabilities, not that ridiculously small subset of Markdown.
+Paul Nelligan You can turn that function off in android? The turn on/off instant upload option in the G+ settings menu? I found this because I wanted to turn it on on my iPhone (I have both devices) but it's not available for iOS yet
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