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My Favorite Pages This Week

Take the whole circle, or just a slice - it's up to you.

What other pages should I check out and recommend to the community?
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Is there a massage therapist circle or pages.
Can you search for pages in certain locales?
great list although I am saddened none of my pages are in this list :(
People I work for and work with just got their pages rolling. and +Xull Technologies. SI101 is a safe place to learn about sexuality (as in no creepy people or porn), while Xull Tech is a brand new company that I'm starting up with a friend. They are unrelated.
Isn't the +#hashtags page awesome? It's the perfect combination of witty + useful!
Beware all ye who grasp a circles - I went to grab an individual and accidentally grabbed the whole circle ( and it is all wheat and no chaf ....hard to cut back!)
well, like everyone here, we're just getting started, but if you want to take a look at +Answer Financial that's ok with us :-)
Jesus H christ ? really ? the guy who give offensive answer to people in quest of spirituality who didn't ask for anything ?
i don't "believe in jesus", but i do believe in human kindness, and that thing is deeply against my faith... i'm sincerely surprised to find it here...
+Frédéric Bruyère My circle is pretty eclectic. As I said, you can choose to pick the whole thing or a piece. Some people might like it and others might not. All I wanted to do is surface what is available - and also trending.
+Natalie Villalobos yes, it's hard not to know that +Chris Messina is the father of the hashtag, hehe. He does a great job of promoting the #hashtag love (and doing a little self-promotion while he's at it). :)
((just to be clear: expressing my surprise, and my personnal humble opinion about one of the page, is not a complain, i appreciate the sharing, despite the fact that i don't appreciate one of the circled ^_^))
+Productive Web Apps is a collection of the best web applications available online. We cover some of the lesser-known apps which you might like as well :) Would love to hear what you guys think or if you have any feedback?
+Natalie Villalobos What a great idea/use of circle sharing! If you are at all interested in all ages sci-fi comics, take a look at +Echo Rift - we think it's pretty cool.
Your welcome. If you do not see it and have something in mind let me know. Have about 2 million items available. Take care
+Natalie Villalobos and so you are! We hope you enjoy it (I'm still stealing your shared "favorite pages this week" idea!)
+Esha New jazzband from the Netherlands, just started their page. Beautiful music, world class!
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